ronan summers

-Blue wears a strange combination of floral dresses and combat boots everywhere. it drives gansey insane but in the best way ever.

-ronan is dreaming thousands of fireflies up and adam fills mason jars with them. they never die, but make the most amazing night lights. the pathway from the house to the barns in lined by these jars.

-blue steals 4 jars and goes to noah’s grave and leaves them there.

-henry ends up convincing the gangsey to finally join social media. somehow they’re all some connected by snapchat and instagram and Facebook messenger. it’s great.

-blue’s instagram contains pictures of dead flowers, blueberry yogurt, feminist novels and many pictures of trees (as well as sneaky shots of gansey labeled ‘dick’)

-ronan uses messenger to send obnoxious pictures to gansey of squash.

-henry however decided to provoke the angry irish farmer by endlessly sending pictures of him holding stuffed animals of cows and pigs through snapchat, each labeled ‘who’s the real farmer now?’

                -ronan blocks him.

-adam is finally sleeping eight hours a night and is down to one job due to blessed scholarships that paid for both his residence and tuition and he has not felt this safe and happy in years.

-lots of hiking

            -gansey drags them out to the woods at ungodly hours and talks about their next great adventure and quest and holy shit this boy will not stop.

-henry plays pokemon go and ronan nearly throws his phone out the window when he insists that they stop for the super rare pokebaby even if there are cars right behind them and they’re on  a highway like wtf henry your priorities are sad.

               -“one more time cheng”

               -“YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND, LYNCH!”

               -he also names the beedrill after gansey because he’s a bit of an ass.

-adam is getting boxes from nino’s for moving. blue turns his bedroom into a massive cardboard box fort, complete with cupcakes and lemonade and blankets.

-ronan likes to take naps there and dreams up flower crowns.

-gansey grows more mint plants. they’re a symbol of life to him and he never wants a single one to wilt.

-he also keeps losing his boat shoes.

              -ronan looks suspicious but in the end it’s been blue all along.

              -ronan steals his polo shirts. gansey is not impressed.

-driving to amusement parks! blue and henry take an unimpressed selfie each time gansey insists on pulling over to look at some historical monument at some point.

-adam is hella not convinced about the rollercoasters

-neither is gansey lets be honest because our sweet two times dead child does not want to go a third time. he dutifully follows blue on each ride though only because she is a wild child that lifts her arms up in the air and likes the rush and damnit if gansey isn’t holding tight to her hand each time.

-henry thrives on the drop tower.

           -and cotton candy

           -and funnel cake

-ronan takes roughly a million photos of henry’s hair since all the rides completely wrecked his carefully styled ‘masterpiece’.

-also: adam and ronan kiss and it tastes like lemonade and suddenly ronan starts craving lemonade all of the times.

-gansey has been trying to find apartments. he has a year off between school and blue wants to live for the first time uncursed.

-eventually they find a loft halfway between ronan’s farm and adam’s school.

-it’s above a used bookstore and cafe and blue falls in love with it.

-she makes curtains for the windows that are different colours and nothing in the loft matches in terms of decorations. wind chimes made from coca cola bottles and prints of frida kahlo and fairy lights hung everywhere.

-adam and ronan give them firefly lanterns.

-henry makes them paint the spare bedroom yellow and black because they all better know he is going to be crashing there.

-summer is ending and they are all painfully aware of it

-gansey has been sleeping like a normal human

-adam has been as well

-ronan still can’t be called a normal human

-blue takes a photo for her instagram account on the very last night of summer of the group in the field surrounded by the stars and fireflies and it;s beautiful, and in the photo you can almost make out the sight of smudgy boy standing next to ronan

-they all drive adam to his new dorm the next day and completely terrify his roommate

         -three boys in the hallway attempted to catcall blue and had a face full of a pissed ronan and gansey, and even worse, an annoyed blue.

        -henry brought far to many cactuses to decorate adam’s desk with just so he would have something to remember ronan by

               -”because, you know, your boyfriend is a giant prick”

          -ronan also brought a snow globe with glitter.

