ronnie seterdahl negus


“I kind of feel bad for Robin, she’s being ganged up on,” says the sultry Russian, Ioulia Reynolds as Amanda, Ronnie, and an-over-the-phone Jody attack Robin. And therefore proving that the three aforementioned ladies, are also the most immature, spiteful and petty.

I’ll begin with Amanda Hansen, who stirs every pot she can manage to get her hands on. There’s something quite off about her perception. And by that I mean she’s unaware of what she does and the reasons as to why. Or she’s just misguided and damaged.

Speaking of being off, there’s Ronnie Seterdahl Negus, who seems to forget everything she says as soon as it’s said. Maybe she’s bored being sober and needs to spice up her life by starting the drama? 

And no one does drama like Queen of Mean Jody Claman. Mind you, just because “queen” is in the title doesn’t mean it’s a good one. The frump wasn’t even there, but tries to humiliate Robin for telling Mary about the gossip Jody was spewing. Robin was being something Jody knows nothing about–being a loyal friend. Isn’t that hypocritical of Jody, who squirms at the hearing of any gossip, unless she’s doing it? Bitch, please.

And yet again, Mary Zilba is the subject of conversation (even when absent). Specifically for Amanda, and Jody, both can’t seem to stop discussing Ms. Zilba. Grow up ladies. Or move onto something else. Like say a conversation on your despicable behavior or double-standard moral compasses?

No one’s heart is as genuine or good-intentioned as Robin’s (as Ioulia points out). This entire episode Robin was proving her loyalty to Mary because at the very least, someone needs to be in Mary’s corner. The best about Robin is that she wants to know the root of everything, and she’s not afraid to call anyone out when it matters. Especially when Jody calls Mary Lucifer, because well–“A devil calling someone else a devil, that takes the cake.” One baked from scratch.