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“All of the Weasley children deserved screen time in the movies”, I say into the mic.

The crowd boos, I begin to walk off the stage in shame

“She’s right.” I look to the owner of the voice. There in the 5th row stands: Harry Potter himself.


pairing: Blaise Zabini / Ron Weasley

setting: 8th year AU

In the middle of their kiss, they heard Draco Malfoy’s voice complaining loudly about “Potter being bloody irritating” as he approached the Slytherin dorm.

“Oh Merlin,” Ron tensed. “Is there anywhere I can hide?“

Blaise hurriedly pulled open his wardrobe, “This should do.”

Ron’s eyes widened at the large space inside the wardrobe.  It was so much larger inside than it looked from the outside.  But that wasn’t what was surprising. It wasn’t like he’d never seen the extension spell at work. No, what was surprising was that …. how could someone own this many clothes??

“You can admire my great taste inside,“ Blaise huffed, giving him a light shove.

Ron rolled his eyes. “Right, Zabini.”  He shut the wardrobe door just in time as Draco came in.

With nothing else to do, Ron took his time surveying Blaise’s large collection of clothing, from wizarding robes to muggle fashion.  He studied the whole set of ties, and then all the leather shoes.

He suddenly felt inadequate.  Why would someone like Blaise, someone who had everything, wanted to date him?

The door of wardrobe was pushed open, and Blaise joined him inside. “Draco’s gone.  Off Potter-stalking or something, I imagine.  How do you like my collection? Want to try anything?”  His grin faded as he saw Ron’s face. “What’s wrong?”

“I – nothing,” Ron said, uncomfortable.

Blaise looked at him, his eyes narrowing a little, his eyebrows pulling up together into a thoughtful frown.  His gaze felt perceptive, and Ron swallowed. 

“You know what?  I have great taste in fashion,” Blaise said suddenly, and Ron had to constrain himself not to add “and the money to afford them, apparently.”

“But –” Blaise drawled, pulling Ron closer.  A part of Ron wanted to pull away from Blaise’s touch, but he couldn’t really bring himself to. An oddly sincere smile played up Blaise’s lips, as he continued, “I have a even better taste in men.”

Ron blinked, and Blaise’s smile got wider. “So trust me when I said I’ve chosen the very best,” he murmured. “Now, I believe we’ve got some unfinished business to continue from where Draco rudely interrupted?”

Ron drew a deep breath, and leant forwards to kiss him.

I hate it when people say that Ron was always rude to Hermione, how he teased her and made her upset, etc. How they portray him as bully and Hermione as a pure little victim. Have you guys read the same books as I did? Because Hermione could be very awful to Ron, too. I mean for example, when she said in front of him she only dates good Quidditch players, or when she was rude to Luna saying that she is lying straight in her face? He is not saint but nor is she. They are teenagers!

(graphic made by @panicoenlondres!)

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Uhhh it's almost 1am and I just read ur whole blog and ur art is👌👌👌👌 my friend but joker has never been heterosexual once in his life I won't see my son slandered like this

?? I don’t believe I ever explicitly stated Joker as being any specific orientation on this blog. I just portray him in a relationship with Harley since, well, that’s been pretty canon………… ┐(‘~`;)┌ (┛❍ᴥ❍)┛彡┻━┻ 


@quidditchleaguenet favorite ships challenge

ron x viktor

Ron thought that playing a muggle game of football seemed like a good idea at the time, and Dean had been trying to organize it for months, so when they all finally agreed to it, he was ecstatic. It was also a good excuse to catch up, after Hogwarts it was hard to keep in touch with everybody, but now most of Ron’s Hogwarts mates were there, trying as much as him to understand this ridiculous game.

Dean was captain of one team, of course, and Harry was the other since he was at least vaguely familiar with the game. Along with Dean there was Seamus, Ginny, Oliver, Percy, Alicia, Dennis, Katie, Pavarti, and Cho in various positions that Ron didn’t really understand, and then Terry as a keeper, which was the only position that made sense to Ron, so he himself was keeper too.

Then on his team there was Harry, Lee, George, Neville, Luna, Hannah, Anthony, Justin, Padma, and thanks to Hermione, Viktor Krum. He was in town for a Quidditch tournament and Hermione thought it’d be ‘so much fun’ if they invited him along

However, Hermione had refused to participate herself, so she was supposed to keep score the muggle way and Lavender had self-volunteered to be a cheerleader. Though, she thought that meant giving cheering charms to everybody on the teams, and so the first ten minutes of the game were spent trying to fight fits of giggles and smiles as the ball was kicked around randomly.

But now the first half of the game was almost over and Ron had to deal with a lot more than simply misunderstanding the game. In fact, to his immense surprise, he was pretty decent at being a football keeper, and he found it easier than being a Quidditch keeper. He hadn’t let a single ball through all game. Not that there had been many; everybody was rubbish at this game.