-blue also strings up more fairy lights because try and stop the five foot girl wearing the shirt with the words ‘not your babe’ across the front.

             -ronan assists in stringing them above the desk and bed because she wasn’t quite tall enough

-gansey tears up a little bit at the sight of his boy going off to his school.

-henry takes photos and eventually talks in one of the traumatized boys that blue tore skin off verbally into taking a group photo of them.

             -it’s a bit crowded, since they’re doing it in adam’s shared bedroom.

            -henry has blue on his shoulders and one her hands is messing up gansey’s hair while ronan is wearing a flower crown that adam brought with him, one arm around his waist and has the smuggest smirk on his face while adam looks so blissfully happy.

-a week later blue and gansey quietly move into their loft

            -three days after a doormat shows up saying “fuck off”

-it’s perfect

queenjuliette  asked:

Hiiiiii Clare :) Congrats on 600! What are some of your hcs for the gangsey after the events of the books are done???

heidi!!! thank you!! you spoil me ahhh i had a long week but now i have some pasta and down time and im so Ready™ to talk about these kids that i love with my whole heart this is so long oh god

  • listen idk about you but i’ve been on a ton of road trips and they are not easy so if that trip actually lasts the whole 3 months of summer i’ll eat my shirt
    • ok but please??? imagine the bickering i bet you henry is so directionally challenged, blue probably wants a schedule whereas gansey is probably like “what do you mean we’re not just driving off into the sunset i don’t understand wait…we have an actual route?”
    • don’t lie to me you know he got lost plenty on his various adventures and his soft scholarly heart just went with it
    • protect him
    • but yea anyway they probably went up and down the east coast for about 2.5-3 weeks, hitting up all the state parks along the way and stopping in small towns
    • henry insists they have to find the best pizza on the east coast only to claim nothing can top Nino’s by the end of it
    • gansey wants to see all the wacky tourist spots “to get the authentic experience”
    • at each stop they send postcards to The Barns (theyre all on the fridge)
    • blue takes SO MANY pictures ok but all of them are candids 
    • so while there’s these awful blurry messes she also manages to catch these really fantastic photos of henry falling out of a tree he tried to climb with gansey laughing, of the three of them in a diner shifting their food around (you know how when you know someone so well you just order food and shift things around so everyone has what they like? like that)
    • her absolute favorite: she was recording them on a hike and they stumble upon a little grove with a stream running through and forgot to stop the video when she set her phone down. that night she plugs her phone in to the car charger and gets a screenshot of the three of them standing in the stream, laughing and singing. 
  • after the road trip blue registers for summer sessions at the community college and keeps working at Nino’s and walking dogs, she decides she’s going to save up and get her associates then transfer to a university to get her degree in marketing for art (listen she loves being creative, she loves collecting, she’s smart as hell and would get great buys for up-and-coming artists, that girl could own a really cool gallery i can see it now)
  • gansey defers for a year because. well. dying is stressful. but once he goes to college he decides to study art history. like blue, he loves art but he can’t deny he loves history too, and authenticating old works and searching for ancient tapestries and lost paintings is something our boy would be great at (bonus: in later years he would be the most eccentric art history professor ever and he’d totally where those corduroy jackets with elbow patches and his wire rim glasses im!!! i love the idea of old man gansey being this adorable weirdo professor that all the students love) 
  • because we don’t really know much about henry’s interests i don’t know what his major would be but wouldn’t it be hilarious is he was a professional beekeeper and bought up land to have bee gardens and sanctuaries and started a natural honey business and gansey goes there all the time because he’s Crazy but he’s decked out in protection gear and ronan and blue team up to make a rule that he not go out to the gardens because nobody wants to tempt fate that bad
  • adam and ronan spend the summer together with opal seeing the beginnings of their life together settle in
    • ronan teaches opal more and more english and spends hours figuring out what foods she likes or doesn’t like while training her not to eat sticks
    • adam comes up with little lesson plans for her to start learning how to read and write along with simple math and science
    • ronan dreams up some fake documents so they can get her enrolled in homeschooling because there’s no way they’re gonna do public school and try to explain their satyr child to anyone thats just…nah
    • when they’re not teaching opal ronan is tending to the farm, learning what livestock he wants to buy and care for, going to showings all around the state (people look at him so weird, a tall kid who looks more like a biker than a farmer, cradling a bunny in his arms at the makeshift petting zoo with a little girl on his shoulders. he’s A Sight.)
    • adam, it turns out, is very good at baking and opal develops a bit of a sweet tooth off of his many experiments with different cupcakes and cookies
