ronaldo nazário


“There were red and blue scarves everywhere. It was a fantastic atmosphere. I felt comfortable the whole time, though. I wasn’t nervous at all. I just had this feeling that it was for us. I had confidence in our players.” Sir Bobby Charlton

It’s two different superstars. The best way to describe it is Messi is like a genius. He shouldn’t be that good. He’s small. If you’re going to build a footballer you’re going to build Ronaldo, so Messi is working from a disadvantage straight away, and he’s doing ridiculous things. He’s like an artist, he’s just a genius. Ronaldo is like a driven, well-oiled machine, who has made himself that superstar. 
Messi seems like he’s more natural. Its just been given to him. Someone looked down and said ‘You’re the man’. And he went out there and did it, and he’s just a beautiful footballer. 
There’s two different players, but the respect for both of them is huge. I just think it’s great that we’re in this time where we can appreciate these two ridiculous footballers putting up numbers that noone has ever even seen.
—  Rio Ferdinand