Back when Deathly Hallows book first came out, although I was a Ron
and Hermione fan who disliked Harry and Hermione, I couldn’t help but
find Harry and Hermione’s moments in the Godric’s Hollow chapter very
touching. Hermione was there for Harry, holding his hand as he
experienced essentially going back to the beginning. To comfort him
while he cried, to be the one gifting the Potters gravestone with
flowers Harry did not have; to see the broken home he longed to be
whole. A part of me began shipping Harmony that day.

(graphic by @dogandbooks!)

Sirius Black

My brother: What’s that word in Harry Potter? It’s starts with an “A”. Ya know, the thing Sirius Black was!

Me: Innocent? Amazing? Awesome?

My Brother: Okay. One, innocent starts with an “I”, dumbass.

Slytherin and Hufflepuff: Shopping Edition 🛒
  • Hufflepuff: *sitting inside cart determinedly looking out beyond the aisles of canned food*
  • Slytherin: *pushing cart* What do you see, Puff?
  • Hufflepuff: *serious look on face* too many shoppers, not enough PopTarts
  • Slytherin: Do you think everyone here is buying PopTarts?
  • Hufflepuff: Maybe. If they are, there definitely won't be enough for us
  • Slytherin: Oh dear, well let's get a move on shall we?
  • Hufflepuff: *leans out of cart as it's moving to reach for PopTarts* nnggh *snatches a box*
  • Slytherin: *speeds cart past people to get to the front of the store* MOVE IT, PEOPLE. WE HAVE IMPORTANT STUFF COMING THROUGH
  • Hufflepuff: *making finger guns at shoppers* PEW PEW PEW PEW
3 AM in the Boy's Dormitories
  • Ron: Hey Harry?
  • Harry: What
  • Ron: Do you think Voldemort was a virgin?
  • Harry: Seriously Ron-
  • Ron: I was just wondering-
  • Harry: *sighs* *pauses* In the Chamber of Secrets, the memory had him in 5th year...
  • yeah, he wasn't a virgin
  • Seamus: Imagine being the lass to do the frick-frack with ol' Dark Lord Voldy
  • Dean: The Gryffindor boy's dorm; the place where we can talk about sex with the Dark Lord but not say the word sex.
  • Seamus: *throws pillow at Dean*
  • Neville: *after pause* Doing the Do with You Know Who.
  • Ron: He Who Must Not Be Laid
A Part of the Family (George Weasley x Reader)

Paring: George Weasley x reader

Request: Anon said “Hello! I really enjoy your writing style and I was wondering if you could do a George weasley x muggle reader where he takes her to meet the family? Thanks so much!” Warnings: None that I know of. Maybe swearing (knowing me)


Tagged: Nobody! Let me know if you’d like to be a temporary or permanent tag! ************************************** “C'mon Y/n! They’ll love you!” Y/n’s boyfriend, George, and his twin, Fred, were trying to convince her to meet their family over the holidays, much to Y/n’s unwillingness. “Yeah! You’ve already met us, Ron, Percy, and Ginny! That’s basically everyone! All you have left is Bill, Charlie, mum, and dad!” Fred assured her. Y/b threw her head back and groaned. “Y/n, love, trust us. Bill and Charlie already love you! Just based on what Fred, Ron, Percy, Ginny, and I have told them!” George smiled at her. “And dad loves everyone, doesn’t matter who it is.” Fred grinned. “That only leaves mum.” Both the twins spoke at the same time, Y/n rolled her eyes, suppressing a smile. “Fine.” The twins cheered.


-Two weeks later-


Y/n took a nervous glance out of the window of the Hogwarts Express. George grabbed Y/n’s hand assuringly. After a couple hours, the train came to a stop at Kings Cross Station. George pulled Y/n up and the pair gathered their things. They got off the train, standing side by side along with Fred. Ron, Ginny, Percy, and Harry were close behind them. Y/n’s eyes landed on the two redheads, who Y/n assumed to be Bill and Charlie, waving furiously to the group. “Hey guys!” The taller one greeted, his long hair pulled back away from his face. “Bill! Charlie!” Ginny exclaimed, hugging the two. Ron, Percy, and Fred did the same. “Bill, Charlie, this is Y/n.” George smiled, gesturing towards the red faced girl. “It’s nice to meet you, Y/n!” The two pulled her into a hug. Y/n giggled. “I’m Bill.” The taller one greeted. “And I’m Charlie.” Y/n smiled. George hugged his brothers, then the group was off to the Burrow.


