More Caine thoughts

The second time I watched Jupiter Ascending I brought my parents. They loved it. On the way out of the theatre my mom and I were chuckling over how Caine, who is supposedly a runt, is played by the not-at-all-a-runt-in-any-way Channing Tatum, and my mom said:

“But runts always grow up to be bigger and stronger than everyone else!”

Since then I’ve seen many posts about how Caine really is a runt and regular lycantants are these huge, 7-10 feet tall beasts but


My mom’s comment stuck with me, and has led me to the exact opposite opinion.

Consider Kalique’s reaction to Caine when he “battle-parkours shirtless into her house and holds her at gunpoint” (not my words). She says: “Well made, by the look of him.”

Considering Kalique employs a lot of splices and is thousands of years old I’m gonna trust her word on this.

However Caine came into the world, I think he grew up just fine. Better than fine. Consider he’s had to make his way as a lone-wolf for years and he didn’t just survive: he was a Skyjacker, a “legend in the legion” as Ibis states. He didn’t just survive; he thrived. Until the whole ripping-out-entitled throats happened which is another matter entirely.

Which is just how any self-respecting narrative about a runt should go. Of course the tiny, half-albino blond runt grows up twice as big and strong as the rest and proves himself. And it is exactly the kind of narrative which fits with the overall tone of Jupiter Ascending.

In my head, Caine is actually rather large for a lycantant, and there are not, in fact, many lycantants in the Legion. Lycantants are made and kept sort of like hunting dogs. Maybe they are mostly used for private security, or even civilian uses like herding space!cattle or whatever.

None of the space!ranches/mansions wanted a runt on their crew, but the Legion is like “yeah sure whatevs at least he’ll be cannon fodder” which is how his splicer “sold him at a loss” (according to Stinger).


Except then he grew up. And he wasn’t cannon fodder—oh no! He was out there working twice as hard to prove himself, and his commanders are like “fuck let’s try, you know, feeding him and shit and holy cow he just did [insert crazy amazing stunt here] hey Skyjackers we got someone for you…”

Of course, even though he’s big and strong now, he’s still goes by the Steve Rogers school of fighting. In other words: he fights like a girl. Because Caine learned to fight before his growth spurt kicked in. That’s why all the grace and flip-kicks and knowing how to fight a dude who’s bigger than you (see: him vs. Greeghan). Only now he’s got that kind of skill in a not-insubstantial body and he is a. fucking. beast.

And the irony is, before things went tits up with the attack, there were a number of royals who were eyeballing Caine’s contract like “heeeeeey maybe we actually want you to come lead our pack” but then biting happened and…


Not saying the “Caine is really a runt and lycantants are huge” theory is without merit. It definitely has merit. (It has, after all, led to the creation of Ylva Dhole.) This is just the one that stuck in my head, and it is the one I’m working from while writing HTTYAWBF. Though it may not be explicitly shown, everything this experience implies has had an effect on the way I write Caine, so its influence will be at least implicitly felt.

It may or may not also have a major impact on the plot of my ENTIRELY HYPOTHETICAL NOT MAKING ANY PROMISES Stinger/Caine Legion Days prequel.

Just sayin’.


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anonymous asked:

If modern music was in middle earth I imagine that Lothlorien would make classic music, rivendell would make popmusic and Mirkwood would make indie music

Lothlorien, close…very close. It’s all the way in Aman, at Valinor, where they make the fancy classical music. Harps, cellos, they’ve got it all. Specifically, it’s Alqualondë with the soft relaxing music, and it’s Tirion with the more uppity stick-up-their-ass more recognized classical music.

Lothlórien has a different kinda music. They have the stoned music. You know what stoners listen to when they get high? That slow lazy beat? That’s Lórien for you. Occasionally they have a bit of a funky beat, where they have some sick beats. Galadriel is the original #trapqueen.

Rivendell has the catchy af beat. you have too, when you have a cool dad/ruler like rondy-o. It’s mostly because of Maglor, though. Maglor was the first guy to develop rap. Elros was always a better rapper than Elrond, but Elrond’s glad to see that Elladan and Elrohir have their uncle’s innate rap ability.

Mirkwood, man. With a ruler like that, everything’s gonna be indie. No mainstream in Thrandy’s kingdom. Everything has to be shallow-deep and have some meaningful lyrics. And what’s a song without a drum solo? Thranduil doesn’t know. Thranduil’s never had a song WITHOUT a drum solo. Fuck your drum solo-less songs.


what is this now i’m doing fanart for my own Jupiter Ascending fanfiction.

someone take my pencil away.

first two are scenes from chapters 1 and 2 respectively. third one is just a silly extra.

said fic is here if you’re into that sort of thing. also tagging all my related posts with “how to train your angel-wolf-boyfriend” if you want to follow my anguished writing posts.

EDIT: for some reason tumblr doesn’t like my “how to train your angel-wolf-boyfriend” tag, but since I also tag these posts with “rondie writes fanfic” you can follow that one, too.


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