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My Mom’s first impressions of different band members:

Brendon Urie: “Hot.”

Vic Fuentes: “He has beautiful hair.”

Kellin Quinn: “He looks like a baby.”

Tyler Joseph: “Is he a model? He should be a model.”

Josh Dun: “He’s the punk one in that group you like, right?”

Tony Perry: “He looks better now without the earrings. His tattoos are pretty.”

Andy Biersack: “He looks sexier with longer, curly hair.”

Patrick Stump: “He’s teeny!”

Pete Wentz: “He looks like a dad.”

Mike Fuentes: “Him and that other guy are brothers? He looks like a rapper.”

Jaime Preciado: “How does he do his hair?”

Oli Sykes: “Tattoos!”

Ronnie Radke: “Ouch! The side of his head? Damn.”

CW + TW characters who deserved better

Eddie Thawne

Isaac Lahey

Stefan Salvatore

Rip Hunter

Laurel Lance

Ronnie Raymond

Bonnie Bennet

Cheryl Blossom

Leonard Snart

Kaleb/Kol Mikaelson

HR Wells

Tyler Lockwood

Kira Yukimura

Tommy Merlyn

Kai Parker

Allison Argent

Lexi Branson

Literally everyone except Damon Salvatore. 

Patiently waiting for @kimmwilliams79 to post new works 》

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Me when she does update and 》》 literally love her works, I can’t get enough of them! 😍😍

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Who are you now - Brendon urie

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Requested: yes
Warnings: smut, daddy kink, bondage.
Paring: Reader x Brendon Urie


I have always seen, advertisements videos and pictures, of the one guy I have came to hate over the years he happened to be my best friend in school him and his group. I was interested in Brendon but someone else got him the total bitch of the school, I ended up with Ryan.

After two years, and them starting a band Ryan broke up with me, we had kept in touch for while but I stopped that. They got big, Brendon lost his girlfriend Ryan left Jon left and Spencer had ended up leaving too. He had gotten all new members. Touring around the world.

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Frat Parties

“oh shit he looks like one of those frat boys from college who actually cares about people’s feelings and his future sign me the fuck up“ - @tomskgard on twitter

Pairings: Frat Boy!Tom Holland x Reader

Warning(s)?: A lil PG-13, but nothing too crazy, and no smut (yet)


A/N: This story is actually based on this tweet (, and I could not stop thinking about how I wanted to write an imagine based on it. So here we go laid ease, grab your snacks cuz this is a long and fun one! Send in requests if have any btw :-)


You were greeted with the strong smell of liquor and your Vans sticking to the floor coated in some type of drink as you walked through the large doors of this frat house.

This was your first college frat party, needless to say you had never seen someone shotgun a beer as fast as the guy in front of you just did. And so many people were in each part of this house, it seemed like there was barely any more room for you and your friends.

“Hey ladies!” you hear and turn your head to the voice. It was a tall, slim boy wearing an Alpha Sigma Phi shirt, which was the frat house you were at today.

“Hey David, this party is lit!” your friend, Emma, says to him. She has to basically yell over the loud music blasting from the speakers. David simply laughs before motioning for you guys to walk into the party and wandering off.

Thankfully, you and your girls all pre-gamed so you weren’t walking into this party completely sober. Emma and Rayna decided to go to get some more drinks, while you and Jess went to the dance floor; you especially loved the song that was playing at the moment: Boogie Feet by Kesha.

You and Jess shimmy through the crowd holding hands so you don’t get lost. As you reach the center of the dance floor, you both waste no time before moving your bodies to the rhythm of the song, letting your limbs take control while your head is in the clouds.

By the time the song ended, you had made friends with the girls dancing next to you. You all would sing the lyrics with each other and laugh contagiously. Next song was Slippery by Migos ft Gucci Mane, and this one would get you hype; it was one of your favorites. And you were dancing to the song so carelessly, you bumped into a body quite hard unintentionally.

Turning around to face who it was, apologies start spilling out of your mouth, “Oh god, I am so so sorry-”

Looking up to the guy’s face, you realize he’s probably the most attractive guy you’ve ever seen. He’s wearing a blue and black flannel with the top two buttons unbuttoned and jeans, and his curly brown hair was covered with a cap.  Not to mention, his hands still rest on your waist to steady you from knocking into him.