    • their days are carefree. they explore the fields of the barns, make wild plans for the future, tell opal stories and play with her. they catch fireflies and learn constellations together.
    • every evening is spent giving opal bubble baths and wrapping her up in old tshirts and gym shorts from matthews room then settling down with warm milk and honey and telling stories of sleeping kings, trees that give advice, and ordinary people discovering magic
    • they brush out her wild hair and the fur on her legs and put her to bed and quietly get themselves ready for bed. sometimes adam will read to ronan until they fall asleep. 
    • sure, there are bad nights. they both have their fair share of nightmares. opal does too. that’s when they grab blankets and go sit on the porch and talk about the stories of the constellations until their minds settle again.
    • when they drop adam off at the dorms as he starts his first year, its hard. its really really hard. these three haven’t had a lot of good in their lives up until now so letting go of their routine, of each other, although its temporary, it hurts. none of them cry, but its close (close as in adam waits until they’ve driven away and he’s got a moment alone in the bathroom. ronan lets the tears fall silently as he grips opal’s hand reaching forward from the back seat where she’s crying into her knees she’s drawn up to her chest).
    • the first time adam calls home he’s worried opal won’t remember him, after all they only had a few months together, and they don’t know exactly how great her memory is. his worst fear happens when he’s skyping ronan, who tells opal it’s adam, and she says “who’s that?”
    • just as adam feels his heart break a little, opal leans into the frame and continues, “no papa, that’s dad.” (turns out ronan bought her a book that teaches family vocabulary)
    • adam feels like his heart is breaking again but this time from being so entirely full of love for these two he can barely comprehend it
  • adam, light of my life, goes into law. he gets a full ride because he is smart as hell and super dedicated (can u tell im proud of him). for the most part he assists at a small business firm his first few years out of college but eventually, he focuses on social work cases and getting law changes in the state to make it easier for parents to report their parents without endangering themselves, as well as changing emancipation laws so that emancipated minors can make purchases regardless of age and aren’t left homeless. its very close to his heart but even though it hurts sometimes to see these cases it only makes him want to win even more, and he knows he has ronan and opal to help bring him back from rough days at work
  • ronan is the Best Farmer Ever he starts buying livestock and filling up The Barns with dairy cows, hens, and goats (he thinks its hilarious when they get there and opal is absolutely fascinated by their legs). part of the land has an orchard that has both normal fruit and some of the trees niall dreamt up, and ronan sells fruit at a local farmers market as well as to other farmers who make local preserves. declan comes by here and there and…they actually start to get along a little better once declan accepts that this is ronan’s life and ronan accepts that declan was just trying to do what’s right. it also helps that for some reason opal loves declan like. so much man. and he loves her too theyre practically best buddies its precious, and even better when matthew is over too. all the lynch boys are weak for this little girl ok? they don’t stand a chance she’s got them all wrapped around her little finger.
  • finally, there’s noah. 
    • every year on the day he died, truly died, for them, they all get together and go to his grave (his birthday is for his family).  they tell his headstone about their classes, about new things opal has learned, about how the farm and the bee garden are going. 
    • blue always kisses her hand and presses it to the headstone before she leaves. he was her first kiss, so he gets another every year as thanks for giving her the boy she loves.
    • ronan always brings opal and tells her about his best friend, about a boy who was dead but lived loudly in spite of that. he leaves dream fruit at the headstone, and opal leaves her favorite stick she’s found that week. 
    • henry never met noah, but he hears so much about this boy who was a ghost, who was technically non-existent who still gave the last vestiges of himself up, just for the friends he’s come to think of as family. he leaves a bouquet of the most beautiful wildflowers from his garden.
    • adam always starts off with telling noah about classes, trying to keep himself together, but he always ends it by choking up halfway through telling his headstone how important noah is to him. adam leaves a stone from the river, almost like he’s redirecting the ley line again. 
    • gansey is always last. while everyone else is there for comfort they always leave gansey to say his goodbyes last, and instead take him into a hug when he gets to the car. gansey just…he needs to do this alone. he needs to tell noah it wasn’t for nothing, that he’s doing everything possible to make noah proud. gansey never knows what to leave that could possibly live up to what noah has given him. he leaves a copy of pictures of them every year. noah gave him life, so gansey leaves evidence of the people he lives for, the people that make it worth living, the people that miss him. the people that remember him. 
The Raven Boys Reread Things

