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I was tired of watching UK election coverage so I went to my refuge of obsessing over Steven Universe(!) and I’ve done a lil‘ recap. There’s the idea that the humans will eventually have some kind of relevance to the main plot, and this is now especially so since several of them were kidnapped and had seen Homeworld Gems for themselves, Lars still being on Homeworld with the Off-colours, and having seen the Diamonds themselves(!) and of course, Connie and Sadie have battled corrupted Gems before. The humans simply can’t ignore what’s going on in their own town anymore; it’s directly involved them now. It could be that the next step of the show, upon Steven’s return is connecting the human side of Beach City with that of the Gems’, because I think it would be such a shame if the only thing they ever share is simply inhabiting the same location.

It’s clear that in the city’s past, at least one human was very interested in Gems; Buddy Buddwick’s journal is incredibly detailed on the world’s old Gem sites and he had a personal morale boost from Rose Quartz herself. Bill Dewey’s one of a line of mayors going all the way back to the founder, William Dewey, who also likely met Rose Quartz in the same era as Buddy, besides the giant fusion that saved them both. I do wonder if the Dewey line has something to do with Rose, in order for the town to exist right next to the Crystal Temple in the first place and then throughout history - which is why the current Mayor panicked over the idea of a cover up!

Then there’s that the lighthouse, which wasn’t present in Buddy’s drawings, has the likeness of Rose’s gem in its window, and it was apparently used to ward off further migrants (according to the KBCW book so uuh… yeah)… but on considering the lighthouse, it seems to me that the Beach City resident with the most obvious interest in the Gems still is Ronaldo, despite him being Steven Truthed in his last episode and seemingly now knowing his place is not among the Crystal Gems.

First there’s the fact the guy spent his childhood and adolescence in a lighthouse haunted by the massive blue Gem stuck in its basement. After the last two Steven bomb events, it now looks like it could be a blue Topaz, and @kithandqin has some great theories on where that could go. There was also a post going around a while ago which pointed out the Moon Goddess statue carries a Gem that looks very much like the Lighthouse Gem. It’s also depicted in Buddy’s book! Maybe there’s some kind of tenuous link between the lighthouse, the Lunar Sea Spire (which according to Bismuth, was where Gems went to think!), and the Moon Base - which stores all the information on what the Diamonds wanted to do with Earth! I feel like there’s potential to come back to this in some shape or form (Antigravity?!) with perhaps a flashback or some kind of explanation as to how for example, a mere silly human can just look at a dollar bill and come up with the GDA theory, which turned out to be true! Then there’s that even after the Lighthouse Gem had gone, Ronaldo still stuck to his “research” and was still reasonably accurate on Gem history - and this was all on his own. Imagine what the guy could do with help from Steven and the Gems… or perhaps someone else with a lot of Gem experience…

Lars has a history with Ronaldo, that much is clear from Horror Club! Lars of course, is now pink and has Lion powers, and is stranded on Homeworld with his Off-colour squad. Steven has already shown him a lot of Gem stuff, learned about the Diamonds and Homeworld with him and found the underground tunnels of the planet, and now Lars is likely to see and experience a lot more of it than Steven will. He may hear stories of Gem history from the Off-colours, and perhaps details that the Crystal Gems don’t want to tell Steven, or that they simply don’t know. Ronaldo is going to find out sooner or later that Lars went to Homeworld with Steven, and it looks like half the fandom is convinced he’s gonna get super jealous or try to kill himself so Steven will resurrect him(!) While I can see why they might think that, I’m hoping that the last few minutes of Rocknaldo that gave him the tiniest bit of positive development will mean that off-screen he’s done a bit of moving onwards and upwards. Peridot and Lapis did it, Lars and Sadie did it - there’s no reason why Ron shouldn’t too. So while it’s understandable he might be envious of Lars, he might actually worry about the guy being missing on a strange alien world, and when he comes back (Lars is coming back! He has to!! And he’s totally bringing his squad with him!) I would like to expect lots of wailing, tears, and perhaps a reconciliation. There’s nothing like the Weird to get Ronaldo talking(!); the guy most likely still wants answers that the Gems maybe don’t want to give him, and Lars is a good candidate for a KBCW interview!! Lars has also grown a lot, and personally I think a lot of his beef with Steven stemmed from his resemblance to lil‘ Chibi Ronnie, so now he’s comfortable with Steven and his special brand of Weirdness, he might also be willing to put the past aside and fix his friendship with Ronaldo, just as he did with Sadie. And an interesting part is, this sideplot could be related to the one above - their friendship fell apart because of the Lighthouse Gem!

Lastly, and this is venturing into my personal preferences on the show’s characters and stuff…. Ronaldo still has the giant piece of hand ship, of which Garnet was absolutely adamant they should collect every piece! His dragging a big chunk of space debris off the beach may just be a stupid background joke but that several episodes later he turns up to Steven’s house to train with a bright green sword is a big reminder that he still has that piece, and my first thought was that was what the sword was made from. That he told Steven it was a prop from a convention said was was a hilarious red herring right away, but the Crewniverse are very deliberate with colour… and that Ronaldo chose Bloodstone as his Gemsona, a green gem with red bits in it seems rather deliberate. I can’t help but think the fact that he’s been associated with green so many times (getting burned by Centi’s acid spit, his wrestling persona, getting pelted by a can of Guacola, taking the disgusting drink on as a sponsor…) is a reference to a) being green as in a complete Gem stuff rookie in comparison to Steven and the Gems(!) and b) Peridot! I mean, the space junk is from her ship! And it was Peridot who demonstrated to us, the audience that Ronaldo was right about hollowing out the Earth! She is now at the stage where she’s willing to teach (well, show off how smart she is!) other Gems about Earth, although it didn’t go too well with Navy. But what if she was also willing to teach humans about Gems?! What if that’s how she finds out there’s a massive piece of her ship still floating about?! And what if she can make new limb enhancers out of it (and yeah, mebbe a real sweet katana blade too… haha)…

I know it’s a lot of 3am thinking but I can’t shake off the idea that Gems and humans aren’t supposed to be as segregated as they are in the show, and at the moment that’s why the show sometimes feels like two - slice of life, and sci-fi. I honestly don’t think the show is anywhere near done, the humans are slowly becoming more involved - perhaps one by one - and I don’t think the show’s done with Ronaldo either. I think it’ll be his turn soon!