the-snowflake-owl asked:

Ronaldo's hair is hard to draw, do you have any tips? You do it super well. ;u;

Thank you! Well, I’m not show-accurate on him, but I can at least show you how I do it! Let’s start by establishing his hairline for his dark hair:

motherfucking precious

I find it helpful to do a rough sketch of the mass of curls just to make sure I don’t make his hair too big:

Now let’s break it down! He has a pretty defined widow’s peak, and from there is the first curl that swoops back on his head.

Then his first bang, which is just a simple curl over his eye.

The other bang is his “curly fry” one. It sometimes switches from side to side in the animation, but I think it’s supposed to be on his left. It curls around from his bangs twice, heading towards his ear.

From there, on both sides, he has at least three random curls starting from the top one to play with! I arrange them however I think looks good at the time. There can also be others peeking from the back of his head from there if you want! Animation often has one that gets miscolored as part of his head.

And voila! Fries are up. :V

I hope this helped!


Artist (and friend) rondanchan of Periscope Studios in Portland created these delightful Bob’s Burgers envisionings of all of our favorite ST:TNG characters! Check out his stuff and get a hi-res wallpaper version by clicking below! My favorite I think is Guinan though bonus points for the expression on Wesley’s face. And Q’s. 

(via Bob’s Burgers Meets Star Trek TNG!)


Estoy llorando fuerte con este vine x_D