I just google’d “Kim Possible drinking game” and these are my favorite results

Take one sip when:

  • 2000s pop-culture reference is made
  • Bonnie is mean 
  • Ron does something dumb
  • new gadget
  • catch phrase/Ron-ism
  • cheerleaders are practicing

Two sips when:

  • movie/TV show is parodied
  • something scientific is explained (even if inaccurate)
  • continuity error
  • kung-fu and mad fighting skills
  • Kim saves Ron
  • Kim’s middle name
  • Camp Wannaweep
  • Rufus saves the day

Three sips when:

  • Bonnie admits she’s wrong/helps someone
  • Ron does something without dumb skill
  • a villain interacts with another villain
  • Ron conquers a fear
  • the bad guy(s) is(are) caught

Finish your drink when:

  • Drakken has a good plan…