Hey, don’t worry about it,” he says charmingly; his British accent and tone of voice could make you swoon. “I like this song, too.”

His comment makes you laugh, and he removes his hands from your waist. “I’m Y/N.”

“Tom,” he says with a smile, then takes a sip of whatever’s in the red cup he’s holding.

“So you’re part of Alpha Sig?” you bite your lip, trying to learn a little bit more about him before you fully pursue him. His looks are already a ten and from what you’ve seen, so is his personality.

“Yeah.. I love it. I’m a sophomore and these guys have treated me like nothing but their family since I’ve joined,” he tells you, seemingly really passionate about frat life. Most guys are only in it for the parties and the girls, but he seems like he really enjoys the brotherhood of it all.

“That’s really cool that you’re into it like that. Most guys only like it for.. other reasons,” you say, causing him to chuckle lightly. And that smile.. wow.

“That other stuff is just a plus,” he assures you.

Aye! My man, Tom!” you hear from behind Tom so you both turn around to see a group of guys making their way over to where you guys are. These guys all start hugging and high-fiving Tom and you realize he must be pretty popular. With a personality like that, you don’t see how he wouldn’t be.

As you watch Tom and his chums, you’re snapped out of your thoughts by one them asking Tom, “Ooh, who’s this?”

“Oh, guys, this is Y/N! Y/N, this is Kyle, Ronnie, Blake, Andrew, and Tyler.” He points and you smile at all of them, somewhat cowering behind Tom.

“Oh, cool! So you in a sorority?” Blake asks, and you shake your head.

“Nope,” you say simply.

“Really? You could totally pass as a Pi Beta Phi hottie!” Ronnie announces, causing all the boys to laugh in agreement.

Heat rises to your cheeks and you don’t really know what to say. Tom senses your silence as your hand fishes for Tom’s behind his back, and as if you guys were both thinking the same thing, your hand connects with his.

“Heyyy, now fellas,” Tom scolds playfully, “can’t some other girl receive the pleasure of your comments?”

Tom says this sarcastically, but it’s all it takes for the group of guys to scurry off to find some more poor girls.

“Damn, they really listen to you,” you note as he turns back around to face you.

He genuinely smiles at your comment before asking, “Hey love, do you wanna get some drinks?”

Tom leads you through the crowd to the drinks table, his hand still intertwined with yours.

“What would you like?”

“I’ll have whatever you’re having,” you say, not having all that much experience with alcoholic drinks to know the variation.

He smiles lightly before fetching two colorful drinks in a Solo cup. It had fruits lying at the top, and you were pretty excited to try it.

“What is it?” you ask curiously as he hands it to you.

“Jungle Juice,” he raises his cup and you raise yours as well, meeting in the middle as you both say “Cheers!” and race to see who can finish it the fastest. Tom, obviously has you beat by a few seconds, this new drink feeling all too mysterious as it travels down your throat, stinging a bit. Tom wipes the corners of his mouth lazily, which you can’t help but admit is a little sexy to watch.

Your attention is quickly averted from Tom to clamor coming from the front of the house, the music coming to a pause.

“12!!!” they all shout before running off in opposite directions, as does everyone else in the crowd. It takes a minute for your brain to register that 12 is slang for the police, and by the time you figure it out, Tom’s grabbing your hand and taking you to the back of the house.

The sirens got louder as Tom and you practically ran throughout the house. Suddenly, he opened a door and closed it as soon as you two got inside. It was small like a closet, but there were no clothes in it. There were just some empty boxes.

“I can feel the alcohol in my stomach,” you tell him, trying to catch your breath as he laughs.

“Me too,” he agrees, as you realize his hand is still in yours, but neither of you make a move to change that. “Our neighbors probably filed a noise complaint again; our last party was the last strike.”

“And then what?”

“They threatened that the first people they saw would be arrested on sight.”

“So your parties are always this crazy?” you ask. “And you always meet girls like me?”

“Yeah, the parties are usually like this.. but, no, I’ve never met a girl like you.”

You try to ignore the rapid beating in your heart as you both just stare at each other.

