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fic title & pairing: Running Shoes & Swan Queen

Roni doesn’t run. (Even under her cursed persona, she wears heels, no bueno.) Every day when she’s opening, a blonde whirlwind blows by her and she rolls her eyes, muttering about how no one slows down to chat anymore. One morning, she discovers a red converse and brings it inside, figuring it was from someone’s drunken stupor the night before.

However, later a blonde in a red zip up hoodie jogs in wearing just one shoe. She says her name is Eve and she’s missing her shoe. Roni tosses it her way and tells her not to litter again. Eve just smirks and orders a drink, whatever Roni recommends. Being cheeky, she serves her a “forbidden appletini”.

Lucy tries telling Roni and Henry that she’s really Emma Swan, their true love and the savior of the original curse. Roni just shakes her head and remarks “There is no way I’d ever forget someone like her.”

Send me a fic title & pairing and I’d tell you how I’d write the story.


Today’s song recommendation is:

  • Artist: RONY ft.  부소정 (Boo Sojeong aka our boo’s sister !)
  • Song Title: 너여서 (Only You)
  • Album Title: 너여서 (Only You) (Single) (2017)
  • A/N: You guys probably know this by now but Seungkwan’s sister is a singer ! Although she hasn’t officially made her debut yet, this track is her most recent release where’s she’s featured as the vocalist. The track is a ballad track with a piano accompaniment. It’s very calming imo and I feel like it’s a great song to listen to during rainy days. Remember to show lots of love to RONY and Sojeong and if you like this track, I recommend another song from RONY called Rainy Day. That song is also really good.

- Admin Leen