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If I read another person call Veronica self-centered, especially after this episode, I'm gonna scream. Who was the only person who realized something was off about Cheryl? Who got the other 3, lost in their own teen emo angsty feels, to race to save Cheryl? Who got Josie to sing with Archie? Who gave Archie an out on the whole pining for Betty thing before deciding to trust him? Who checked in with Betty multiple times in EP 13 about Archie/Veronica's relationship to make sure she was okay?

Who’s out there talking shit about my precious bby Ronnie????

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Caitlin’s eyes closed after hearing his voice, forcing herself to GET A GRIP on her powers. She kept her eyes closed until she was certain they were back to their normal colors, and once that happened a sigh escapes her lips. 

‘’You weren’t.. supposed to see that.’’ 

She admits, she didn’t want him to know how much she had changed. That she wasn’t the same Caitlin he used to know anymore. She didn’t want him to think any less of her, and he would once he finds out about everything she’s done when she was Killer Frost. She might not have killed anyone, but she played a huge part in helping Savitar. HR is dead because of her. And most importantly; she hurt their friends. The team. 

Archie: Coach Clayton says I have a shot at being varsity captain. So I’m not thinking about anything else right now. 

Veronica: And you’re back to being boring. 

Ronnie! Bby, you don’t say that to people! at least not in front of them. 


“While everyone’s lost, the battle is won with all these things that I’ve done.”

10 years ago from today was the beginning of something powerful, incredible, and beautiful. I’m so proud of our boys and everything they’ve accomplished in these past 10 years. Releasing this album, and four others along with it. Hot Fuss was truly an album that showed the meaningful talent and hard work that was given by this band. This album is full of songs that really speak to me and although I was not a victim when it was released, I have grown to love it just as much as anyone else. Songs like Mr. Brightside and All These Things that I’ve Done will always be perfect examples of this iconic album. I am lucky enough to say that I have heard a lot of the Hot Fuss songs live, and I look forward to the music The Killers have in store for us in the future. Happy ten years of Hot Fuss, and here’s to many more!