They're Doing it Again: Part 2

Part 2

Harry sat on the extra bed in Ron’s room, picking at a pillow in his lap, looking up at Ron occasionally. Ron just sat there staring at his ankle. They both didn’t know how to approach the subject they were both dying to speak of.

Finally, Ron decided to just go for it. “So, uh… did you get one? A mark I mean. You never wrote and told me either way.”

“Oh, er, yeah. I got one. It showed up 4 days ago. I decided I wanted to wait and tell you in person.”

Ron’s eyes bulged, “It doesn’t match mine, does it mate?” Ron rubbed his ankle, where his mark was.

Harry laughed “What? NO! Not you mate.”

“Good, because I don’t really swing that way. Not that you aren’t a good looking bloke, if you like that sort of thing. I only thought that because you said you wanted to tell me in person. You also fled earlier at the sight of Hermione.” Ron looked striken again, “It’s not Hermione, is it mate? Because you know she-”

“It’s not Hermione either. I just didn’t want to owl you about it. You’re my best mate. I wanted to tell you in person.”

“Sappy git.”

Harry threw the pillow he had been fiddling with at Ron’s head. Ron caught it instead.“Besides, I fled because Hermione was holding hands with George. Bloody weird mate. How are you holding up?”

“It was hard at first. But we were falling apart even before my mark showed up. Besides, she was my friend before she was my girlfriend, and he’s my brother, the great annoying git that he is.” Ron threw the pillow back at Harry. “Well, lets see it then.”

Harry pulled back his sleeve as he walked over and sat beside Ron. He flipped his arm over and flipped it over for Ron to inspect it. It still appeared tense to Harry.

Ron raised an eyebrow, “Fairly Slytherin colors, mate.”

Harry glared at Ron, “You know the colors have nothing to do with house colors. Besides, the green is the same color as my eyes.”


“Half-poof” Harry corrected him, grinning.

“My bad. Half-poof then.” Ron grinned back. Harry swung another pillow at Ron’s head. Ron retaliated by trying to shove Harry off the bed, but Harry grabbed Ron’s arm and drug him down also, laughing.

About that time Hermione barged in. She had seen Harry flee earlier, and had been waiting at the base of the stairs for some sign it was safe to come in. She figured laughing was a good sign.

“Oh my! Sorry, I’ll just.. I’ll just go” Hermione turned to leave.

Harry shoved Ron off of him, “Wait- ‘Mione, Don’t leave”

“You obviously need some alone time, I don’t want to interrupt.”

“What are you on about?” Harry was confused.

“Harry, she thought the same thing I did, at first.” Ron snickered.

“What? No! My Mark doesn’t match Ron’s! What is wrong with you people? He’s my best friend!”

“Pay up, George!” Everyone turned to look back at the doorway, which was now occupied by Fred and George. George was passing a galleon to Fred.

Harry threw his hands up. “What, did everyone think I was destined for Ron or something?”

“Not everyone mate, I bet on Malfoy!” Fred grinned.

Ron pretended to gag as Hermione scolded Fred. Harry kept silent.

Ginny came in at that time and saw the mark. Her face fell, but she forced it back into a grin. Only Hermione caught it.

At that moment, they all heard Mrs. Weasley call up the stairs “DINNER’S READY!”

Fred, George, Hermione, and Ginny all turned and went back down the stairs, quickly followed by Ron. Harry slowly got up off the floor and started downstairs. He thought there might be a chance Fred was right. He hoped Ron took it better if it turned out to be true.

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Ok if a Gryffindor is asked to choose to switch a train track which is already headed on one track with four ppl tied down to it or switch it to another track with one person tied down to it but they are a loved one? How do you think the Gryffindor would answer?

hmmm good question!

Gryffindor is the place for people who admire bravery and nobility, and the noble thing to do would be to sacrifice your friend. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, even when it’s emotionally difficult

However the thing with hogwarts houses is they’re the place for people who admire certain traits, not just those who possess them. Ron, for example, I’m fairly certain would save his friend/family over a greater number of strangers. Hermione would be more likely to take a clinical approach and choose the alternative

The ‘Gryffindor’ thing to do would be sacrificing your loved one but that doesn’t mean it’s the choice a Gryffindor would make

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Congrats on the followers! How about... Blaise x Neville or Theo x Neville? Thanks!