-Three Hours Later- The many redheaded siblings (plus Harry and Y/n) opened the door, wondering in as quietly as possible. Careful to not make any noise, in hopes to surprised Mr and Mrs Weasley, the group took off their shoes and walked towards the Family Room. Bill and Charlie walked in first. “We present to you, your somewhat wonderful children!” The exclaimed in announcer voices. The Weasleys laughed, walking into the room. Harry and Y/n trailed closely behind, not wanting to interrupt the family reunion. “Oh my babies!” Mrs Weasley said happily, kissing each of the Weasleys cheeks. Mr Weasley smiled, hugging the boys and Ginny. “Oh Harry! It’s so nice to see you!” Mrs Weasley hugged Harry, Mr Weasley shook his hand. George rejoined Y/n’s side. “Mum, dad, this is my girlfriend, Y/n.” George smiled proudly, looking at Y/n. “Oh! Y/n, dear, it’s so nice to meet you!” Mrs Weasley hugged her tightly. “It’s nice too meet you, too Mrs Weasley.” Y/n smiled. “Oh please, call me Molly!” She exclaimed. Y/n smiled brightly.


-Christmas Day-


“Y/n, this is for you.” Molly handed a neatly wrapped box to Y/n. “You didn’t have to get me anything!” Y/n smiled, taking the box. Y/n opened the box to reveal a scarlet coloured sweater. “Oh! Thank you so much, Molly!” Y/n smiled, hugging her. “Well, looks like you’re officially part of the family, Y/n.” Bill grinned at the younger girl. George looked at Y/n, smiling. He leaned in and gently kissed her lips.

Summary: you find a ripped page where someone wrote how madly they are in love with you and you try to find out who wrote it

Remember, you can always request imagines/preferences/headcanons!

word count: 1885

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As spring came more and more nearer, people started going out more, enjoying the warm sun and the soft grass, or the more often trips to Hogsmeade. However, you enjoyed the fact that the library was emptier than usual, much to your joy, and had more time to read, study or do homework in peace. Well, of course, excluding the fifth and seventh students, who, unfortunately had to study for O.W.L’s or N.E.W.T’s. You were a sixth year, which meant that you were relaxed for now, freshly escaped exams last year, and expecting more next year. But, right now, you were in the middle, so it was safe to say you were in the library all day, reading muggle books your mother sent you from home.

At the actual moment, you were in History of Magic, the only class you found extremely boring. You were a bookworm, favourite student of most teachers and you were very keen to learn and study, and don’t get me wrong, you loved history ー especially if they involved magic ー but Binns’ voice was just so boring, it made you think “One more lesson like that and I might just do a Weasley” (i know the weasley twins weren’t exactly born when remus was teenager but i just love this quote so much), so you always found ways to distract yourself from dying of boredom. Today, however, you were distracted by someone, not something.

“Y/N, stop staring at Remus. I know you like him, but I don’t think you want everyone else to know that,” Lily reminded you in a whisper, while you were resting your chin on your palm, looking at Remus Lupin, someone you fancied for quite a while, not that he knew. He didn’t need to know.

“Merlin, now I can’t even look at him?” you whisper back, rolling your eyes, but you knew she was right ー if anyone would ever find out, especially one of the Marauders, you wouldn’t be able to bare the embarrassment. Sighing, you turned your gaze from him, moving it on a stupid fly that was trying to get out of the room, but didn’t realise the window was closed.


While it was lunch, you entered in the library probably the fifteenth time this week, not feeling any hungry and wanting some time for yourself, and sit at the most hidden table; you didn’t want to be bothered. As you sat down, you notice how it was very untidy, books spread all over, closed and open, papers on and off the table. Scoffing at whoever had the nerve to leave this place so messy, you start to clean it up, because what else could you do? You wanted to sit at this table, so you had to take the consequences.

As you start closing the books and putting them in order, taking the papers off the ground and from the table, you notice something out of order ー a ripped, limp page with a very tidy writing, and you wouldn’t have given much attention to it, but you noticed it had your name somewhere in it, so you started reading the piece of paper.

Tuesday, 1st of March, 1972.

Have you ever felt like there is too much in your head? Too many thoughts, too much information to keep. You have to tell someone, you simply can’t contain it anymore.

Well, the same goes to the heart. Too much emotion, too many feelings, yet everyone seems to care only about the brain, as if the heart is a myth of the untold. You have too much emotion inside you and you have to give it to someone. To a certain someone. As if the other heart craves attention and your heart knows it, and wants to give it, but there is a wall between, called anxiety. Ego. Trust. Things that hold us back from love.

This is a letter to no one. For is why I trust to say everything I please here.