What had troubled him even before the game started, was Viktor. 

Ron hadn’t seen him in a long time. Sure, there was the occasional picture in the papers or Quidditch magazines, but as soon as Viktor arrived that afternoon, Ron learnt that they didn’t really do him justice at all.

Viktor’s skinny body had filled out nicely. Ron was momentarily jealous, because he had worked hard to fill out his own lanky figure, but he was certain he didn’t look half as nice as Viktor. He had greeted him with a forced smile and a harder than necessary handshake that Viktor must have perceived as angry or rude, but Ron hadn’t been able to help it.

Then he spent the next forty-five minutes with Viktor in his immediate field of vision. Harry had placed Viktor in defense, which meant his back was turned to Ron as he tried to avoid people getting closer to the goal net, so even if Ron hadn’t wanted to be looking at him, he was forced, wasn’t he? 

Nevermind that Luna was in defense too.

Hermione blasted a whistle signaling the end of the first time and both teams retreated to their designated spaces. Ron picked up a bottle of water and he was halfway through drinking it when he choked. Viktor was taking off his shirt in front of him, and when he heard Ron coughing he rushed to pat him on the back a couple of times until Ron nodded and gave him a thumbs up, unable to speak.

Viktor smiled. “You better put on sunblock, you’re getting very red,” he said as he stepped in front of Ron again. Ron merely looked at him, trying to get air inside his lungs as normally as possible. Viktor reached over and touched a strand of Ron’s hair that was plastered to his forehead with sweat. “Just like your hair.”

Ron gulped several times and opened his mouth to say something; anything.

“Team, huddle together!” Harry shouted. Viktor stepped back, still smiling, and went to join the rest of the team. Ron emptied the rest of the water over his head before following him.

They were back in the field before Ron could recover properly, and what’s more, he was really confused after switching sides

Why didn’t they just put a confundus charm on him and be done with it?

Most of the players seemed to be thinking along the same lines as him, though, because they were far more erratic than before, if that was possible. 

Specially Viktor, who kept running up and down the field as if he was trying to protect the other side, and Harry has to keep directing him back to his right position.

Dean was the only one who had scored a goal, but that spoke more about Dean’s abilities than Ron’s, because the other team’s keeper, Terry, had been practically sitting on the ground the entire game. Harry had been close a couple of times, but not even he was that good or lucky.

Ron thought that the game shouldn’t be much longer, and he couldn’t wait to get away from the sun. He looked at Hermione hopefully, waiting for the moment she would blow the whistle and end the game, but she was talking to Lavender and barely paid attention to the rest of them. Ron groaned.

Suddenly, there were loud shouts and hoots and he thought he heard his name. Ron looked up: he had been distracted with his own thoughts and the ball had been closer to the other side, but now everyone was coming his way, most of them waving their arms at him and trying to tell him something, but he barely had time to register what was happening before the ball was kicked, and Ron tried with all his might to stop it. But it was too late, and it brushed his fingers as it flew past him into the goal.

Once again, Ron didn’t have a second to recover before someone with a big smile was running at him at top speed, and Ron looked into Viktor’s bright eyes right before they both hit the ground.

Viktor had thrown his arms around Ron and knocked him down. He seemed to be laughing, and his glee was so contagious that if Ron wasn’t so busy being in a state of complete shock at having Viktor’s entire, shirtless body on top of him, he probably would have laughed too.

Viktor raised his head, looking down at Ron with a gigantic smile. “I did it! I scored!”

Ron was so taken aback that he couldn’t say anything, but his lips turned up into a smile that made Viktor even more ecstatic. For a second, Viktor leaned down. For a second, Ron’s heart stopped. For a second, they were so close.

“Oi, Krum!”

Viktor gave Ron a disheartened look before he rolled off him and sat up. Ron sat up too, and they both stared at the crowd in front of them, Ron feeling his face heat up considerably. At the very front, there were Dean and Seamus, looking overjoyed and even clapping and hooting at Ron and Viktor. But next to them was Harry, and he looked furious. Ron’s heart sank.

“This is not our goal!” Harry said to Viktor, completely frustrated.

Ron turned his head to look at Viktor, who seemed confused. “But I scored,” he said, cocking his head to the side.

“You scored a goal for the other team!” Harry looked at him incredulously. “You scored an…an…”

“Own goal!” yelled Dean excitedly, and the rest of his team joined him in a big cheer.

Ron watched the way Viktor’s face fell when understanding dawned on him, and his throat tightened. He had been so happy just seconds before.