Thank you!!! I’ll be doing Blaise/Neville <3

(light angst but this has an happy/optimistic ending I promise!)

  • It was 3 years after the war, and Neville was out for a drink at The Hog’s Head that night.
  • He was just telling Aberforth about the his greenhouse when suddenly, someone else came in. Neville’s eyes flitted over, intending for a single glance, but then he froze.
  • The newcomer was immaculately dressed in a way that people would dress at some fancy party rather than a local pub, but somehow still managed to not look outrageous. But then again, Neville really shouldn’t be surprised.
  • It wasn’t like he didn’t know Blaise Zabini could probably pull anything off, with that body of his.
  • More memories of Blaise came to mind, and Neville felt something bittersweet stirring inside him. The two of them had been sort of – Neville wasn’t sure if dating was the right word – in their sixth year after being partnered together for Herbology. After all, did people suddenly cut off all contact and disappear without leaving a single letter if they’d been dating?
  • A few awkward seconds ticked by, and Blaise cleared his throat. “Pansy said I could probably find you here.” He hesitated a bit, his mouth twitching a bit, his expression unfathomable as he added, “She was quite curious about why I would be looking for you, though.”
  • Neville knew that Parkinson had been dating Hermione, who was now the potions professor. Hermione occasionally drank with Neville at Hogs Head, that was probably how Parkinson knew.
  • Sometimes Neville marveled at how Hermione could date a vicious Slytherin like Parkinson, or chat so enthusiastically with Snape’s portrait about potions, when her own experience with either of the Slytherins – or the entire Slytherin house, really – had been fairly unpleasant.
  • (Ron said Hermione liked giving people second chances, but sometimes, just sometimes, Neville wondered if Hermione was simply unable to resist clever people.  People as intelligent as her.  Neville wasn’t sure if he himself could ever trust a Slytherin again, not after Blaise running off and completely disappearing like that.  But then again, Hermione, who was definitely smarter than himself, would probably have different standards, right?)
  • Neville stared at Blaise for a few moments, then he said, “So am I. Curious, I mean.”
  • Blaise gave Neville a faint and slightly nervous smile (it was the first time ever he’d seen Blaise nervous, he thought), and Neville hated the way his stomach still fluttered at the smile.  He wasn’t supposed to feel like this, this kind of feeling would only bring him trouble, would probably hurt him again.
  • “I – I miss you,” Blaise finally said, “I’m sorry I ran away.”
  • Neville opened his mouth but no words came out, and Blaise continued, “I’ve never been brave like you. Running away is like – my natural instinct for everything. Probably something I’ve always been best at.” He had a slight self-deprecating smile on.
  • “That’s – that’s not an excuse,” Neville said, his voice coming out shakier than he’d like.
  • “It wasn’t intended to be,” Blaise murmured, “but I … I owe you an explanation.”
  • They stared at each other. “I’m not – expecting you to just, ignore the past few years happened, or immediately welcome me with open arms, or … I don’t know,” Blaise hesitated. “I just … want to apologize. You deserve better.”
  • Neville closed his eyes, and his mouth thinned as he asked, “You said you wanted to apologize … do you … want anything more?” He wasn’t sure what he wanted the answer to be.
  • Blaise was quiet at first, then he admitted softly, “Yes.” After a pause, he added, his tone firm, “But only if you – if you do, too. I’m not going to pressure you into anything. Or we could take everything slow, too, if you prefer.”
  • “Okay …” Neville opened his eyes slowly, and sighed, “buy me a drink, will you?”
  • Blaise hesitated, and nodded. He ordered two firewhiskey from Aberforth, and gracefully slid into the seat beside Neville – not knowing the familiarity of his forever elegance sent a whirl of emotions through Neville – and said, quietly, “Thank you.”

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for @remembranceofthetardis

“You look like a Niffler on a mission. Find any gold yet?”

Ron paused in the act of rooting through a pile of dirty clothes to glare over his shoulder at Harry. “Sod off! Don’t tell me you’ve never lost a present before. Do you even have yours all bought yet?”

“All of Ginny’s are wrapped and nestled safely under the tree,” Harry said, a smug, satisfied smile on his face.