Opening your mouth to reply, it’s closed shut when you hear the front doors get forcefully opened. Tom holds a finger to his lips as you hear loud boots stomp around the house’s wooden floors. And as they travel further down, you hear more students start swearing and the clamps of handcuffs.

You were saying a quick prayer in your head. If you got arrested, you’d lose your scholarship, not to mention, your parents would kill you. You even tried to quiet your breathing, saying a silent prayer when you hear boots stomp past where you and Tom were hiding.

30 minutes had passed now in the closet, and Tom and you were getting so restless, the alcohol settling in, you began to goofily whisper to each other as you sat on the floor.

“And then I have this bruise,” you moved the sleeve of your top down to show him a purple bruise on the tip of your shoulder. You’d gotten it at the gym bench pressing and long story short, the weight grazed your shoulder, but it hurt like shit.

Tom took this as the perfect moment to reach over and push down on the bruise, causing you to flinch. “Owww!” you whisper-yelled, quite like a baby as you pushed your bottom lip out. “That hurt.”

“You want me to kiss it?” he asks gently, inching closer to you.

Your heart rate speeds up, “That would make it better..”

And with no further coaxing needed, he reached up and left a kiss right on the site of the bruise. But he didn’t stop there, his lips began to travel up your shoulder, leaving open mouthed kisses along your neck. It was taking everything in you to not let out a moan, your breaths were already too heavy. He was evidently not as innocent as he seemed to be.

Your hands found their way to the back of his curly hair, threading your fingers through his locks when he reached your jawline, leaving one last kiss there before stopping. “Better?” he asked, looking up at you with swollen lips.

You were swooning at this point, his brown eyes looking up at you with admiration and a hint of lust would make any girl weak. You made the first move this time, putting your fingers on his chin to align his face with yours.

“Hey bro, we’re good, the cops just left.” Someone said opening the door, making both your head and Tom’s turn. It turned out being Kyle, and you expected him to apologize for interrupting, but he didn’t even realize what he’d barged in on as he left as fast as he’d come.

Tom flashes you a longing smirk before standing up, holding his hand out for you to grab onto. You do, standing up next to him and walking out of the closet with his hand resting on the small of your back.

The music started back on as normal, but at this point most people were deciding to call it a night.

Rayna, Emma, and Jess all immediately approached you.

“Hey, we’re gonna uber back to our dorms. You coming or what?”

“Yeah, just wait for me outside,” you tell them, turning to face Tom. “Let’s exchange numbers, I definitely want to see you again,” you say, not even beating around the bush like you normally would. He laughs, nodding before handing you his iPhone and you hand him yours.

After putting your numbers in each other’s phones, you hand them back, standing and just looking at each other with goofy grins on your face for a few seconds. Neither of you wanted to say goodbye just yet. So just deciding to go for it, you reach up and connect your lips to his. It takes no time for him to return the kiss, gripping your hips tightly with his hands as one of your hands is placed on the side of his jaw. His lips felt so nice on yours as his tongue grazed your bottom lip, seemingly asking you for entrance which you accept, opening your mouth just enough for him to slip his tongue inside. He was way too good of a kisser to be even a little bit inexperienced.

One of your friends cleared their throat loudly, causing you to detach your lips from Tom’s and turn your head to them, all of them waiting on you impatiently.

“Sorry to interrupt, but our Uber’s here.” Rayna interjects, trying not to giggle.

You and Tom give each other one final peck before you remove your arms from each other. You  catch up with your friends, and turn around to give Tom one last look before you walk out of the house. He’s already busy talking with his mates, and they seem to be excitedly hyping him up, probably over you. You knew it wouldn’t be long before you saw him again.

