Things Confirmed In Rocknaldo
  • Ronaldo calls gems “Rock People”
  • Ronaldo didn’t know Steven was half gem
  • Pearl doesn’t consider Ronaldo the strangest houseguest they have had
  • Bloodstone is Ronaldo’s gemsona
  • Rolando got a sword from a convention
  • Ronaldo calls gem weapons gempons
  • Ronaldo thinks Connie’s Stevens girlfriend
  • Ronaldo knows how to use Photoshop
  • People only call Steven rose when they’re about to kidnap him or beat him up

anawinkaro  asked:

What if Steven and Connie are already dating and they are just hiding it? Like in Regular Show with Rigby and Eileen. Maybe that's why Steven didn't deny that Connie is his girlfriend when Ronaldo told him. You know, Steven never lies, but he can avoid telling the truth :^)

Maybe all of their hang outs were dates in disguise!

In that case, then Steven must be a better actor than I thought…

anonymous asked:

i saw your post about the hetship discourse and i just got to say gay ships are still always better than het ships. dont really like larsadie but larbuck / ronlars is good

and here’s my problem with what you’re saying

tumblr in general idolizes and borderline fetishizes the shit out of gay ships right now. in most peoples eyes it’s like… they’d rather ship two dudes together even if its abusive as fuck than a heterosexual pair with no issues. and that’s a big fucking problem my guy. it really is.

while your example of larbuck is safe (and something i’d like more of since it’s kinda healthy as fuck so far and cute?), don’t bring ronlars to my attention. it’s the exact fucking thing i just said above where people will ship an abusive mlm ship over anything else and almost get offended when you point out that it’s bad because they immediately play the “YOU JUST HATE MUH GAY PAIRING!!” card without even listening to what you say or just plainly ignore abusive elements present because “another ship is worse than mine so mine is safe!!!”. note this doesnt just apply to SU but almost every single fandom i’ve been in people will defend gay ships no matter what happens in them like the plague or pull the hetty card and actually accuse me of being a “CisHet that doesn’t understand gay!!”. note im fucking trans and in love with a boy but whatever right lol its okay to misgender people when ur precious abuse pairings are critiqued 

i can count on my fingers the amount of times people have actually noticed abusive mlm pairings and basically understood why they’re abusive. a good example would be the killing stalking pair but… only because the abuse is as clear as daylight to the point where you cannot argue or try to defend it because it’s, like, fucking obvious as hell. a lot of the times people WILL turn a blind eye or be afraid to seemingly call out abusive mlm pairings because they’re probably worried about the rabid shippers pulling the “ur a homophobe” card or? idk

honestly there’s been times where i’ve suggested like “oh what about ronaldo and his girlfriend” or “lars and jenny” OR and listen closely on this one its good. sour cream x sadie (so long as laeli’s fucking Theory about them being cousins isnt true) and people have legit been like. well its not gay enough sweaty :\ jaspis ftw!! even tho like. both of those ships r fuckin relatively healthy but again theres still priority for the Gay Abuse Pair. i aint talkin about larsadie cus even though i ship it its got Issues and boy do i know that as an abuse survivor. i’m just honestly really concerned at the amount of fetishization going on right now and blatantly ignoring abuse survivors when they talk about abusive things and experiences and the stubbornness of people shipping abusive mlm pairings that will defend them to the death / refuse to accept that even though its Gay its not always Healthy
Cristiano Ronaldo with stunning girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez
The Real Madrid football ace, 32, rocked a shirt and jacket combo, while his 22-year-old girlfriend opted for a summery outfit that flaunted her petite physique.



nedwithatwitter  asked:

Do you agree that Peedee is the most underdeveloped Beach City character? Even Vidalia directly affected the shows plot

Is Ronaldo’s girlfriend from Beach City? She probably had a little less development than Peedee. But yeah, I agree, he could stand to develop more.