If you want we’ll love each other
With your lips but without speaking
What this rose says never smother
Save by lesser silence seeking.

Songs can never make smiles gather
In the sudden gleam partaking
If you want we’ll love each other
With your lips but never speaking.

Soft between rounds sung together
Sylph that royal crimson teaching
Kiss of torn fire will be reaching
To the very tip of feather
If you want we love each other.


Stephane Mallarme (1842-1898)

Translation John R. Theobald

I really like Peter’s TARDIS the way it is, especially the things that were added to it: the book shelves and that nice leather armchair he looks so sexy sitting in, but he’s said he wants to bring the rondels back, and I couldn’t agree more that this is an awesome idea! Maybe combine aspects of his present TARDIS with the layout and look of some of the older ones. He says he needs more buttons to press, so let’s give him some more! Come on, you know you want to see some close ups of his beautiful slender hands working the controls of that TARDIS!!! Ok, maybe that’s just me but…


The Rondels with “Satan’s Theme.”


So theres this new website that turns your tweets into poetry called Poetweet. There are three lyrical styles — sonnets, rondels and indriso. Just enter your twitter handle or anyone elses and it will try to create a “master piece” of a poem of your tweets haha.

Not gonna lie, the poem Poetweet created was pretty cool but sometimes doesn’t make sense. The first verse had me dying 😂😂.

A posse of vintage wheels.

Many will tell you that patience is not my greatest virtue, but this time I scored big! Dilegently I watched a few auction sites in pursuit of a pair of cobalt rondels to use in another bike project that I intend to give away to a certain someone.  What I found was a set of vintage rondels from the 70’s, some weathered, some with large punte marks, some with touch marks from the blower touching an instrument.  New tools are always fun, but unwrapping my package made my feet wiggle!  I’m looking forward to sharing what became of a pair of the cobalt rondels later this weekend!

For those of you not familar with the process of blowing a rondel, this is done in a glass hot shop.  In short, you blow a bubble and thin it like you are going to be making a bowl, then you transfer it off your rod to another punte so it’s now being held on by what will be the bottom of the “bowl”.  You then open up the bowl so it has slightly flared sides.  Then comes the fun part! Back in the glory hole it goes to get hot, so hot that when you start to spin the punte and slowly pull it out of the glory hole you continue spinning it until it fully flares out flat.  Quite the process for one of these guys, right?  I do make these as well but like to hunt out some unique and true colors like this little find!




1. a song in which a phrase, line, or the like, is continually repeated.

2. the music for such a song.

3. a dance in a circle; round dance.

1565-75; alteration (influenced by lay4) of Middle French rondelet, diminutive of rondel roundel

“My merry, merry, merry roundelay Concludes with Cupid’s curse: They that do change old love for new, Pray gods, they change for worse!”
George Peele

Floral blossom earrings with green onyx, emerald rondelles, 14K Gold filled, wire wrapped. E089

Floral blossom earrings with green onyx, emerald rondelles, 14K Gold filled, wire wrapped. E089

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aquatariuswriter asked:


Aeacus ties his hair back in a pony, his hair is straight and silky and goes to probably by now to halfway down his shoulder blades because all he ever does is trim the dead ends off and he tries to make sure not a hair is out of place.

Squido keeps his hair fairly short, and cares for it exceptionally. He spends a lot of time in the bath, and a lot of time on his appearance, so his hair is silky-soft and thick and shining, usually smelling (like the rest of him) like blends of citrus and vanilla and spices. He doesn’t do much to keep it in check, favoring a look along the lines of ‘natural bedhead,’ and doesn’t mind as long as it’s not a COMPLETE mess.

Rondel’s is half shaven messy curls he doesnt bother trying to deal with its too painful one bit by his ear is longer than the rest of it and the rest goes to kinda a bob length? Squido would braid it and stuff, but Del wouldn’t let a guy with that many rings so much as run fingers through his matted mane. seriously that would hurt

Ydrich (woo, first mention of him off the character pages!) has a lot of thick, wavy hair that has a tendency to stick up in every which way. Usually, it’s not tangled, though it does like to twist around his horns, and he has TRIED to keep it neat. Brushed and parted only lasts a good ten minutes, though, before it decides to spring back into its natural state. He keeps it short enough so it doesn’t start growing into a mullet, but that’s about the extent of it. It doesn’t mar his image THAT much to have untidy hair - not with a smile like his!