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In celebration, here is my first ever tumblr awards! I’m really excited to do this and I hope you all participate. AND AGAIN THANK YOU GUYS SO DANG MUCH!


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dark-ones-dagger  asked:

Ron Weasley is my favorite tbh. People can have different types of intelligence and be equals. People can upset others and not be bad people. People can have insecurities and still be talented. People can get annoyed at others and love them anyway. People can be emotionally oblivious and still care for their friends. All kinds of people can be good people and good couples despite having flaws if they try to improve and help people they love. The End.

Well said, my friend. Well said.

anonymous asked:

How can you ship dramione and say Ron's your favorite character without either him or Hermione cheating?

??? there’s so many ways? what even is this question?

I mean did you think about the possibility of them breaking up amicably? In my mind Ron and Hermione break it off because they realized that they were just friends who occasionally kissed and decided that there was no point in calling it something it isn’t. and then of course draco the trash bby swoops in for hermione making my ship complete and leaving my son untouched (except for maybe slighty hurt pride). I see both of them as being too loyal to cheat anyway tbh but that’s just me :)

also ron weasley is my favorite because he’s the purest sunflower and will literally support any of his friends no matter what he says at first he’s my tol son who can 100% protect me if I was dying in his arms enough said