I think the poor treatment of these black and brown characters is worth discussing. Considering that 6 out of 13 are directly connected to Frost (either they’re his love interest or his family) and have absolutely no story of their own. They used the same exact premise for all of his girlfriends. They all chose their jobs over him. Martinez (especially since Casey was away) and Dennis served no use but as beards and then Dennis turned out to be a serial killer. Susie and Nina are only around when they are needed to do something. Frost’s mom’s only purpose was for TNT to say “look we accept lesbians ooh look it’s a black lesbian too” and her girlfriend was just proof of that. The two streetkids were seen more suspicious when Angie’s money went missing because they weren’t as smart as the girl in their ensemble so they weren’t supposed to receive as much sympathy from the audience. Rondo (though he hasn’t made an appearance in s5) has always been around to feed Jane’s ego, mooch off of her and her mom, and tell Jane what she needed to know about a victim that lived on the streets. Nina is obviously there to fill a quota and do Frost’s job. She otherwise has no backstory. Being black is her only chance not to disappear like Riley because if she goes, the show won’t have an active black cast member that appears in more than two episodes per season. As you can see, I used characters that were only around for one episode and weren’t really all that important. Think about why I had to do that.