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2000. Magica

is the eighth album by band Dio. It is a concept album and it was released on March 21. Magica marks the return of guitarist Craig Goldy, who also has performed on Dio’s album Dream Evil and in the later release Master of the Moon. Magica also features Jimmy Bain on bass and Simon Wright on drums. Band leader Ronnie James Dio produced this concept album. The album was originally planned to be the first part of a trilogy of concept albums, and shortly before beginning his tour with Heaven & Hell, Dio announced his intention to start the Magica II & III album after the tour’s end, but he died shortly after of stomach cancer on May 16, 2010. The only song released from Magica II & III was titled “Electra”.

Few men can claim as much prestige in the Heavy Metal scene as can Ronnie James Dio. The man invented the horns, for goodness sakes and probably has the most impressive solo career of any Metal musician.

“Magica” is quite an achievement by DIO and the album goes highly recommended to fans of Heavy Metal of both the literate and thoughtful and the fun and infectious varieties. If you want fantastic stories and epic scope, “Magica” delivers, but if you all want is some hard rocking Metal magic, skip over the story bits and look no further than “Fever Dreams” and “Feed My Head.” Excellent work by DIO!  

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Fallout 4 thoughts:

Deacon is the only reason I don’t take out the Railroad in my games. The rest of the bunch are kind of just a *shrug* for me. I’m afraid if I ever got to know X6-88 I wouldn’t be able to take out the Institute either. I wish the Minutemen had more named characters. Like quests where you gain some awesome personalities to your cause. “Hi, Preston, hi Ronnie, hi settlers dressed up like Minutemen… That’s it, there’s no one else.” I wish I could investigate news stories with Piper and have relevant editions of Public Occurrences come out after the completion of each one. MacCready’s son needs to come to the Commonwealth, because the other option is MacCready leaving and I don’t like that one. Danse needs his storyline to be resolved for real! I can’t stress this enough. Bethesda, fix this, please! I need to be able to say nice things to my companions too. Not just a one way thing where I thank them for stroking my ego at the end. An option for me to save everyone. Get them all to come to the table. Because I think the Institute could be more like Vault 81; I think the Brotherhood could NOT kill friendly super mutants, synths, and ghouls; I think the RR could forgive and care more about other aspects of the commonwealth as well as synths.