When Ron, frustrated with studying for NEWTs and with Hermione’s anxious sixth-year nagging, explains to her what reading is like for him, Hermione’s breath catches. “Ron, you’re dyslexic,” she says, softly, and instantly regrets every snide comment she’s ever made towards his study habits. 

Soon, by asking around, Hermione amasses a list of spells for Ron to try - some stilling the page, some changing the font of books for easy reading, some going after Ron’s temporal lobe directly. 

These help, a little, but not as much as knowing there’s a word for why reading is so hard for him. That’s it’s normal, that he’s not stupid, and that Hermione suddenly helps instead of criticizes, looks for solutions rather than complains, praises instead of gloats. 

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Still bitter that Neville and Luna never married, tbh

Personally this is one that I definitely shipped when I was younger but now I actually kind of appreciate that they didn’t marry. Don’t get me wrong I think they’d be super cute but I think I value their friendship more. Most of the relationships like this in the hp universe eventually turn into something romantic and it’s nice to have a pair that can be super close but not in love

Wasn’t Meant To Be

Request Prompt: A smut imagine for Carl where the reader was dating Ron before Carl showed up and she gets really close to Carl because they are both survivors and one day when they are hanging out one thing leads to another? Thank you!!! -Anon

Request Prompt: Hey (: Can you do a carl smut where he sleeps with the reader and the reader is dating ron when it happens 😂 thank you ! xx -anon 

Pairing(s): Carl Grimes x Reader x Ron Anderson x Enid

Warning: Fluff and Smut

A/N- The two prompts were similar so I just combined them and changed some things around.


His hands roamed my body as he hovered over me and I arched my back. He chuckled and slid my panties to the side.

“Ahh Carl.”, I moaned as he slid two fingers inside me.

“Who’d ever thought we’d end up in this position.”, he said pumping into me.

I moaned and he smirked before curling his fingers. He brushed against a certain spot and I arched my back further of the mat so our chests were touching.

“You like that don’t you Y/N”, he whispered in my ear.

I nodded and thruster my hips to meet his fingers. He chuckled again before speeding up. I felt my stomach clench as I was close. He pulled out and I whimpered from the loss of contact. I heard him unzip his pants before sliding into me. I moaned as he went a steady pace.

“Harder”, I said and he obliged.

Our moans filled the room as he slammed into me hitting a certain spot inside me every time.

“I’m about…”, I moaned and he nodded.

He came first and I followed swiftly. He pulled out and I fixed my clothes with a frown on my lips.

“Cheer up Y/N. He doesn’t deserve you anyway. You see how he is with Enid.”, Carl stated and I sighed.

“I don’t know that for sure.”, I mumbled. I figured it was something going on between them I just refused to believe it. Carl just offered a way to cope with it all.

“Tell me you’re not that stupid Y/N.”, he chuckled and I ran a hand through my hair.

“Two wrongs don’t make a right! He may be cheating but so am I Carl. It feels wrong.-”

“But right.”, he cut me off before wrapping and arm around me.

“Yeah.”, I sighed as a noise broke us apart. I turned to see Ron with a angry expression on his face.


“What are you doing here with him?”, he asked and I frowned.

“We were just-”

“What? Fucking behind my back?!”, he screamed and tears threatened to fall down my face.

“Its not like that.”, I whimpered and I lifted his hand to hit me. I flinched back but felt no pain. I looked up to see Carl holding his wrist with a deadly glare.

“You raise your hand to hit her again and I’ll kill you Anderson.”, he sneered and Ron scoffed.

“Whatever, you can keep her since she wants to be a whore now.”, Ron snapped walking out.

My mouth opened in shock as he called me out my name like that. I finally let the tears fall as Carl pulled me in for a hug.

“I told you this was a bad idea! I look like the bad guy now!”, I shouted and he frowned.

I stomped out intending to talk to Ron about everything. I approached their house and saw Sam sitting outside on the porch waving at me.

“Hey Sam where’s your brother?”, I asked him.

“Upstairs with Enid.”, He replied and my eyes narrowed in the direction of the staircase.

“Enid? What’s she doing here?”, I asked him and he frowned.

“She comes here whenever you aren’t around. They’ve kissed and do other things that I can’t see.”, he explained and i remained emotionless. 

“Why isn’t it you? I liked you guys together.”, he frowned and I clenched my jaw.

“That little-”, I stopped as I ran past him and went upstairs. The sounds of moaning echoed through the hall and I banged on the door.

“Ron open this fucking door right now!”, I shouted and a string of curses followed.

