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2016 Grey’s Rewatch

2x09 Thanks for the Memories

Harold: George, Jerry is a dry cleaner. Ronny works in a post office. I drive a truck. You’re a surgeon. You’re not one of us. I know it and they know it. You make sure we know it.

George: Dad.

Harold: I’m, I’m not blaming you. It makes me proud that you’re so smart. Like I did something right. It’s just… We try! We try to include you but, you don’t like the stuff that we like. And we don’t know how to talk about the stuff that you want to talk about. You’re not one of us but, damn it we don’t treat you like you’re stupid. You treat us like we’re stupid. And maybe we are but we’re your family. Give us an inch, Georgie. Every once in a while, pick a car.

R.I.P Prince. i wish we better appreciated living music legends while they were still are some amazing music legends we still have with us with incredible discographies. Support and see  those that are still touring or performing live, buy/stream/discover their music. Feel free to add more.
  • al green (70)
  • alice cooper (68)
  • ann wilson (65)
  • annie lennox (61)
  • aretha franklin (74)
  • art garfunkle (74) 
  • axl rose (54)
  • barbra streisand (73)
  • barry manilow (72)
  • bernie taupin (65)
  • bette midler (70)
  • bill withers (77)
  • bill wyman (79) 
  • billy idol (60)
  • billy joel (66)
  • bob dylan (74)
  • bob seger (70)
  • booker t jones (71)
  • brian johnson (68)
  • brian may (68)
  • brian wilson (73)
  • bruce springsteen (66)
  • bryan adams (56)
  • carole king (74)
  • carly simon (74)
  • carol burnett (82)
  • cat stevens (67)
  • cecil taylor (87)
  • charlie watts (74)
  • (sir) charles thompson (98)
  • cher (69)
  • christopher plummer (86)
  • chrissie hyde (64)
  • chubby checker (74)
  • chuck berry (89)
  • cyndi lauper (62)
  • daryl hall (69)
  • david bryne (63)
  • david crosby (74)
  • david grohl (47)
  • david lee roth (61)
  • diana ross (72)
  • dick van dyke (90)
  • dionne warwick (75)
  • dolly parton (70)
  • doris day (92)
  • david gilmour (70)
  • debbie harry (70)
  • eddie van halen (61)
  • eddie vedder (51)
  • elton johnelvis costello (61)
  • ennio morricone (87)
  • eric clapton (71)
  • fats domino (88)
  • frankie valli (81)
  • gene simmons (66)
  • george michael (52)
  • ginger baker (76)
  • glenn campbell (79)
  • gloria estefan (58)
  • gloria gaynor (66)
  • graham nash (74)
  • gregg allman (68)
  • hans zimmer (58)
  • herbie hancock (76)
  • henry gray (91)
  • howard shore (69)
  • huey lewis (65)
  • iggy pop (69)
  • jackson browne (67)
  • james taylor (74)
  • jeff lynne (68)
  • jerry lee lewis (80)
  • jimmy buffett (69)
  • jimmy page (72)
  • joan jett (57)
  • joe perry (65)
  • joe walsh (68)
  • john fogerty (70)
  • john lyden (60)
  • john mayall (82)
  • john mellencamp (64)
  • john oates (69)
  • john paul densmore (71)
  • john waite (63)
  • john williams (84)
  • joni mitchell (74)
  • julie andrews (80)
  • julio iglesias (72)
  • kate piersen (67)
  • keith richards (72)
  • kenny g (59)
  • kenny rodgers (77)
  • kiki dee (69)
  • lenny kravitz (51)
  • leonard cohen (81)
  • little richard (83)
  • linda ronstadt (69)
  • lionel ritchie (66)
  • loretta lynn (84)
  • madonna (57)
  • meat loaf (68)
  • mick jagger (72)
  • nancy sinatra (75)
  • nancy wilson (62)
  • neil diamond (75)
  • neil young (70)
  • nick mason (72)
  • nikki sixx (57)
  • nile rodgers (63)
  • olivia newton john (67)
  • ozzy osbourne (67)
  • pat benatar (63)
  • patti labelle (71)
  • patti smith (69)
  • paul mccartney (73)
  • paul rodgers (66)
  • paul simon (74)
  • pete townshend (70)
  • peter cetera (71)
  • peter gabriel (66)
  • phil collins (65)
  • quincy jones (83)
  • raphael (72)
  • randy newman (72)
  • richard hell (66)
  • ringo starr (75)
  • robert krieger (70)
  • robert plant (67)
  • robert smith (57)
  • roberto carlos (75)
  • robin zander (63)
  • rod stewart (71)
  • rodger daltrey (72)
  • roger taylor (66)
  • roger waters (72)
  • ronnie wood (68)
  • rosanne cash (60)
  • sammy hager (68)
  • shirley bassey (79)
  • slash (60)
  • smokey robinson (76)
  • sonny rollins (85)
  • steve miller (72)
  • steve winwood (67
  • steven tyler (68)
  • stevie nicks (67)
  • stevie wonder (65)
  • sting (64)
  • t bone burnett (68)
  • tim curry (70)
  • tina turner (76)
  • tom jones (75)
  • tommy lee (53)
  • tom petty (65)
  • tom waits (66)
  • tony bennett (89)
  • van morrison (70)
  • willie nelson (82)
  • vera lynn (99)
  • yoko ono (83)
Reblog your Top 5 ships of 2016

Post your Top 5 and give reasons if you want to. Ok so I’ll get ball rolling…

5. Peridot x Lapis Lazuli aka LAPIDOT (Steven Universe)

Damn this show has given us a lot of ships but these 2 aliens have given me the most joy in the show thus far. Both of these characters were technically villains at some point in the series (I mean remember when Lapis tried to drown Connie and Steven?) and I always love a good redemption arc but to add potential romance to the mix is always a winner in my book. When the two become roommates Lapis still holds a grudge towards Peri but our favourite space dorito never gives up in trying to make Lapis her friend. Fast forward a few episodes and they have made a home together, they make art together, they nerd out over a Canadian teen drama and now they even have a pet Pumpkin Dog. Steven Universe already has a canon gay couple with Ruby and Sapphire so why not make Lapidot canon? Come on Cartoon Network make 2017 Lapidot’s year!

