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12. Harry was best man at Ron and Hermione’s wedding. His speech covered everything from the Scabbers vs Crookshanks incident in Third Year to the disastrous Yule Ball in Fourth (“Word to the wise, Ron: don’t incredulously say, “you’re a girl!” to the witch you fancy and expect them to take it well.”) to the awkwardness he had to go through in Sixth Year to all the times he’d caught them in, er, compromising situations. He ended with, “All the best to my best friends, and thank Merlin for house elves!”

  • Ron: Oh, so now I'm supposed to trust Malfoy?
  • Harry: You know, as much as I hate to say this, Draco loves Hermione. He took a huge risk to come here and try and prove himself to her and he will do whatever it takes to save her life.
  • Hermione: He's right.
  • Ron: How can you be so sure?
  • Hermione: Because he loves me as much as I love him.

Happy Birthday Chelsea Football Club!

It’s not just a club, it’s my family! Don’t know what I’d do without you! 10th March, 1905, this amazing club was founded, and I’m glad to be a part of it. 109 years completed: 109 years of ups and downs, victories and losses, from a team that got relegated to a team that won the Cup Winners’ Cup, FA Cup to the lads that won Premier League, Carling Cup, Champions League, Europa League and so many more! From the players that first represented this club when it was founded to the teams that had legends like Peter Osgood, Ron Harris, Gianfranco Zola, Didier Drogba, to the current team that has legends like Petr Cech, Frank Lampard and club-captain John Terry… Proud of this club’s history! Proud of my fellow fans who have always been behind the team and the manager. Proud of our lads who never stop believing, who never give up, who love us and love our club! Absolutely love Stamford Bridge as well - Our home since 1905!

Chelsea FC is special to me, an indispensable part of my life; it’s not just a team or a bunch of players, it’s my Family. I love this family! My love has always grown for this club, and I hope it will continue like that forever! Chelsea till I die!!! :’) 

#thankyouforeverythingChelsea #CFC109

Kendrick Lamar “To Pimp a Butterfly”

A beautiful yet ugly truth.

It’s rare in our lifetime that we are able to witness an artist rise amongst his peers as he transcends into a league of extraordinary gentlemen, this isn’t a common feat. I can say that with the release of Kendrick Lamar’s latest album “To Pimp a Butterfly” he has separated himself from the majority of most in his line of work and is in the drivers seat. It’s important to note that this album could have not been released at a more opportune time as turmoil with Blacks in the USA is as high as it has ever been since the civil rights marches and fights for equality back in the 50s & 60s. Only difference now, is music has become a vital outlet to voice the frustrations and opinion of a nation of people scorned by society.

The album begins with “Wesley’s Theory” which contains a soulful sample of Boris Gardiner’s “Every Nigger Is A Star” before George Clinton brings in the P-funk sound that we all are accustomed to. Kendrick’s raps about buying two of everything hoping to not fall victim to Uncle Sam like Wesley Snipes did. Thundercat also provides vocals while slapping his bass over this G-funk instrumental produced by Flying Lotus. “Be Free” is an interlude that is a mere spoken word piece of incredible jazz piano, bass, horns and drums. Lamar tells the tale of a society asking for everything under the sun; discounting what has already contributed as he interjects by reminding you that nothing is free. “King Kunta” follows with heavy bass as it’s filled with funk from start to finish. G-funk is prevalent on this record as Kendrick spits about being the man. It’s basically a testament to him being King as he currently has the crown and won’t allow anyone take his spot as King. The production has sounds, which are reminiscent of Dr. Dre & DJ Quik, but was produced by Sounwave. The end of this song begins the poem, which is “To Pimp a Butterfly”.

Every song that follows throughout the remainder of the album picks up where the last track left off. It is a continual work of art. “Institutionalized” is next up as it features heartfelt soulful production and lyrics to match. It tells the story of being in the ghetto but not being completely able to let go of your old ways no matter how successful you become, serving as a reminder that a part of you is still institutionalized. As Bilal sings “Shit don’t change until you get up and wash your ass nigga”. This also features a hook from Snoop Dogg and background vocals from Anna Wise. “These Walls” follows which feels great. This song features vocals from Anna Wise, Bilal & guitar by Thundercat, it serves as a double entendre as to a woman that Lamar is seeing whose child’s father is currently in prison. He raps about his conflicting views of power while abusing it to get what he wants from her, as she constantly thinks of her imprisoned man who’s thoughts eventually fade away every time she is with Lamar. This is a great record. 

