I was literally searching for refrecnces for this meme and this stock imagine pop out 😂😂 WHY ARE YOU EVERYWHERE
*i’m everywhere start playing in the background *
Oh yea that why 😂😂


“He’s a good man.”  x

“Sam’s a sweetheart. As a person, he’s just incredibly generous.” x

“Sam’s the greatest guy. That’s why women go crazy about him. You really see what a good guy he is and that shines through - always.” x

“Very proud of this generous and big hearted man. Always inspired and impressed by his capacity for helping others.” x

“No one is perfect … But he … comes pretty close” x

      ~ Caitriona Balfe on Sam Heughan

Happy Birthday to the good, sweet, generous, big hearted and pretty close to perfect Sam Heughan!