ron weasley too

the number one argument i hear being used against romione is ‘they’re not intellectually compatible and hermione wouldn’t be satisfied with ron’s mediocrity’ like ?????????? what books have you read????? where are you getting these ideas?????? why are you dismissing someone’s intelligence just because it’s shown in a different way??????? why are you acting like the only way to be intelligent is academically??????? why?????

like there are so many different ways to be intelligent, just because it’s not shown in an academic sense doesn’t mean it doesn’t count. please stop.

toughwaytolive requested: 'it’s a bit small, said ron quickly ‘not like that room with the muggles, and i’m right underneath the ghoul in the attic; he’s always banging on the pipes and groaning…’ but harry grinning widely, said, 'this is the best house house i’ve ever been in’ ron’s ears went pink. –CoS<< my favorite book and my favorite part, i’d be honored if you redid it with poc harry! this is a really cool prompt; your art’s a amazing; please take your time; have fun and a nice day!!! ouo

Here’s to the places. To the school with moving staircases and the secret passageways. To the forest where no one dared to step, to creatures that lurked among its trees. Here’s to the bank with vaults of gold and the alley of shops that houses it. Here’s to No. 4 Privet Drive, to the Three Broomsticks, to the Ministry of Magic. To 12 Grimmauld Place and the Burrow. Here’s to the house where two parents died and the Dark Lord disappeared, the house where a story was born.

Here’s to the houses. To the lion’s roar and the eagle’s cry. To badgers and serpents. Here’s to gold and red, to yellow and black. Here’s to blue and bronze, to green and silver. Here’s to the Quidditch games and rivalries. The hourglasses and the founders. Here’s to Gryffindor and Slytherin. Here’s to Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw.

Here’s to the items. To the letters carried by owls and the necklace that turned back time. To miniature dragons and golden balls with wings, to a hat that can sing. Here’s to the photographs that move and the potion that makes you lucky. To self-correcting quills and screaming plants. To golden coins and self-scrubbing dishes. Here’s to Butterbeer and the Daily Prophet. To Bertie Bott’s and Firebolts.

Here’s to the people. To the boys who died too young: the wolf, the stag, the rat, the dog. To the woman with hair that changed colors. Here’s to the twins, the herbology teacher, and the house elf with a love for socks. Here’s to the professor who could turn into a cat. Here’s to the potion’s teacher who was corrupted by love and the ghost who lived in the bathroom. Here’s to the boy who lost his toad, to the girl with six brothers, and the Ravenclaw girl who loved her friends. Here’s to Voldemort. To Draco and Dumbledore. Here’s to Cedric, and Cho, and Fleur. To Hermione and Ron. Here’s to the Boy Who Lived.

Here’s to the story. To the stone and the chamber. The prisoner and the goblet. Here’s to the order, the prince, and the Hallows. Here’s to “Always.” To “All was well.” Here’s to the lightning scar. To Harry Potter.

Here’s to 20 years.

  • Draco is taller than Harry
  • But not by one or two inches though
  • By over a foot
  • At first Harry didn’t notice, because Draco tried to stay seated as often as possible
  • And when he stood or walked his shoulders were hunched and his head was bowed low
  • Since the war and trials that followed almost every trace of pride in his demeanour had been erased
  • Draco hates his newfound height
  • His legs won’t fit underneath the school benches
  • The dormitory entrance is so low he keeps banging his head against it
  • And the people who want to look down on him, who deserve to look down on him, need to crane their neck upwards to see his face
  • Which causes them to hate him even more
  • When Pansy sees him struggle, she starts to wear high spiked heels around him
  • Blaise follows suit
  • And it helps, because now people notice them before Draco
  • Except Harry of course, who just keeps staring at the blond like he’s the only thing in the world worth looking at
  • Which, according to a half drunk confession made by one H. Potter, he totally is, and what does it matter that Blaise is wearing high heels Ron? He’s never going to be prettier that Malfoy anyway
  • “Well, if Malfoy’s so pretty, then why don’t you go annoy him instead of me?” A more than half drunk Ron tells him, because Zabini looks nice in heels, but he’ll never outclass Hermione, and he’d like some alone time with her to tell her just that
  • So Harry goes out to find Draco
  • And he finally notices their height difference when he quite literally bumps into the pale boy
  • Because even for a half drunk Harry it’s hard to miss that he’s not standing nose to nose with his former nemesis
  • He’s standing nose to a-bit-below-the-nipples with him
  • “You’re tall.” Harry mumbles as he looks up (and up and up and up)
  • “You’re tiny.” Draco shoots back, a little bit of his snark coming back to him now that he’s more used to the stares (and also quite tipsy)
  • “How can you kiss when you’re so tall?” 
  • “Care to find out, Potter?”
  • And that’s how Drarry happened

