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Also this… is oooooooooold, really really old. I know my silly brain is running around screaming, but I just reminded myself that I’d drawn Peri making stuff from chunks ‘o hand ship. And seeing that bright green sword made me think OMG yay what if Peri builds a buncha crap for Ronaldo? eeee….


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Hey Artie, how jealous do you think Ronaldo is going to be when Lars come back to Earth? Ronaldo made his own gemsona and everything, meanwhile Lars fought space robots, and gained magical powers on an epic space adventure while.. Ronaldo was probably just making fries and blogging about how weird things are in Beach City. I really hope we can get another townie episode after things have died down.

I could see Ronaldo dying his hair pink to try and get in on whatever it is that happened to Lars. Or, if he finds out what happens, hurling himself on the ground in front of Steven going, “Ohh no, I’m dyyying! Quick! Cry on me and save me, Steven!”

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does Ronaldo's hair bug you at all? like I can't tell what his hairstyle is supposed to be, except maybe mats, which iirc is appropriative ?

mats aren’t dreads. they’re just a rat nest failed attempt at it.

ronaldo’s hair, along with peedee and the father, is supposed to resemble french fries hence their last name “fryman” and the store the father runs which sells french fries.

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“What the fucking fuck you did to your hair?!”

“Don’t you like it?”, Leo showed a sad smile. At least he expected an “ok” from his boyfriend, Cristiano.

“You know I don’t like blondes”.

“Oh, come on, you’re going to love it someday”.

“So now I’m dating Barbie?”

“Yes, Ken”.

The Portuguese man closed his eyes for a moment, wishing that this is not happening right now.

“You’re so gay”.

“You’re gayer than me”, Leo chuckled.

“You know, this is the part where you should turn into Donald Trump and fire your stylist”.

“I do not know why I cannot agree with you, I like these changes in me. Everybody likes my new hairstyle except you”.

“You destroyed my fetish, Leo”, the tall guy still cannot accept his reality. “I hardly see that I can have an erection when I look your hair. That color burns my eyes!”

“Oh believe me, I have an ace up my sleeve”, Lionel said in a seductive tone and came over to Cristiano to encircle his waist with his arms and give him a little kiss.

“And then they say I’m crazy one”, Cris answered.

“The crazies always end up happily together”.

“That means compulsorily I will accept your new look?”

“Yes, you’re going to do it and you’ll love it”.

Cristiano sighed. “The things I do for love”.

Ronaldo and Abuse

I had a whole write up on this that I tried to find and couldn’t, so I’m gonna try to write it up again, shorter this time.

I actually think Ron’s behaviour is indicative of maternal abuse, which is actually a soberingly common (and often unaddressed) form of child abuse. I say this not just because of Ronaldo, but because of Peedee’s behaviour as well.

Breaking it down:

Ronaldo’s flinch reactions. These are surprisingly common and almost always initiated by people who can’t actually hurt him. Note that Ronaldo will run fearlessly into danger, including trying to fight gems and running right toward a giant crab monster… so obviously he’s not a coward.

But Steven yelling at him makes him COVER HIS FACE AND CRINGE. By the same token, Lars is way skinnier and weaker than him, yet he spends the entire time they’re interacting in Horror Club, acting scared of Lars. He flinches multiple times, including when Lars says “boo” in the doorway. When he’s angry enough to raise his voice at Lars over the movie, he immediately flinches even worse than before and hides his face behind the movie box. The one which is obviously rare and hard to get. When he and Lars argue at the bottom of the stairs and Lars reacts to Ronaldo raising his voice, he actually briefly touches Ronaldo, flicking his hair out of his face. Ronaldo’s reaction? To close his eyes and stand perfectly still like he’s waiting to be hit. When Steven leaps in to his rescue, he seems both surprised and genuinely grateful.

The fact that almost always the flinching is from raised voices is telling. That it’s always from people he actually knows and that he’s not afraid of monsters is also telling.

But it’s Peedee’s response which is what really makes me think there was abuse involved. Peedee is much younger than Ronaldo and his reaction when Ronaldo is upset is to freak out and worry like mad. He wants Ronaldo to be happy. The way he cries at Ronaldo in danger is a far different reaction from the eye-rolling and impatience he normally displays toward his brother.

But most of all the fact that he clearly thinks it’s better for Ronaldo to be caught up in delusions if it’ll keep him happy tells me that he’s seen his brother very unhappy in the past and makes me wonder what happened. His line at the end when Steven asks if Ronaldo will be okay is basically that they should leave him like that because “He’s happy, y'know?”

I suspect Ronaldo’s love of the weird and his constant time exploring as a kid was prompted by having an abusive mother and that this was his coping mechanism, one that his father couldn’t handle or tried to ignore.

It’s also worth noting that in a deleted scene, Peedee threatens Steven at one point and Mr Fryman tells Steven that he gets it from his mom.  Of the two, Peedee is also the more forwardly aggressive (ie: helping to attack Mayor Dewey’s van with little provocation) while Ronaldo’s aggression tends to be reactionary when he gets pushed to far or is put in a defensive position (ie: he thinks Steven is a vicious monster, the crystal gems break into the lighthouse, the creepy dangerous monster ‘eats’ Sadie then seems to want Lars).

So in essence, Peedee’s reactions indicate aggression over territory/livelihood while a lot of Ronaldo’s reactions are overcompensation to perceived danger.

I had a lot more, but I’m too lazy to type it up right now, so maybe later.


With some distractions, these are all the gifs I was able to do today, a scene that is roughly about 2 minutes long(?) and I was actually doing another one when Photoshop decided to close on itself and I never save when doing these things. It’s not an important gif but it had MANY Lars expression (essentially it’s what happens right after the 3rd gif). there were also some other parts I tried to do (Lars flicking Ronaldos hair) but I didn’t really care for them. 

@bumnum. @ shy anon that requested Lars and Ronaldo gifs for this ep, sorry there isn’t really any here, those will probably happen tomorrow.