- Gansey’s a frappuchino drinking nerd I bet he can’t even handle real coffee

- Adam has a secret warning knock for monmouth. Its such a #clubhouse honestly these boys

- For some reason there are copies of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition all over the place?? I honestly can’t imagine who they belong to????? who would buy them???

- What the heck ever happened to Ashley? She was prepped to be a major character with all her knowledge about Glendower and connection to Declan and then she just vanishes completely?? Is she actually Piper, just pretending to be Ashley and picking up hot young men?

- Ronan collects his speeding tickets. What a dork. 

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(disclaimer im bad at headcanons but yolo)

-i like to believe that he’s ace/aro
-thinks noah is the COOLEST PERSON IN THE WORLD and always kinda follows him around
-noah loves it
- matthew is a Genius™ who probably makes the honor roll every semester my sweet son
-he and blue like to be crafty together and she teaches him how to knit
-so naturally he knits ugly holiday sweaters for declan and ronan
-ronan proudly wears his like all the time
-‘ronan it’s summer why are you wearing ur ugly christmas sweater’ ‘stfu gansey u don’t understand fashion’
-matthew is the first person ronan comes out to and matthew’s like ‘ok cool so anyways the other day at school i-‘
-Matthew loves hanging out with ronan especially in public b/c he’s like ‘yeah that’s my brother he looks so scary and cool and i’m related to him and i’m the only one who knows he’s a big softie cue sunglasses emoji’
-all the animals love him except for one specific cat who hates him no matter how hard he tries
-whenever he approaches the shelter all the dogs start flipping out and barking and he gets the biggest smile on his face
-he can’t cook at all but that won’t stop him from trying and making poor declan eat the burnt cookies he made with love and pride
-#1 x files fan. he gets blue into it too and they yell abt it together

I already regret this because my heart can’t take it but…. have some baby Ronan headcanons: 

  • Ronan dreaming all kinds of odd things in his cot - butterflies and flying fish and once a tiny, tiny kitten. 
  • When he’s older, dreaming things for Matthew - bubbles that never pop, shoes that hover at a consistent three inches above the ground, a seed to grow a lolipop tree. 
  • Ronan being carefree and delighted with the world. 
  • Ronan with long curls that Aurora has to brush out and he bitches and moans about it but kind of likes the ritual. 
  • Ronan having his first crush on Gansey (because you know he would OK Gansey was everyones first crush) and dreaming of holding his hand. 
  • Gansey actually holding Ronan’s hand because Gansey wouldn’t notice a romantic advance unless it was literally Blue hitting him in the face. 
  • Ronan making an effort in school because Aurora loved reading his report cards. 
  • Declan, Ronan and Matthew baking a cake for Aurora’s birthday and nearly burning the house down. 
  • Declan, Ronan and Matthew having waterfights in the summer. 
  • Ronan dreaming accurate constellations onto his ceiling. 
  • Ronan doodling flowers and vines and birds on spare bits of paper. 
  • Niall teaching Ronan to drive when he was like 8 because who cares about rules and Ronan falls in love with cars because his father loves cars.
  • Ronan noticing Kavinsky and his fitted shirts and jutting lip and chiseled jaw and realizing he wants to do more than hold hands with boys. 
  • Ronan singing all the time because Irish music competitions. 
  • Ronan growing Gansey a mint plant because Gansey says he kills every plant but Ronan knows mint is super hardy and that is where Gansey’s mint thing started. 
  • Just Ronan and Gansey being best friends and doing normal friend things and being happy and alive. 
  • Ronan taking the piss out of Gansey for wearing boat shoes when he is like twelve and Gansey laughing at Ronan in his Sunday best because Aurora made him wear a yellow shirt. 
  • Ronan doodling vines all over his hands and planning his first tattoo.
  • Ronan getting up really early to feed the cows before school. 
  • Ronan helping Niall with lambing and calving and learning about what plants grow together and when to plant your potatoes. 
  • Just… happy, loved Ronan surrounded by his family and friends. 
  • Quit now if you don’t want it to get sad. Cos It’s gonna get sad.

