ronnie keene

Some Bughead drabble

Sometimes Jughead Jones wondered if Betty Cooper noticed the way he stared at her. He wasn’t the best at being subtle about where he lay his eyes, but no one in his close group of friends ever raised the issue, so right now it was a concern that remained unimportant.
Today was one of those days Jughead struggled to control his insides, his pulse quickened at the sight of her. He could feel the tiny thumps in his fingertips as he sat across from Betty in their usual hangout at Pops, directly opposite the blonde at their usual table which may as well have a reserved sign permanently fixed to it.
“What about the talent show this year?” Ronnie asked whoever was keen to listen, Archie had his attention firm on Veronica and Jughead found the conversation a blurred background noise.
Jughead held his burger in both hands, almost the size of his own head, he knew after this meal he would still be hungry but he chewed his mouthfuls slowly.
He watched Betty’s lips purse around the straw, gently sucking the pink milkshake contained within the tall glass. The glow of the neon lights from the windows framed her silhouette and made Betty look more angelic than he already thought she looked. Her blonde locks tied back into a ponytail, a style she often wore, lay tousled down her shoulder and her eyes….
Jughead found a piece of food catch in his throat as Betty’s eyes connected with his. He was never prepared for how beautiful her blue pools were, big crystal doe shaped orbs which reminded him of the world. As though he was in space, looking down on our planet from a vast distance, the most perfect view.

“Juggie are you okay?” Betty asked as she watched him clear his throat, his cheeks flushing pink as he coughed to remove the lodged food. Archie and Ronnie both took their attention to Jughead with concern “you always eat too quick” the redhead laughed patting his friend on the back. Jughead still fixed his gaze on Betty who sipped her milkshake once again, this time her eyes watched him. Jughead dropped his burger onto the plate and pushed it away from him. He felt his appetite craved something other than food now.