ronnie rancifer


Michael’s cousin Ronnie Rancifer and Jackson 5 bandmate on Michael pranking him as a kid.

Ronnie Rancifer: Michael as a child, he was a mischievous child. He liked to play pranks.

What’s a Michael Jackson prank?

Ronnie Rancifer:  A good Michael Jackson prank is like when you’re asleep in the bed and he’d sneak in there and hit you with a water balloon while you were asleep or something. Pillow fights, he was notorious for pillow fights. One real funny one was coming home one night for a party or something, and he had this boa constrictor thing… (laughing)

Wait a minute, wait a minute. That sounds terrible, that sounds like the scariest thing I’d ever heard… laughing

Ronnie Rancifer:  Michael loves animals.

Where’d he get a…

Ronnie Rancifer: Jermaine and Mike had this boa constrictor named Crusher.

What was he called?

Ronnie Rancifer: Crusher.

Well, there you go.

Ronnie Rancifer: He’d be playing with him and believe me he would wrap around your arm and you could feel him constricting you.

He’d put a hamster in there for Crusher…

Ronnie Rancifer: He put him in the bed… I said, “Johnny (Jackson), get your butt out here.”

This is your bed Ronnie that it’s in?

Ronnie Rancifer: Yeah.

My question is what happens if you lay down, I mean who knows what you’re doing before then, you’ve had a few too many and you lay down and try to go to sleep?

Ronnie Rancifer: Well, the bottom line is always learn to check your bed, like the cowboys say, always check your boots in the morning before you put them on, ’cause there might be a scorpion in there, so you always check.

Alright so always check your bed before you sleep near the Jackson 5.