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Another snippet of another upcoming (longer) fic. Let me know if you’re interested in more! :)


it’s the first weekend of summer when ronan brings it up.

they’re at the barns, everyone having just left after spending the day gallivanting through some valley north of henrietta–part of gansey’s latest venture. ronan sends opal back to the house for bed, and then he and adam are left alone for the first time all day. ronan feels like he can finally breathe, like this twisty thing in his stomach is gone now that it’s just the two of them. adam’s sprawled out in the grass behind ronan, and his fingers tease at ronan’s back.

“lie back and look at the stars with me,” he demands. ronan rolls his eyes but complies.

“we’re being proper romantic shits, aren’t we?”

“almost.” adam slips his hand into ronan’s. “there. now we’re proper romantic shits.”

ronan could float, he feels so light. he digs his fingers sharply into adam’s hand until he flinches.

“ow,” he says, but he laughs, and that’s why ronan keeps him around.

ronan brings their intertwined hands up to his mouth and presses his lips to adam’s knuckles. he keeps them there until adam quiets, and they look up at the sky together, through the dense branches of the apple trees back in this corner of the property. ronan doesn’t want to let go of this moment; this real life moment is better than any dream he could craft for himself. in a few months, though, dreams are all he’ll have. they’ll be such a poor representation of this reality ronan loves.

“i’ve been thinking,” he says. he lowers their hands to his chest. “i might set up a farm stand. just a thing to get rid of all these damn fruit and vegetables. the regular ones, at least. dunno how i’d ever eat them all myself.”

“that’s a great idea. come up with it on your own?” adam teases, not even trying to hide how pleased he is. ronan is quietly relieved, especially that adam doesn’t make him admit he borrowed this great idea from blue. (maybe not borrowed. it was hers all along.)“i’ll help you set it up, when i’m not working. i bet the others would too.”

“no thanks. if i have to sit through another conversation about the public transit in peru…”

adam laughs. “they’re excited. and it’s coming up soon. can you blame them?”

“it’s not like you go around blabbing about yale every two seconds,” ronan grumbles. adam tenses his hand in ronan’s grasp.

“no, i suppose i don’t,” he murmurs.

ronan doesn’t know what he’d do if adam was acting like the rest were about their trip. maybe he should feel guilty about that. but every time someone does bring it up–that in two months, adam’s leaving for college, four states over, some 500 miles away–ronan wants to punch something. more than once after such conversations, he’s stomped off to one of the back barns and kicked at a bale of hay until it was demolished.

he knows that adam is excited, though. he’s always wanted to get out of henrietta, and he’s been striving for an ivy league college the past four years, maybe more. ronan knows this. he knows he should be excited for adam. and he is. but he’s also not.

he can’t dwell on that now, not when they’re being proper fucking romantic shits under the stars. no. for now, he rolls over to kiss the slight frown off adam’s lips and keep thinking of more ways to keep adam close this summer, while he can.