[place for a desperate comment about me trying to escape drarry hell and failing miserably]

about the 3rd pic: so jkr says that “harry lost his ability to speak parseltongue, about which he was glad and relieved” and sorry but I STRONGLY DISAGREE i want him to get a pet snake and have long conversations with it much to everyone’s annoyance

  • Hermione: So I'm going out for dinner tonight with Malfoy
  • Harry: You're going on a date with a guy you're on last name basis with?
  • Ron: But Mione! You don't even like him!
  • Hermione: Yes, but I like food.
  • Hermione: Especially free food.

If you think Ron didn’t recite or reference Ginny’s first valentine to Harry in his best man speech at their wedding you’re wrong.

If James and Lily never died

I’m sorry

- Voldemort would still had tried to kill him, but Lily and James didn’t die for him
- Meaning; he wouldnt be protected by his mothers love
- He would still have his scar, and still be famous, and he would be a bit more arrogant about it, even though Lily tried her best to make him more humble
- James tried too, but he was just so excited about the fact that his son was a hero before he turned 2
- But Harry would still be Harry, obvious & kind
- He went to Diagon Ally with James and Lily instead of Hagrid, and didn’t get to know the man who hadn’t cried when he said goodbye to the infant, cause that never happened
- James, Lily, Sirius and Remus all followed him to 9 ¾, so Mrs. Weasley never had to help him out, and in the big crowd, Harry didn’t notice the big family.
- Harry hugged all four adults goodbye, and he felt so loved. it was a bitter sweet situation cause he was gonna miss them so much
- Ron still sat with him, but Harry didn’t share candy with him. he had promised his mom he wouldn’t spend all the money on candy and instead buy som ‘real’ food
- Hermione still went by and Ron and Harry still disliked her at first
- He wasnt nervous about the sorting hat, cause even though Sirius and James made it sound scary, Lily and Remus assured him that it wasn’t
- The sorting hat whispered about Slytherin, but Harry refused knowing all too well about that house (at least from James, Sirius and Remus’ point of view. Lily seemed to disagree with them)
- He did become friends with Ron, and Hermione too. But he never envied them for their families and he never stayed at Hogwarts during the holidays
- He never really became friends with Hagrid, but he didn’t mind the big guy, he seemed friendly
- Dumbledore still had a soft spot for Harry, knowing that he would be the one to end Voldemort
- Snape never mourned Lily’s death, and so he never left Voldemorts side. He never became a teacher at Hogwarts or a spy.
- But his hatred for Harry was greater, cause now he didn’t have a promise to keep him alive. he could let Harry and James die and have Lily for himself
- Harry was still his curious self, and though Harry, Ron and Hermione weren’t exactly friends with Hagrid, they were still able to get their wanted information from him
- They still ventured down to get the philosophers stone, and Harry still stood face to face with Voldemort
- Except this time, he didn’t have his mothers love to protect him
- And it wasn’t like Dumbledore was gonna arrive earlier for that reason
- So unfortunately Harry didn’t have any magic stronger than Voldemorts
- But even though Harry died at 11 years old, he had lived a happy life filled with love
- He never met Dobby and made him free
- James, Lily, Sirius, Remus, Hedwig etc. mourned his death instead of the other way around
- But Ginny was never possessed by Voldemort, cause Malfoy didn’t feel any need to give away Voldemorts diary
- Sirius had never been to Azkaban
- Peter had still betrayed the family, but he was never in debt to Harry
- Moody was never kidnapped, and he was too paranoid to join the war
- Umbridge never became teacher at Hogwarts, cause the ministry couldn’t hide the truth. Voldemort became powerful so quickly after Harrys death
- Most people gave up, but few still faught Voldemort, for Harry.
- Harry never met Ginny, and he would never be anything else than her celebrity crush
- But of course the story doesn’t end there
- Cause Voldemort was still alive, having killed his enemy
- Which means, that Neville Longbottom would have to step in
- The boy that only few people actually believed in
- The boy with a very low self-esteem
- He hadn’t been bullied by Snape, but he was still very unsure of himself
- He had a lot to live up to, and he couldn’t even ask his parents for advice
- The boy, that didn’t have love to protect him either

  • Ron : Guys, did you know that in England, only 1 person out of 100 is gay?
  • *Harry, Draco, Ginny, Luna, Seamus, Dean, Pansy, Lavender and Parvati all look at each other*
  • Ginny : Well.. more like 1 out of 10 isn't.