A whistle was blown. “Game over!” called Hermione and Dean’s team went off to celebrate. Some people like George and Lee gave Viktor dirty looks, but most of them seemed like they couldn’t care less and went off to change. Harry seemed to have calmed down, and he walked up to Viktor and patted him on the back. “That’s alright, mate. Good game.”

Harry then gave Ron a knowing smile before walking away. Ron blushed.

Viktor looked at Ron with a mixture of embarrassment and amusement. “Guess I didn’t score.”

“You kind of did, though,” said Ron rapidly, scratching his head. “It was a really good move.”

Viktor smiled. He reached a hand up to Ron’s face again, and his fingers brushed Ron’s temple. Ron didn’t know if his skin was burning from the sun or the contact, but he didn’t mind either way. “Now you’re just as red as your hair.”

Ron nodded dumbly.

“I know a soothing charm,” Viktor said, his hand dropping to the ground between them. “I’ll go get my vand.”

Before Viktor even moved, Ron scrambled to his feet. “I’ll go with you.”

Viktor looked up at him and beamed. He extended his hand and Ron took it, helping him to his feet. Ron was certain they stood much closer and for far longer than necessary.

As they walked away, their shoulders brushing together, Viktor sighed. “I don’t ever vant to play football again.”

Ron huffed a laugh. “It’s not so bad.”

I think someone maybe already made a post like this before but like I cannot stop thinking about this

Remember how ornery and rude ron was about krum all the time and how much he hated that hermione was being wooed by him and spent so much time with him? It wasn’t because he wanted hermione to himself, it’s because he was discovering that he was bi and he had a huge crush on Victor these are facts goodbye

Me: Kylo Ren is an interesting character. He seems to blame his turn to evil on his feelings like an outcast from Luke’s other students and his  feelings of contempt towards he parents for their work in the resistance and his father’s disappearance. He’s not as strong as a character as past villains but he has his own twisted morals that make him an unpredictable villain. While his morals and mind set doesn’t justify his evil deeds, he seems to be an interesting villain character that would be cool to see more of and how his story develops.

Tumblr: WELL…K3Lo Ron, Klye Rude, Klony Red, he’s a Wittle Whinny baby who need to be written out of the story! 😂😂😂 Those Heteros are at it again! Damn R3ylos XD XD XD Terrible Straight Character! Terrible Writing! Adam Driver should be ashamed! Sowwy i dont make the rules XDXDXD


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I love your recs so much! I am desperately looking for some drarry feat. weddings. Thank you so much for your help.

We can do that! These aren’t all Harry and Draco’s wedding, but they all feature weddings and are all good stories. Enjoy, and remember to leave comments and kudos!!

Drarry Recs ft. Weddings

4 ½ Weddings and a Funeral by hazel_wand - R, 12.5k - Harry’s quite engaging; Draco’s otherwise engaged

Bite Me, Hate Memes: The Wedding by pir8fancier - R, 12k - A week before his marriage to Harry Potter, Draco has a nervous breakdown. Are you surprised? Nah. Neither was I. (sequel to Bite Me, Hate Memes - NC-17, 32.5k)

Hidden Yearning by leontinabowie - PG-13, 11.5k - Harry is invited to five of his friend’s weddings. Draco Malfoy is invited to the same ones. Harry is surprised by this, but not as surprised as he is to discover he is developing feelings towards Malfoy.

My Big Fat Pureblood Wedding by QueenyMidas - NC-17, 177k- Chaos ensues after Harry proposes to Draco on their three-year anniversary. The two must plan a wedding around their fighting friends, warring families, and each other’s stubbornness. EWE, post-war, disregarding Remus, Sirius, and Colin’s deaths and the fact that gay marriage is not legal in the UK.

parapraxis by pasdexcuses - R, 18.5k - Malfoy would never admit it, yet losing the Remembrall was a blessing in disguise. Or maybe a curse. But that was not the point here. The point was, the Snitch didn’t get involved until third year. Before, there was the Remembrall.

Pretty in Peacock Feathers by sassy_cissa - PG-13, 6.5k - Harry’s in hell. Hermione’s in heaven. Just exactly how does Draco fit into this picture?

A Proper Fit by marguerite_26 - NC-17, 4.5k - Harry goes in for a robe fitting and once again finds Draco Malfoy. The results are a bit different this time.

Not Ours to Command by furiosity - NC-17, 16.5k - When a poisoning case ends up on Harry’s desk at the Auror HQ, Harry finds himself backed up against the wall. Figuratively speaking. Features typical Slytherins, a minor parade of house-elves, a toddler-chasing Ron and a rude talking mirror.

Once Upon a Time, Yesterday by femmequixotic - NC-17, 22.5k - “You’ve always been obsessed with Malfoy, Harry. That should probably tell you something.”