so ronan spent all summer at adam’s and adam can fall asleep through ronan’s loud music 

so now i am sure that adam used to get back home after work and ronan was already there listening to that music doing whatever the fuck ronan lynch would do at adam’s and adam would just collapse on his bed and they would say nothing until eventually adam fell asleep and ronan would just. watch. and. stay. here. until it became a routine for adam to come back home and find ronan waiting for him and fall asleep to that music that belonged to ronan, meant he was there and therefore felt safe 

Title: the one where blue takes ronan to prom and basically be bffls

Series: The Raven Cycle

Pairing: None 

Words: 2,984


the brilliant idea that blue takes ronan to prom belongs to emma, who is a very bad terrible person 

Nino’s was packed and Blue had to hold her tray of drinks high above her head to get past anyone. She maneuvered her way to the booth at the far back of the room where a group of boys sat huddled around an old journal.

“Three iced teas,” she said to the boys, who had all turned to look at her. “One with lemon, one with sugar, and one with spit.”

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Adam feels warm and content, leaning against the threadbare couch and watching Ronan start a fire. It’s the way the Barns always makes him feel; drowsy and lazy. But happy. Safe. 

“We really do need to talk,” he says.

“So you keep saying.”

“So I’ve said once,” Adam replies as Ronan sits back to admire his handy work, “Then you kidnapped me to the Barns and seduced me before I could say a word.”

Ronan winks over his shoulder at him. “You loved it.”

Adam draws his knees up. He’s wearing his own boxers but an old shirt of Ronan that’s too big on him. He knows Ronan likes it when Adam wears his clothes and he knows Ronan is only counting the minutes where he can peel Adam out of it. But they really do need to talk.

“Ronan,” he says and Ronan finishes up by the fire and comes to sit next to him.

Adam takes a deep breath. “I’m going to DC.”

Ronan nods, his voice perfectly calm and even. “Yes. For college. As I know.”

“And you’re staying here. In Henrietta.”

“Yes. For college. As you know.”

“Don’t be a shithead,” Adam says weakly and Ronan reaches over and takes his hand. “We’ve talked about you staying here and me going there but we haven’t talk about what that means for us, Ronan.” 

“I’m staying here until Matthew graduates and I’m enrolling in the community college with Blue to keep Declan off my ass in the mean time. You’re going to DC to your number one college choice where you’re hopefully going to pick up a great career and be a political crusader that looks really good in a suit and tie. As I know. And when Matthew graduates, I am going to move to DC and buy a really nice apartment that hopefully you will co-inhabit with me. Unless you really love your shitty dorm.”

Adam stares. “But the Barns…”

“Will still be here,” Ronan says with a shrug. “It’s not too long of a drive. I can come back every weekend or so, make sure everything is on the up and up.”

Adam cannot begin to describe his feelings right then, in that moment. That Ronan would be so willing to leave the place he grew up, the place he was evicted from in order to move to DC just to be with him. Though he says it so casually, Adam sees the sacrifice for the romantic gesture that it is- Ronan’s way of saying how he feels.

Adam moves then, straddling Ronan’s lap casually and watching as Ronan swallows hard. “We can come every weekend or so. When things get too stressful in DC. Think of it as our pretentious summer home.”

Ronan laughs and tugs at Adam’s shirt that is his own until Adam lets him slide it off his body. He kisses Adam once on the lips and then the cheek and then the neck. “Perfect vacation home. Fourth of July barbecues, summers with the gang, Christmases with the kids.”

Adam freezes at the same time Ronan does. Kids. It’s not like Adam hasn’t looked into the future too far. He knows he sees himself still with Ronan for at least the next five years and hasn’t let himself plan ahead of that on the off chance something will go wrong, which is Adam’s life in a nutshell. Knowing that Ronan has thought as far ahead as kids, is planning on being with Adam long enough to have kids, and probably even longer than that….

He looks down at Ronan who looks a little nervous and he smiles. “Christmases with the kids. Birthdays too.”

Ronan exhales and Adam kisses him.