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Also this… is oooooooooold, really really old. I know my silly brain is running around screaming, but I just reminded myself that I’d drawn Peri making stuff from chunks ‘o hand ship. And seeing that bright green sword made me think OMG yay what if Peri builds a buncha crap for Ronaldo? eeee….


THIS MAN :’’’) it’s like the bridge and last chorus ahh it’s beautiful 😂

Cristiano Ronaldo has a hair stylist visit a wax museum once a month to make sure the hair on his wax statue is perfect

(Cristiano Ronaldo gazes at the wax statue that was unveiled in 2013 at the Madrid Museum of Wax.Javier Barbancho/Reuters)
On Wednesday, the internet had a field day after a bust of Cristiano Ronaldo was unveiled when Madeira International Airport officially became the Cristiano Ronaldo Airport.

At best, many felt like the bust looked more like a cartoon version of Ronaldo. At worst, some felt it looked like other less-than-flattering characters, such as Alfred E. Neuman of Mad Magazine fame.

The bust is especially jarring, not only because Ronaldo is one of the most recognizable faces in the world, but also because he has an impeccable attention to detail, especially for his own likeness.

In 2013, Madrid’s Museum of Wax unveiled a wax statue of Ronaldo with real hair that was added one strand at a time.

According to Callum Davis of the UK Telegraph, Ronaldo sends a stylist to the museum once a month to make sure that the hair is perfect and that the style is up to date with how Ronaldo’s own hair is styled at the time.

Davis also reported that Ronaldo was so impressed with his own likeness that he commissioned the original artist to make a second statue for his own home. Ronaldo paid the artist £20,000 (about US$25,000).

Presumably Ronaldo has a stylist care for the hair on the second statue as well as the artist told The Telegraph that he was told to add the hair but not to style it.

It would be surprising if Ronaldo commissioned a second version of the airport bust.

Here is a side-by-side view of Ronaldo with the original wax statue in 2013.

(Javier Barbancho/Reuters)

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Maybe the real madrid lost the La Liga but not sure. I hope they will be fighting for the victory. And I’m sure that Real Madrid will be winner of Champions League,and they make history again.And next year they will be winning everything.!!

I live for the day cristiano starts letting his curl pattern be free again no joke every time I see glimpses of curls on him I suffer like his curls are so pretty on him but he hates them and I stay appreciating them

idk i’ve gotten a few asks from people asking how i draw lars so

 i just made this probably really unhelpful thing that points out a couple of the more subtle things i discovered on my own when studying how to draw him myself that can actually make a difference. they might seem pretty obvious i guess? 

 (this is moreso for if youre trying to draw him on model to the show, though, but still good to keep in mind otherwise. :3 )

next up is a tutorial on how to draw ronaldo’s hair since people are asking me that, too. rofl


With some distractions, these are all the gifs I was able to do today, a scene that is roughly about 2 minutes long(?) and I was actually doing another one when Photoshop decided to close on itself and I never save when doing these things. It’s not an important gif but it had MANY Lars expression (essentially it’s what happens right after the 3rd gif). there were also some other parts I tried to do (Lars flicking Ronaldos hair) but I didn’t really care for them. 

@bumnum. @ shy anon that requested Lars and Ronaldo gifs for this ep, sorry there isn’t really any here, those will probably happen tomorrow.


Cristiano Ronaldo’s alphabet —-> H is for Hair

“It’s important to have a good image outside of football and inside of football too. I like to have a good image. I respect my hair a lot, how I look. I have to look good all the time, so [the hair] is very important to me.” - Cristiano.