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There's No Place Like Home, A Reactionary Post

Let’s Party with the crew of Prognosis Homicide!

Major Crimes, S2xE9: Episode Review

That Amazing Cast of Prognosis Homicide
Wresting with age, Not past their prime
The Concept of Home
Lust is in the air…

(FYI this is rather image heavy)

After The Deep End’s heavy heavy episode - we dive into comedy. One thing that this show does very well is balance out it’s heaviness with it’s lighter episodes. Something a little show called Deep Space Nine was so also very good at as well. And if you know anything from me in this blog it’s that I’m a huge fan of that show. Seriously go watch it. I’ll wait. 

Instead of the show opening up at the scene of a murder - we get Provenza at the shooting range. It’s a nice change of pace because sometimes I think that this show follows too much a pattern.

You have to give the props department their due. Their so creative, this board stands out so much because they can’t show a penis on cable tv. So instead they take that part of the photo of their dead guy out and replace…with a leaf. ;)

So obviously a crack at them not being allowed to show the guys penis. They can blow some guys head away but penis’ and vagina’s shown in a non sexual way are off limits?

Also you have to love Mike’s facial expression here. 

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Speech of Ron Conway (Super Angel) @ Startup School

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The biggest thing we all knew was that cofounders tend to do better than single founders; more controversial will be the finding that younger founders do better. That’s a hotly debated idea at TechCrunch, and the key is looking at companies that either have had or are expected to have outsized results. When it comes to the macro-startup economy, that’s what keeps all of us in business.