“Nestled safely under the tree,” Ron said in an exaggerated, mocking voice, tilting his head back and forth while pulling a face. “Merlin, it’s annoying when you act all perfect!”

From his place perched at the foot of Ron and Hermione’s bed, Harry laughed. “It’s going to be worse once I ask why you haven’t just used Accio yet.”

“Come into my own home, trying to teach me how to wizard when I’ve been wizarding since I was in nappies, and you probably thought Accio was an Italian donkey or something,” Ron sniffed, glad that at least Hermione wasn’t there to see him forget something so basic.

“And yet, there you are, not Accio-ing,” Harry pointed out. 

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Prompt: Romione caught by Molly Weasley or Hermione's parents in bed together.

Thanks for the prompt, and sorry it took so long! I also didn’t know if this was supposed to be smutty or not, so I left that out; the next prompt, however, will be.

Molly Weasley placed the last folded shirt from her sixth load of laundry of the day into her basket, and began the long treck up to Ron’s room, moving stealthily as only a mother can. While still grieving over the loss of one of her children, she had surfaced enough from her black depression to start taking more of a notice of her surroundings in the past week, and the fact that Ron had finally (praise Merlin) worked things out and was now in a relationship with Hermione. Molly loved Hermione as if she was one of her own, and thought that she was an excellent match for her boy. She wanted them, especially after the horrors and heartache of the last few years, to be happy.

But not too happy.

She had seen Harry and Ginny carrying a Quaffle outside, but she was equally sure that Ron and Hermione had been conspicuously absent. While she knew they were both over the age of consent, this was still her house, and her rules; she would respect them by giving them a few minutes of privacy, but assert her authority by interrupting them anyway.

Stepping onto Ron’s floor, she tiptoed over to the door, unable to resist trying to catch what they were saying, since she could already clearly hear their voices.

“Ron, You’re being too rough! That’s far too large to fit in there like that!” Hermione said in exasperation.

“I can’t very well help the size, now can I? You should’ve accounted for that on your end. If you just….hold…..still,” Ron grunted, the sounds of the bedsprings bouncing accompanying his voice.

“Stop! You can’t just jam it straight in; you have to ease it in slowly, from an angle.”

At her bossy tone, Ron snapped back, “Well since you’ve obviously had so much more experience at this than me, maybe you should just do it yourself!”

After about the third or fourth heart attack Molly had while standing there, a range of emotions passed through her; anger, shock, surprise, horror at her son’s lack of sensitivity, and finally back to anger. Like a bull charging a red cloth, she burst through the door, nostrils flaring.

“RONALD BILIUS WEASLEY, YOU HAD BETTER—” she nearly choked on her own shout, spluttering to a stop when she finally registered the two wide eyed eighteen year olds sitting on his bed, fully clothed, with a large box inbetween them. The wind was taken out of her sails, and she felt a bit foolish; it was obvious now that the two of them had stayed behind to wrap Harry’s birthday present, a broom to replace his old one.

“….You had better put these clothes away, after I carried them all the way up here,” she finished, setting the basket on top of his dresser.

She smiled weakly at Hermione. Dear, level-headed, rule abiding Hermione. A sensible girl that was certain to make sure things didn’t go farther than they should. She knew that, just as she knew Ron would never treat a girl like that in the situation she had imagined was occurring. Obviously, raising the twins had made her overly suspicious. The thought reminded her of Fred, and, feeling a bit weepy, she reminded them that dinner would be a little later that night, before hastily leaving the room.

Ron, mouth gaping in confusion at his mum’s abrupt entrance and subsequent change in mood, looked to Hermione. “What was that all about? I thought she was getting ready to peel my ears back!”

Hermione stared at the door thoughtfully, before her lips finally twitched in amusement. “I believe your mum let her imagination get away from her in a particularly….vivid manner, and it embarrassed her when she saw she was wrong about what we were doing.”

This didn’t seem to make sense to him. “What are you on about? Mum’s always suspicious, but the worst thing about it is, she’s usually right. But all we were doing was wrapping Harry’s present.”

She fell to her side, laughing into the hand she had placed over her mouth. “Yes….pfft, I know, but I think she heard what we were saying, added two and two, and got six.”

