ronnie miranda

Thank you.

Glee has ended. I don’t know what to do.

I started watching this show in the middle of season 2 (USA) and in the middle of season 1 (NL). It was on dutch television and I just… tried.

My first ep was Sectionals, then Hell-O and my first full ep was Power of Madonna. After season 1, RTL5 started airing season 2 and after that, I joined tumblr somewhere after The Purple Piano Project (USA). That’s when I started watching it with America.

I cannot describe how much glee means to me. I’ve given it a lot of crap, yes, I must admit that. But I will always carry this in my heart.

But the show isn’t the thing that made me love glee. Sure, it did great things and in a way, saved my life. But it was also full of shit. Still, it’s my favourite show.

But the fandom is the thing I loved the most. I loved our rants, our riots, our speculations, our edits, our everything. Sure, there were bad parts, but every good thing has them.

I’d like to thank a lot of people, so this wil be under a read more.

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