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Oooooooooh I love it when authors do these because it gives such a good look into their writing style and what they can do with limited resources and I've gone on too long, sorry!! Anyways, how about - Ron x Harry (the rarest rare pair) and for the sentence "mate, what are you even doing?" (Or smthn along those lines you can change it up an it if you need too)

(look. NEVER APOLOGIZE okay?! I love asks like this just, thank you! <3 also yes, the rarest rare pair! let’s hope I do it justice.)

“Mate, what are you even doing?” Ron’s voice had dropped an octave or two and he shifted, slightly uncomfortably, against the wall that Harry had pressed him into.

Harry swallowed, his adam’s apple bobbing, and glanced down at Ron’s lips. Something like recognition flickered across Ron’s face and he ran his tongue across them quickly. 

“Something I should have done a long time ago.” Harry admitted. Then, he leaned forward and closed the distance between them, and finally figured out exactly what piece of the puzzle he had been missing for so long.

(send me a ship + a sentence and I’ll write the next five!)