Ron, being fairly quick on the uptake, and after having spent six years in a boys’ dorm, and a lifetime with five older brothers, latched on to what had happened.

“No wonder she swooped in here like a Howler in human form! What a filthy mind!” He laughed, grinning.

Hermione smacked his leg. “Be kind! We both knew she would be sensitive to any impropriety going on under her roof,” she reproved him primly.

He leaned over her, grinning wickedly. “Listen to you, then! That’s not how you sounded down at the pond last night, with your knickers down and your ankles wrapped around my—”

“That wasn’t under her roof, so it doesn’t count,” she answered, blushing.

Nuzzling her neck, he kissed the skin just below her ear. “What say we grab the blanket, and head outside for a little impropriety?”

She was tempted, but shook her head regretfully. “Harry and Ginny are already out on the pitch, and they can see us from there.”

Ron’s shoulders slumped, but then he brightened. “Have I ever shown you the old treehouse out in the woods that we built when we were kids?”

Hermione’s pleased smile matched his. “No, but I think right now would be the perfect time to go have a look.”

Broom forgotten, the pair left the room, looking forward to a pleasant afternoon. And it would have been quite pleasant if Ginny had not had the same idea as her brother, but that is an encounter best lost to the mists of time.

Mass Effect Mix for Paragons, cover art by me.

Mixed bag of music for saving the universe righteously with friends by your side. Mirrors the Renegade mix!

Marchin’ On - OneRepublic
Hey Brother - Avicii
Safe and Sound - Capital Cities
Death by Robot - Feed Me
Hero - Skillet
Major Tom - Shiny Toy Guns
- Lorde
The Veldt (feat. Chris James) - deadmau5
We Are the Aftershock (Revolvr Bootleg) - Schoolboy vs Empire of the Sun
Wavin’ Flag - K'naan
When Can I See You Again? - Owl City
Smash Pala (Djuro Remix) - Nukewood & Fear of Dawn
Bleeding Out - Imagine Dragons
We Can Make the World Stop - The Glitch Mob
21 Guns - Green Day
The Call - Regina Spektor

That Went Better Than Expected {Requested Ron Weasley Imagine}

Request: “I loved your preference on how they hold your hands can relate because I have very small hands and I’m short. I was wondering i you could do an imagine on Ron where he brings Y/n to his house and is more nervous than she is because he doesn’t have what people would say a “normal family” Thank you so much!!!“

Requested by: louistwinslover

Characters: Ron, Weasleys, Reader

A/N: I really hope you enjoyed it! I enjoyed writing this ^.^

"I can’t believe this is happening..” Ron muttered under his breath as he adjusted his clammy hands on his steering wheel.
“You will be fine! I will be fine. Honestly babe, you seem more nervous than I am..” You say as you pat his thigh and flash him a smile.
“Well..uh..” He stuttered. “’t…exactly…….”
“Exactly what Ron?” You questioned.
“My family isn’t exactly…well…normal” He blurted out fairly fast.
“Ron..” You shifted your head to look at him. “It will be perfectly fine!”
You calmed him down all the way to the Burrows.
When Ron pulled up to his house, he looked at you, grabbed your hand and took a deep gulp. You looked at him and gave a reassuring look as both of you stepped out of the car. Both of you were not even two feet from the front door when it swung open.
“Oh Merlin.” Ron whispered under his breath.
A woman came up to the both of you kissing and hugging hysterically.
“Welcome Y/N! Ron talks about you so much! Come in! Come in!” The woman said, grabbing your hand and dragging you inside. You grabbed Ron’s hand and dragged him inside also.
You and Ron sit at the crowded table as you get served dinner. Everyone started introducing themselves.
“I’m Molly, but you can just call me mum”
“I’m Ginny”
“I’m Fred”
“I’m George. Pull my finger.”
“Don’t do it” Ron whispered into your ear.
“Time to eat!” Molly exclaimed.
Over an hour of gleeful chat about you, your family, and your relationship with Ron; the night had come to an end and it was time to leave. You told everyone goodbye. You and Ron got into the car and he drove off.
“That went better than I had expected.” He said with a sigh of relief.
“I enjoyed it. You have a nice family” you smile and kiss his cheek.
“Now about your family.” He looks at you and you both break out into hysterical laughter.