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R.I.P Prince. i wish we better appreciated living music legends while they were still are some amazing music legends we still have with us with incredible discographies. Support and see  those that are still touring or performing live, buy/stream/discover their music. Feel free to add more.
  • al green (70)
  • alice cooper (68)
  • ann wilson (65)
  • annie lennox (61)
  • aretha franklin (74)
  • art garfunkle (74) 
  • axl rose (54)
  • barbra streisand (73)
  • barry manilow (72)
  • bernie taupin (65)
  • bette midler (70)
  • bill withers (77)
  • bill wyman (79) 
  • billy idol (60)
  • billy joel (66)
  • bob dylan (74)
  • bob seger (70)
  • booker t jones (71)
  • brian johnson (68)
  • brian may (68)
  • brian wilson (73)
  • bruce springsteen (66)
  • bryan adams (56)
  • carole king (74)
  • carly simon (74)
  • carol burnett (82)
  • cat stevens (67)
  • cecil taylor (87)
  • charlie watts (74)
  • (sir) charles thompson (98)
  • cher (69)
  • christopher plummer (86)
  • chrissie hyde (64)
  • chubby checker (74)
  • chuck berry (89)
  • cyndi lauper (62)
  • daryl hall (69)
  • david bryne (63)
  • david crosby (74)
  • david grohl (47)
  • david lee roth (61)
  • diana ross (72)
  • dick van dyke (90)
  • dionne warwick (75)
  • dolly parton (70)
  • doris day (92)
  • david gilmour (70)
  • debbie harry (70)
  • eddie van halen (61)
  • eddie vedder (51)
  • elton johnelvis costello (61)
  • ennio morricone (87)
  • eric clapton (71)
  • fats domino (88)
  • frankie valli (81)
  • gene simmons (66)
  • george michael (52)
  • ginger baker (76)
  • glenn campbell (79)
  • gloria estefan (58)
  • gloria gaynor (66)
  • graham nash (74)
  • gregg allman (68)
  • hans zimmer (58)
  • herbie hancock (76)
  • henry gray (91)
  • howard shore (69)
  • huey lewis (65)
  • iggy pop (69)
  • jackson browne (67)
  • james taylor (74)
  • jeff lynne (68)
  • jerry lee lewis (80)
  • jimmy buffett (69)
  • jimmy page (72)
  • joan jett (57)
  • joe perry (65)
  • joe walsh (68)
  • john fogerty (70)
  • john lyden (60)
  • john mayall (82)
  • john mellencamp (64)
  • john oates (69)
  • john paul densmore (71)
  • john waite (63)
  • john williams (84)
  • joni mitchell (74)
  • julie andrews (80)
  • julio iglesias (72)
  • kate piersen (67)
  • keith richards (72)
  • kenny g (59)
  • kenny rodgers (77)
  • kiki dee (69)
  • lenny kravitz (51)
  • leonard cohen (81)
  • little richard (83)
  • linda ronstadt (69)
  • lionel ritchie (66)
  • loretta lynn (84)
  • madonna (57)
  • meat loaf (68)
  • mick jagger (72)
  • nancy sinatra (75)
  • nancy wilson (62)
  • neil diamond (75)
  • neil young (70)
  • nick mason (72)
  • nikki sixx (57)
  • nile rodgers (63)
  • olivia newton john (67)
  • ozzy osbourne (67)
  • pat benatar (63)
  • patti labelle (71)
  • patti smith (69)
  • paul mccartney (73)
  • paul rodgers (66)
  • paul simon (74)
  • pete townshend (70)
  • peter cetera (71)
  • peter gabriel (66)
  • phil collins (65)
  • quincy jones (83)
  • raphael (72)
  • randy newman (72)
  • richard hell (66)
  • ringo starr (75)
  • robert krieger (70)
  • robert plant (67)
  • robert smith (57)
  • roberto carlos (75)
  • robin zander (63)
  • rod stewart (71)
  • rodger daltrey (72)
  • roger taylor (66)
  • roger waters (72)
  • ronnie wood (68)
  • rosanne cash (60)
  • sammy hager (68)
  • shirley bassey (79)
  • slash (60)
  • smokey robinson (76)
  • sonny rollins (85)
  • steve miller (72)
  • steve winwood (67
  • steven tyler (68)
  • stevie nicks (67)
  • stevie wonder (65)
  • sting (64)
  • t bone burnett (68)
  • tim curry (70)
  • tina turner (76)
  • tom jones (75)
  • tommy lee (53)
  • tom petty (65)
  • tom waits (66)
  • tony bennett (89)
  • van morrison (70)
  • willie nelson (82)
  • vera lynn (99)
  • yoko ono (83)

“You think you’re such a bad guy, but really, I haven’t seen a more obvious cinnamon roll in my entire life.”

- Sharon at some point probably

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