Y/N Y/L/N. What a beautiful name. What a beautiful name of a person to take so much attention from my heart, to keep me up at night, to keep me thinking about her when I shouldn’t. How foolish, to fall in love. To have your heart stolen away and never know if it’ll ever come back, or if it ever was there at all; you never know. But that’s the thing about love, isn’t it? It twists your mind into thinking that if there is something to be felt, there is something to be broken.

However, there is a little bit of comfort and relief when you know the one who stole your heart is worth stealing it. And trust me, she is. If you look at her smile for more than a second, you get carried away on a cloud that could pop and disappear at any second, but you know you’ll still be alive because look! She’s smiling. Her laugh is even more mystical, but I won’t get into too much detail. You can’t possibly know what I’m talking about until you’ve heard it. Her simple presence makes you feel overwhelmed and not because of her, because of yourself. Because it makes you feel too much at once and you feel like you could explode.

Someone who is simply beautiful just in their being.

You had your mouth open and your eyes wide. Was this… was this really about you? Could someone really feel this way about you? Was this real? Was this a joke? This was indeed written rry thoughtfully, so it couldn’t be a joke. It looked like it was lost and you shouldn’t be reading it. It was meant to be personal and for a few seconds you felt guilty about reading it, because obviously whoever wrote it didn’t mean to show it to anyone, especially you. But you had one thought in your head, and it was finding the person who wrote this.

You rushed into the Great Hall, hoping lunch wasn’t over yet and were very pleased when you saw it wasn’t, so you rushed over to Lily. You folded the ripped paper in two, hiding the part where it said your name.

“Oh, Y/N, you’re late, lunch is almost ove-”

“Do you recognise this writing?” you interrupt her, panting slightly only because you kind of ran from the libraru to the Great Hall.

She looked at it very intense and frowning. “Nope. It looks very familiar, I’m sure I’ve seen it somewhere, but I don’t know whose it is, I’m sorry. But can I ask why?”

“What? No, it’s just a lost essay I found and it doesn’t have a name on it. Someone is probably looking for it,” you lie, not really wanting to tell her that you found a love letter adressed to you. It would most likely give her a laugh. You stayed with her a little bit after that and you ate something quicklt before getting up and walking to your next (separate) classes, as she chose to take Divination, while you chose Arithmancy.

Halfway through the class, you were supposed to write something from the book, but your quill broke. You swore under your breath and looked beside you. Remus was the only one sitting next to you, and you couldn’t bother anyone else without being too loud, so you moved closer to him, a slight blush already covering your cheeks. “Hey, Remus,” you whisper, tapping him on the shoulder, distracting him from his work.

“Oh, Y/N, y-yes?” he says, looking surprised and rather flustered.

“Do you have, by any chance, an extra quill? Mine broke,“ you said, looking guilty of interrupting him.

“Yes, I do have, actually. Just, er, let me search it in my bag,” he said as he turned to seach. While he was looking for the quill, your eyes drift to his parchment out of boredom, but widen immediately as they land on it. It was… it was the same writing as the one on the ripped page in the library. It couldn’t ー it couldn’t be! It surely was similar, not at all the same. But… it was exactly the same… tidy, slightly inclined to the right, slender and long. You felt the shock spread even more; that meant… that Remus was in love with you? That he… shared the same feelings you did. How could that be even-

“Y/N? You okay?” you drift back to reality and look at Remus, who had a bewildered look on his face and his hand was hanging with a quill in it.

“Y-yeah…” you looked at him with wide eyes, still not taking the quill.

He blushed, realising you were staring at him. He blushed. Oh Merlin, he really liked you. You took the quill very quickly, thinking about how you really needed to talk to him after class.

The bell rang after what felt like a few minutes, as you were very deep lost in your thoughts and you saw Remus getting up first and you tried to put all your things together as you hurried after him. “Remus! Wait!” you yelled after him and he stopped in his tracks, turning back to look at you. “We need to talk,” you said seriously.

“Er, okay then.”

You searched for something in your bag, until you found it and handed it to him hesitantly. “I believe this belongs to you.”

He looked at the paper and then back to you, a really scared expression on his face, as he blushed madly. “Y-you weren’t supposed to read that,” he looks anywhere but in your eyes. “I-I’m sorry, I just, I ripped it and I was going to throw it in the trash, I must have lost it in the b-books or something,” he stuttered as he frowned, looking very anxious.

“Is it true? What you wrote in it?” you ask, a bit disappointed that he intended to throw it away.

“I-um, Y/N I really-”

“Because if it is, I feel exactly the same way and the way you wrote it explains very well how I feel about you,” you say and it was your turn to blush.

He blinked a couple of times before he answered: “You-what? I mean, you… you do?” he looked confused.

“Yeah,” you answer awkwardly as you look away, biting your lip.