“U” serves as the counterpart to Lamar’s Grammy award winning single “I”. This is one of the most inner deep & honest songs on the album as he rips himself apart. He tackles each insecurity and thought that he has about himself. He also speaks from the perspective of one of his homies criticizing Kendrick Lamar’s actions. He even goes as far as questioning the love that he has for self, that he even debates suicide at one point. The Pharrell produced record “Alright” serves as hope & motivation to a dying population. The message here is clear being that no matter if its police killing unarmed men, no matter how low your pride is, with all the evils of Lucy around: “We’re going to be alright”. Love this song.

“For Sale?” serves up another spoken word piece. He speaks on the offer and evil influences of the devil “Lucy” to buy his spirit and soul, in turn for all of his most wanted vices. We then transition into the soulful funky “Momma” in which Kendrick brings it back home to Compton, on the run from Lucy and her influence. This record is as smooth as new marble floors with vocals laid by Bilal and Lalah Hathaway. Lamar’s cadence while delivering his bars is flawless as he rides the beat effortlessly. My second favorite record on the album. “Hood Politics” is reminiscent of “Overly Dedicated” K. Dot as he raps: “I’ve been A1 since day 1 / y’all niggas boo boo”. He flexes his lyrical muscle on this one as he seemingly transitions from delivering tough BARS and telling stories about the hood. There are many different sounds on this track, another one of my favorites. 

“How Much a Dollar Cost” is a testament and battle between inner self. This is a great record as Kendrick raps about his inner turmoil as this features vocals by the great James Fauntleroy & Ron Isley. Kendrick goes in depth from a conversation with a homeless man as he questions how much his contribution is worth. “Complexion (A Zulu Love)” is a love song about beauty whereas he speaks with in an infatuation tone as love has no color. Nice song as Rapsody provides spoken word at the end encouraging everyone to love yourself. This transitions well into “The Blacker The Berry” which only drills home the message to Love Black & yourself. This serves as another testament to the African American experience as he touches on hypocrisy he faces within his community as well as how he is negatively perceived amongst people who aren’t of his decent. This song is full of all the things no one wants to admit or talk about.

“You Aint Gotta Lie (Momma Said)” is another one of my favorite records. It’s a simple statement Kendrick makes saying that you don’t have to lie to kick it, just be yourself. “I” is up next, the lead single off the album which sounds like a live version of the record. This is not only the counter to “U” but it is a great inspirational record for self, which features the Isley brothers sample. “I” has one of the best moments on the album where Lamar breaks up a fight mid performance, and breaks down the origin of the word nigga, which is derived from the Ethiopian term Negus that means “King Emperor” 

Mortal Man closes out the album, which is by far my favorite song on the album. This is the most honest and vulnerable record as Kendrick asks, “When shit hits the fan are you still a fan”. He touches on wanting to be loved like Mandela even with all of his insecurities; he questions your loyalty for him and what he provides in unlocking your mental. The end of the record contains the rest of Kendrick Lamar’s poem of  “To Pimp A Butterfly” which contains audio from Tupac Shakur. The final five minutes of this track consists of Kendrick Lamar interviewing his idol and inspiration Tupac Shakur over a jazz pianos, drums, and trumpets. This is the most honest audio for these times in which we now currently live. The words of Tupac in this interview still resonates today over 20 years later. Kendrick also closes by explaining the concept on how “To Pimp A Butterfly”

 “To Pimp A Butterfly” is beautiful. The album covers so many different emotions. Kendrick tackles the struggles of being successful while dealing with insecurities and temptations that comes along with the success. He also does a great job of tackling issues that he faces as a black man in America by questioning his relevance and the loyalty of his listeners. The album is vulnerable and as honest as they come. This is his most honest work since Section 80, with tracks like “Mortal Man” which are deep records which explicitly helps explains “How To Pimp A Butterfly” theory. The deep dialogue between Kendrick Lamar and the late great Tupac Shakur has to be the highlight of the album.  Then you have spoken word tracks like “For Free” & “For Sale” which serves true poetic justice behind jazz instrumentation. Production is incredible throughout the entire album as the re-emergence of G funk is loud and clear. With production credits from Flying lotus, Sounwave, Terrance Martin, & TI$A the albums overall sound is concrete. Vocals provided by Thundercat, Bilal, James Fauntleroy, Anna Wise, & Ron Isley only helps solidifies the Gfunk sound.

