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Messi GOAT series | “…a night where he made the European Player of the Year look like a marble-treading clown performing to the sound of a kazoo and crashing symbols.”–Side Lowe on Messi’s stellar first hattrick against Real Madrid, a game that marked the beginning of a legacy; a performance that had "Messi, Messi, Messi!“ plastered on the front cover of Sunday morning’s El Mundo Deportivo, infiltrating the press, internet, and radio. In the words of Lowe, “this game will go down as one of the greats. Just like Leo Messi.

  1. Messi’s first goal - May 1, 2005 assisted by Ronaldinho
  2. Messi becomes top goal scorer (370) for FC Barcelona - March 16, 2014 assisted by Iniesta
  3. Messi becomes top goal scorer (71)  in Champions League - November 25, 2014 assisted by Rafinha
  4. Messi becomes top goal scorer (252) in La Liga - November 22, 2014 assisted by Neymar Jr.
  5. Messi becomes top asisster (106) in La Liga - February 15, 2015 assist to Neymar Jr.
  6. Messi’s latest goal - March 8, 2015 also making him the player with the most hat tricks in Spanish history (32) as well as in La Liga (24)

“Without doubt, Neymar is already my heir. He is performing in that role and he has been for many years. He is a great player and he will be the face of Brazil for plenty of seasons to come.” - Ronaldinho