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4. Lincoln Loud x Ronnie-Ann Santiago (The Loud House)

Originally posted by brighteronthesunnyside

The Loud House was the most pleasant surprise of 2016 for me and a return to form for Nick Toons but this old school peanuts inspired cartoon didn’t just give us a 90s style family sitcom it also gave me one of my favourite ships of the year; Lincoln and Ronnie Ann. Ok so we’ve all seen the school bully likes the protagonist scenario in other shows but it’s rare that the protagonist is so enamoured from the start of the series. The first mention of Ronnie Ann is during a episode when Lincoln is trying to hide the fact that he’s being bullied from his 10 over protective sisters but as soon as they learn it’s a girl they freak out; because everyone knows when a girl bullies a guy she has a crush (Apparently?) and they encourage him to go kiss her which subsequently earns him a black eye from Ronnie Anne (Ah young love) 

Throughout the series from this point they have this strange secret relationship as not to lose face amongst friends but they also have some sweet moments, a nice shipping surprise and well worth your support.

3. Poe Dameron x Finn (Star Wars: The Force Awakens)

Ok before you jump down my throat yes I know the Force Awakens came out in December 2015 but this ship really didn’t gain any traction until 2016. Let’s think about the 2 parts of this ship on one hand Poe; charismatic, dashing and all round nice guy. And other hand we have Finn; conflicted, brave and wants a new life. True Finn uses Poe to escape the First Order but in the brief time these two share on screen there is great chemistry between these two plus Poe is the one who gave Finn his name instead of a number. And who can forget this…

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2. Mike X Eleven (Stranger Things)

I don’t have a lot a reasons for this one just the fact that they’re cute and if it weren’t for the tremendous performances of these child actors I would never believe in this ship.

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1. Nick x Judy AKA WildeHopps (Zootopia)

Was there ever any doubt to what my number one choice would be? This ship works so well nearly everyone who watched Zootopia wondered what Nick and Judy’s baby would look like…wait was that just me? The endless flirting between the two just blows wind into the sails of this ship and it isn’t just a simple disney romance. Judy messes up and really hurts Nick and are both heartbroken by what happened and it isn’t fixed on the same day, they are apart for months and the emotional fallout can still be felt between them. They care for each other, they save each other on more than one occasion and they compliment one another’s personalities. And even after the bad guy is caught, after the city saved and Nick becomes a cop do we get the fairytale romantic ending…NO! We get a goddamn tease but maybe this tease was a good thing because it forged an entire communty to draw fan art, animate short films, write fan fiction and voice in audio dramas. This is not just the best ship of 2016 because of how amazing Nick and Judy are together but because it was the foundation of a fandom. 

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  • Me: *scrolls through rockstars on tumblr internally having an orgasm*
  • Me: *sees one direction*
  • Me: *cries internally over the realisation of what my generation has come to see as rockstars and how I was born in the wrong era and that with every passing day rockstars are getting older and eventually will all be extinct and just a distant memory in the fading dust*
  • Me: *flips table* No.

Steven Douglas, The Killers lighting designer, has posted his most recent showreel demonstrating some of the lighting designs he has worked on in the last several years.

Several clips of The Killers can be viewed from 1:05 through 2:21.  These clips include shows from The Killers ‘Battle Born’, Wembley, Royal Albert Hall, 'Day & Age’, and 'Sam’s Town’ eras.

Watch on
Big Brother USA season 10 contestant Steven Daigle would go on to become a gay porn actor. This is a scene from “Eating Out 4: Drama Camp” an indie gay-themed movie from a series of movies that include a lot of male nudity. Daigle had a small part in this movie that required little dialogue but a lot of nudity. This scene also features model/actor Ronnie Kroell from  the modeling reality series “Make Me a Supermodel” season 1. Ronnie is also famous for having done a full frontal nude photoshoot for Playgirl magazine shot by a fashion photographer.

Steven Douglas, The Killers lighting designer, has also posted his most recent photoreel demonstrating some of the lighting designs he has worked on in the last several years.

Several photographs of The Killers can be viewed throughout the duration of the reel.  These photos include shows from The Killers ‘Battle Born’, ‘Day & Age’, ‘Sam’s Town’, and ‘Hot Fuss’ eras.

Direct Link:


Lars: “Secret clubhouse right, Ronnie?”

Ronnie: “Lars, you’re a riot!”

Ronnie: “Why do you care so much about what other people think?!”

Lars: “You wouldn’t say that if you knew what other people say about you!!”

Ronnie: “Wait, oh, Sadie! Are you okay?”

Sadie: “Uh yeah.”

Lars: “Uh yeah, we were both worried about - ! I mean I ran down here faster.”

Ronnie: “Hey Lars, take it down a notch.”

I think maybe a love triangle might happen? That or Ronnie will like Sadie, yet Sadie will continue to like Lars. I think Lars doesn’t realize what he has and needs to see Ronnie flirt with her. Haha! But for real, Lars needs to not care what others think. He tries too hard. Such a typical teen. :P

How did everyone like the episode?