Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde ‘Antipode’ at Ronchini Gallery, London (now through June 14, 2014)

  • Nimbus Litta, 2013
  • Nimbus Portland Place, 2014
  • Nimbus Sankt Peter, 2014
  • Nimbus Green Room, 2013
  • Nimbus Cukurcuma Hamam I, 2012
  • Nimbus LOT, 2013
  • Nimbus Cukurcuma Hamam II, 2012

photos courtesy of ©berndnaut smilde / ronchini gallery london / ©onur dag - h/t designboom


Am I the only person who feels a bit in ‘Back to School’ mode? If you too are thinking of doing a little wardrobe update ready for the term ahead, I’ll give you the lowdown. Whilst some shops have an array of nice pastels in and a few have the occasional splash of red/purple.. the majority of shop on my brief trip down Bond Street looked like a Janelle Monáe video. Which of course is never a bad thing, as she is srsly ossum, but if you are looking for some light relief from some SERIOUS stripes then I have the answer.

The Ronchini Gallery, based just off of Bond Street is currently housing one of the sweetest little exhibits I have ever seen. Dream no small dreams features the miniature worlds of Adrien Broom, Thomas Doyle and Patrick Jacobs. I loved the teeny-tiny constructions and little miniature worlds each artist manages to conjure up. Before anyone says it; yes, I know, I am pre-disposed to believing good things come in small packages, but trust me on this one guys, it’s well worth popping in for a mid-shopping looksie.

For more information on the exhibition clickety-click your dorothy heels this way.

If you would like to know more about the individual pieces, click the pics and check out the captions.