Kendrick Lamar is in another league after the release of this album. Since Pac, never have we seen an artist who lyrics are able to captivate, inspire, and transcend a generation into the future like Kendrick Lamar has. His brutal honesty and relevance to listeners aged 16 and up is unmatched by any other artist out there as Lamar’s ability to appeal to everyone is key to his success. With all of the current turmoil going on with Blacks in America this album is right on time & not a second too late. It serves as a testimonial & motivational write of passage for the African American and their experiences in America. “To Pimp a Butterfly” can only be described as beautiful audio. Its poetic justice served over of soulful jazz melodies and harmonies. Kendrick has become the greatest rapper of all time surpassing the late great Tupac, and his story is far from finished.

 Buy the beautiful artistically crafted “To Pimp a Butterfly” below:


HP RPG Characters.

Free to use! 

(send me a message and Ill make one for you, just mention the house and the gender!)

This hateful lady is a Gryffindor. She has droopy gray eyes that are like two pools of mercury. Her silky, curly, short hair is the color of rich cream, and is worn in an elegant style. She is very short and has a busty build. Her skin is chocolate-brown. Her long wand is rune-inscribed, made of alderwood, and has a core made of salamander bone. She is noteably good when it comes to Charms. 


This wise man is a Slytherin. He has hooded black eyes. His thick, straight, night-black hair is waist-length and is worn in an elegant style. He is short and has a wide-chested build. His skin is black. His very short wand is detailed, made of ash, and has a core made of kraken heartstring. His least favorite area of study is Ancient Runes.


This woman is a Ravenclaw, and puts you in mind of a sneaky serpent. She has wide eyes the color of milk chocolate. Her fine, straight, black hair is worn in a style that reminds you of a flowing cape. She has a leggy build. Her skin is tanned. Her unusually short wand is elegant, made of beechwood, and has a core made of phoenix tailfeather. She is a prodigy when it comes to Transfiguration.


This man is a Hufflepuff, and puts you in mind of an unstoppable hunting dog. He has deep-set eyes the color of varnished wood. His silky, wavy, gray hair is short and is worn in a bizarre, handsome style. He has an elegant build. His skin is light-colored. He has a wide chin. His wand is blocky, made of ash, and has a core made of dragon sinew.

👑 The Crown 👑

Harry glared at his plate as he sat in the great hall, Ron and Hermione wisely not trying to speak with him. It was only two weeks into his fifth year and it’s by far the worst year of his school life to date. He gripped his fork, the scars on the back of his hand standing out as his skin blanched.

Detentions with Umbridge were horrible and Harry was almost positive that they were illegal as well. As the memories of how his only home had become a nightmare started to creep in, he stood. Hermione opened her mouth but he cut her off.

“I’m fine. I just need to be alone to think,” he said finally.

He turned and left then, quickly donning his cloak once the doors closed. And just in time because Ron and Hermione had followed him despite him saying he didn’t want company. His blood boiled at that but what he heard made it run cold.

“Where did he go?!” Hermione huffed, “honestly how are we to keep an eye on him if he disappears like this!”

“I told you I should have swiped the map,” Ron grumbled.

Hermione rolled her eyes. “And I told you doing so would turn him away from us. We need him to depend on us.”

He watched them leave, feeling angry. Depend on them?! What for! He growled under his breath and stormed out of the hall. He needed to think and the only place he felt he could go without being found somehow was the forbidden forest.

When he reached the clearing, he slowed, feeling a bit intrusive. There was a girl sitting there alone with what looked like different rocks. He bit his lip.

“I’m sorry…I didn’t expect anyone to be out here,” he called out.


thepotterinaforever  asked:

First of all, the fic you just posted is brilliant ! Second, since you have been so kind to me with your replies, I thought I'd ask for a prompt myself. JKR is currently writing the 2014 Quidditch World Cup on Pottermore, and Viktor Krum has already won two games for Bulgaria despite being considered old. My prompt is anything that could happen at the Weasley household after this - bonus points for Harry (who according to JKR is left home with his kids as Ginny covers the games) being involved.

My Cup Runneth Over

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