“Well, that’s good, because I would have been another heartbroken writer,” he laughed. Silence fell between you two. You saw him take a few steps closer and one hand reached to your chin, while the other was holding books and leaned in, feeling his hot breath on your face. You closed your eyes and soon enough you felt his soft lips against yours, something that felt way better than you had imagined it would. Your hands moved to his torso and pulled him closer, deepening the kiss.

“You can keep it,” he says as you two pull away, but don’t break sort of hug you were holding on. “The page, as a reminder that I am hopelessly in love with you.”

“Well, Remus, I am hopelessly in love with you, too,” you grin at the beautiful half human in front of you.

Four Word Prompts: "I Need To Go" -Romione

For @emlowdah gotcha girl lol thanks for the prompt that broke my heart lmbo.

Deathly Hallows. Ron and Hermione had a conversation before Ron apparated away.

“I get it, you choose him.” spat Ron, words tasting like poison as they flowed nastily out of his mouth.

“Ron….Ron what are you saying?” whispered Hermione, not even believing what Ron was doing.

“Don’t deny it, I’ve seen you two.” said Ron, the lingering feelings of the horcrux still fueling his emotions.

“Ron….that’s nothing….you must be-”

But Ron didn’t wait for the rest of Hermione’s words. He stormed out of the tent, into the rainy night.

Hermione’s jaw dropped as she looked from the tent entrance, to a seemingly unconcerned harry, and back at the entrance again.

“Ron….” she whispered, looking back at Harry, who shrugged in anger.

Hermione ran out the tent, anxious to catch up with Ron. The rain was pouring down so hard, it hurt her skin.

“Ron!! Ron, please!!” she screamed, chasing after him, his long legs making her catching up harder and harder. He walked as if he didn’t hear her, causing Hermione to yell and run even faster.

“Ron, stop!!” she screamed, grabbing onto his arm and yanking him as hard as she could.

Ron spun around to face her, his sapphire eyes looking as if they were glowing.

“I knew it, Hermione, I always knew it!!” he yelled. “Why?? Why aren’t I good enough for you?!?”

“Ron, what are you-”

“You guys are always whispering, always sneaking off. Him talking about how lovely your perfume smells?? I hear everything Hermione!! I can only imagine what goes on when I’m taking watch when you two are in the tent.”

“How dare you, Ronald Weasley!!” said Hermione, stomping her foot and glaring up at Ron, enraged. “How dare you think that of me!! I would never do anything with Harry, he’s like….like…”

“Like your everything?? It’s always been about him, hasn’t it Hermione? It’s always ‘We gotta help Harry, we gotta be there for Harry, we can’t do this, what would Harry think? Harry, Harry, Fucking Harry Potter!!’. Hell, Hermione, you fucking said we couldn’t even be together BECAUSE of Harry!! You never gave a fuck about me and you’ve proven that more than once!! What the fuck am I supposed to believe other than you care about him a hell of a lot more than you care for me?!?” yelled Ron, his angry tears mixing with the rain trickling down from his hair onto his face.

Hermione threw up her arms, confused as to why Ron was saying all of this. “Ron, you know it isn’t like that!! It’s never been like that!! You know if we were to be together, we wouldn’t focus on what we are supposed to do for Harry!! You’re being selfish!!”

“Again with motherfucking Harry!! You’re the one being selfish!! Here you were making me believe that something would happen between me and you and I’m pouring my fucking heart out to you right now and all you can speak about is Harry!!”

“Ron, that’s not true” she said, grabbing his hands and holding them tight. “It’s never been true. But Harry is our best friend!!”

“And Harry doesn’t know what the bloody fuck he is doing, Hermione!! I can’t stay out here knowing something could be happening to my family while I’m out here chasing bullshit!!”

Ron tugged at Hermione’s hand. “Please, come with me. I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

Hermione looked at Ron’s pleading face. She then looked back in the direction of the tent. She knew the words she was going to say would destroy him, but she had to do it.

“Harry needs me, Ron. He needs us both, but if you won’t stay….I can’t stop you.” she said, tears streaming down her face.

Ron felt the rest of his heart shatter into a million pieces. The horcrux was right. In the end, she would always choose him.

“I need to go.” said Ron, dropping Hermione’s hand. Before Hermione could say anything else, he apparated to Merlin knew where.

Hermione stood in the rain, shivering, yet stunned. She wanted so badly to chase after him, but that would mean leaving the wards and not being able to find Harry again.

She wiped the mix of rain and tears off her face and made her way back to the tent. She walked in, not saying a word to Harry, who now looked just as lost as she felt. She used a spell to dry herself off, climbed into Ron’s abandoned bunk, wrapped herself up in his blanket, and sobbed, not caring at all if Harry heard.


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