Ron swung open the door with a scowl as Enid covered herself with the covers.

“What do you want? Can’t you see I’m busy?”, he asked and I scoffed.

“It hasn’t even been 30 minutes Ron. And you’re already sleeping with Enid?”, I asked and he ran a hand through his hair.

“Why do you care when you cheated on me. Need I remind you how you’ve been going behind my back for days.”, he questioned and I bit my lip.

“It wasn’t like that.”, I stammered and he laughed.

“Then what was it like then? We broke up and I’m sleeping with her to deal with that.”, he shouted.

“But you’ve been doing this for months.”, Sam’s voice stated and I stood silent.

“Shut up Sam. Go back outside.”, Ron told him.

“Don’t you move Sam!”, I screamed before turning to face him, stopping him in his tracks.

“How long did you say?”, I asked and he stared at his feet.

“In not upset with you Sam. Tell me.”, I said and he looked up at me.

“About 3 months now. She comes over and they tell me to go outside to do whatever they were doing.”, he told me and I chuckled.

“So this whole time YOU were cheating on ME! For months!! Making me seem like the asshole in the situation!”, I screamed.

“You cheated too remember!”

“The only difference is that you’ve been cheating on me all this time and haven’t been caught!”, I stated.

“What else am I supposed to do when you don’t ever have time for me! You’re always with Rick and his people!”, he yelled back.

“At least they care for someone feelings and tells me when something’s up! Not like some weak cheating bastard like you!”, I snapped.

“Yes I cheated. Because I felt like you didn’t love me anymore! That I wasn’t enough but now I see that I really wasn’t enough for you. Carl was right.”, I added and he stared at me with a dumbfounded expression.

“I cam here to at least apologize but I bet you weren’t even gonna try. Because she had her legs open waiting for you every time you and I weren’t next to each other and you have the audacity to call me a whore!”, I screamed before turning to Sam.

“Sam you’re welcome to come to Carol’s for cookies whenever they put you out. And if you don’t mind, go let your mother know everything that’s going on so she won’t expect me for dinner tonight.”, I told the younger boy and he grinned up at me before running downstairs and out the door.

“Hope the both of you fuckers have fun.”, I said before flipping them off with a smile.

I walked down the stairs and out of the house making my way back to Carl. He sat on the porch holding Judith and I quietly sat down. I could feel his stare on my back and I let tears roll down my cheeks.

“What happened?”, he asked.

“Months Carl. He’s been cheating for months.”, I replied quietly. He sighed before standing up and holding out a hand.

I took it and he pulled me into his embrace. I can’t believe I was so stupid.

“I was so dumb.”, I mumbled and he kissed my head.

“It’ll get better. I may not have known how much you loved him but I know that you have us. You have me.”, he stated before kissing me softly.
Kinder Morgan Thank-You Rally (Port Coquitlam, BC) - December 13th, 2016

In November, MP Ron McKinnon did something amazing: he stood up to his party on Kinder Morgan and published an open letter stating that the government did not have the “social licence” to approve the pipeline.

We think it’s important to acknowledge when our politicians take a firm position to protect our environment. On December 13th, at 12 noon, join us outside of Ron McKinnon’s office (3278 Westwood Street, Suite 101, Port Coquitlam) for a Thank You Rally! We’ll bring him some holiday cookies, a gift, and a letter from all of us at Force of Nature. We’ll also have letter-writing materials so that everyone there can write their own thank-you letters and deliver them right away.

I’m also excited to take this opportunity to encourage MP McKinnon to continue to stand with his constituents in opposing Kinder Morgan. He has posted a statement on his website accepting that the decision to approve the pipeline was “in the national interest.” Now is the time to remind him that there is no social licence for this pipeline to go forward, that this pipeline violates Indigenous Rights, that this pipeline will contribute to climate change, and that we do not accept that Kinder Morgan is in the national interest - and neither should he.

You can also check out our website at

See you all there - don’t forget to invite friends and family to join us!

Date & Time: Tuesday, December 13 at 12 PM - 1 PM

Location: 3278 Westwood St, Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 3L8, Canada


Imagine. Staying with Ron at the hospital wing, when he wakes up crying from a nightmare. 

You were only supposed to rest your eyes for a little bit when you heard a terrified cry right next to you. You opened your eyes only to see Ron cry after a bad dream. “Ron, relax. I’m here.” As soon as the words were out he tried to hide his fear. “Just cry out big boy, I don’t care and you know that.” You climbed up into bed with him and let him rest on your chest as he cried out.