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Real Madrid team arriving to Zurich : Cristiano Ronaldo with his girlfriend Georgina, Dolores with Cristiano Junior, Luka Modric with his wife Vanja and children Ivano and Ema, Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio, Toni Kroos and Jessica Kroos and Marcelo with Clarice Alves and son Enzo :)

Can we take a moment to respect how awful Ronaldo has it right now?

1. He hasn’t been able to blog

2. He called the pretend relationship a bad idea from the start

3. He did all this pretending for his family and friends anyway

4. Of all the times he could have been seen by his very real girlfriend (because his friends and family doubted his word) it was also that time 

5. His attempt at chasing after her failed miserably and that’s not what’s eating at everyone else. They’re sad in the photo because of the failed attempt to end the war, which is valid but I think Ronaldo deserved an apology for being made to take part in a plan he wasn’t comfortable with from the start

6. He’s been trying to communicate with her nonstop

7. At the end of the episode when everything is resolved, his problems clearly have just begun

And they have been visibly together. They were watching the race in Beach City Drift. That may have been where they met.

Ronaldo hasn’t been perfect, but we’re seeing him be less destructive in his wanting to be a part of something special. That’s a start. He’s also starting to form better interpersonal relationships and he’s found someone who shares his interest. Peedee tries to support Ronaldo, we see it in Keep Beach City Weird and Rising Tides, Crashing Skies, but it’s not the same as having someone he can engage with with the level of interest he has. And she seems really nice. I’m really sorry her feelings were hurt, but I think Ronaldo’s relationship was brushed aside for the main plot of this episode. This is an arc I need to see develop 0.0 

Steven Quartz Universe has one major flaw that I hope the show addresses sooner rather than later. If he likes you, he’ll do anything for you. If he doesn’t like you, too bad for you.

In Beach City Drift it was revealed that Steven hated Kevin because Kevin was a jerk to Stevonnie. His hatred and anger was so great that he was willing to fuse with Connie just to get revenge.

And then we have Restaurant Wars. He basically forces Ronaldo into pretending to date Kiki, ignoring all of Ronaldo’s protests, including Ronaldo’s confession that he has a girlfriend. And when Ronaldo’s girlfriend does appear, and the misunderstanding causes them to break up, Steven shows no regret whatsoever. He doesn’t even look the least bit sad or regretful. I think it’s because Steven doesn’t really like Ronaldo all that much. Ronaldo has been loud and pushy, and tried to dissect the watermelon Steven, and tried to throw Lars into a house. Steven likes his watermelons, and Lars is his bff. So Steven has negative feelings towards Ronaldo, which show in him not really caring too much about Ronaldo’s happiness.

And now we have Alone at Sea. I was very disappointed in Steven during this episode. Lapis was trying to confess that she wasn’t perfect, that she had done bad things, but Steven refused to believe or even listen to her. And as soon as Jasper appeared, Steven outright called her a bad person. The possibility that Jasper might have suffered through her ordeal meant absolutely nothing to him. Jasper was big, loud, pushy, and that apparently meant that she was evil. Steven was not willing to admit that his friend might have done something wrong.

I really, really, really want somebody to let Steven know some of the less than savory things that the Crystal Gems did during the War. Something more than Greg’s “no such thing as a good war, kiddo.” Because right now he has a very black and white view of things, of good vs evil, and as long as he’s unwilling to admit that his friends aren’t entirely good, he’ll also remain unwilling to admit that his “enemies” aren’t a hundred percent evil. He’ll continue to dehumanize them, which is not a good thing.

I mean…

I feel like the show is trying to act all “Oh wow isn’t funny that someone like Ronaldo has a girlfriend? SEE IT’S FUNNY CAUSE HE’S WEIRD AND NOT ATTRACTIVE”

I can totally believe he has one though, some people like dudes like him.

Okay see even when Jenny’s being a dick I can’t get mad at her for some reason.

It must be the delivery.

Okay Steven Imma need you to stop right there and think of another plan buddy.

Because if this goes wrong then that’s two times you severely screwed someone over with your meddling in the past 3 episodes.

Okay this is fucking adorable.

cruddyart  asked:

I kinda only watch su for the plot episodes now but didn't steven destroy the relationship of ronaldo and some girl? Did it ever got brought up again or something?

In Restaurant Wars Steven made Ronaldo and Kiki pretend they are a couple so their parents would stop arguing but Ronaldo’s girlfriend saw them and thought Ronaldo was cheating on her. She broke up with him, Ronaldo fell into depression, it was treated like a joke, Steven never gave a fuck about that and it was never brought up again.

Something I wanna point out.

Steven was so successful in Mr. Greg being diplomatic and solving Greg and Pearl’s issues with each other, that I think it’s important that we’re seeing him failing as well. He tried to help Lars with Sadie, look how that failed. He tried to help the Pizza and Fryman families come together, and ended up breaking up Ronaldo and his girlfriend.

There’s successes to Steven’s diplomat style of solving conflicts, and now we’re seeing him fail.

I love this show.