Just had the Seibon carbon fiber hood professionally pinstriped by the great ElRoy of Abq. N.M. Fantastic job as always! Wanted to give Lucy some added style.

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So much yes!


Car Show #5.
2 more awards for Lucy!
Most outstanding engineering, and Best Overall Muscle!

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RONIN134- Casa Grande 

anonymous asked:

My brother's humvee was hit by an RPG when he was in Iraq. Thankfully he's alive, but he has permanent hearing loss in his right ear, a messed up back, and problems with the whole right side of his body. Anyway, I'm just commenting because I see what he went through and still goes through after that and I know that many more go through the same thing every day and I just wanted to thank you all for your service and sacrifice.

The guys you should be thanking are guys like ronin134, dogpoundgangsters, triedandtruetomyself, Jon, evolutionofthear15, and too many other guys I couldn’t even begin to remember. They’ve been there and done it. I haven’t done anything really. They’re the ones who’ve served and sacrificed, and for that, they’re the real rock stars here.