(The Piece) I was Missing All Along by lauren3210 - NC-17, 31k - Draco and Harry have been flatmates and best friends for years, and Draco thinks life is just perfect that way. But when something comes along and threatens to take all that away, Draco has to decide what it is he really wants, and just how hard he’s going to work to get it.

Pillow Talk by Emma Grant - NC-17, 3k - Five vignettes from a relationship.

Plus One, and Only by olimakiella - M, 32.5k - When the love of Draco’s life sends him an invitation to his wedding, Draco desperately tries to find a date for it that’s hot enough to make the man jealous so he can break up the wedding and keep the groom for himself. Then he meets Harry Potter in a cafe one early morning, among the Knockturn Alley crowd, and takes a chance to hire him as a date. When Harry eventually says yes, Draco rejoices, but as he spends a week with the man by his side, and as they learn more about each other, Draco realises his love for the groom is slowly disappearing.

The Wedding Banquet by pir8fancier - NC-17, 4k - Based on: Public Nuisance No. 1: K211 - On the virtues of sex in public places.

Who’s Ready for a Throwback

If you were a kid growing up during the 2000′s TV era, you might remember Kim Possible.

By far one of my personal favorites as a Disney kid. When I got older I totally forgot this show existed until a friend of mine set Kim’s communicator ringer as their ringtone.

I decided to re-watch the show for background noise and it’s just as good as I remembered it to be, but I noticed something awesome when I got to S2E11.

Episode Spoilers Below!

S2E11 is called The Fearless Ferret, and it starts out with Ron and Kim volunteering to be morale boosters at the hospital where Kim’s mother works. 

Ron volunteers to go liven up a senior citizen named Timothy North, who apparently lives in a giant mansion away from the rest of the city.

And he doesn’t like to be disturbed, as it’s stated he’s sent three volunteers home crying before. He’s also incredibly rude to Ron, telling him to “spread his sunshine on someone who cares”. 

Ron managed to get inside, and discovers a secret of Timothy North’s,

Look familiar yet?

Surprise! Timothy North used to be a masked hero named the Fearless Ferret.

He then proceeds to take Ron under his wing and teaches him how to be the Fearless Ferret.

Rich old dude who used to fight crime in an animal costume at night? Where have I heard that one before…? 

Even though I was a little late to the game, I ended up watching one of the most popular Batman shows, Batman: The Animated Series, when I was older and it quickly got me addicted to superheroes.

That show is incredible, but what was so great about it (other than creating Harley Quinn as a character) was the sequel it got, Batman Beyond.

For anyone who doesn’t know, the premise of Batman Beyond was that Bruce Wayne was an old, old man (I’m talking he really should be lying down in a bed now old), but Batman still lived on.

The guy Bruce Wayne mentors is Terry McGinnis,

What does any of this have to do with Kim Possible? 

Ron Stoppable and Terry McGinnis share the same voice actor, Will Friedle,

And the old man in S2E11, Timothy North,

Is voiced by none other than Adam West, who also happens to be the OG Batman from the 60′s Batman show.

And while I was freaking out about voice actors and how awesome the world is, it got better.

Back to the episode of Kim Possible, while Ron is being mentored by the great Fearless Ferret (much like Terry was mentored by The Batman), Kim finds out that the Fearless Ferret? Not a superhero. 

Turns out it used to be an old TV show, and that Timothy North has been living in a delusion this entire time, actually believing he was the Fearless Ferret in his past.

In Batman: The Animated Series Season 1, there’s an episode called

In this series, The Gray Ghost was every modern day kid’s Superman to young Bruce Wayne; his hero. 

The Gray Ghost had no super powers, just his wits. He was a detective who solved cases on a television show. (In this series, it’s also the movie he watches with his parents just before they’re killed) 

In this episode, the actor who played the Gray Ghost, Simon Trent, is down on his luck (and cash) and ends up with a bitter resentment towards the character he played in his old age, sort of the opposite of Timothy North.

Coincidentally, Simon Trent is ALSO voiced by Adam West!

He ends up helping Batman solve the mystery of The Mad Bomber, a play on one of the villains of the Gray Ghost. 

Timothy North from Kim Possible also had a nemesis come out to play, the White Stripe (an actor who played a skunk villain who also happened to be as delusional as Timothy North).

In the end of BOTH the KP and B:TAS episodes, Adam West’s character ends up at a convention for the characters their characters played.

So! Not only was Will Friedle’s characters both mentored as the 2.0 versions of OG Batmen, there are a TON of easter eggs in the background of the Kim Possible episode. 

Like the Giant Penny in the Ferret Hole that matches the one in the Batcave, the glass protected suits, the sidekick wearing barely anything on their costumes (I’m lookin at your scaly panties, Robin), White Stripe making insufferably incredulous innumerable alliterations, the list goes on.

I haven’t seen the 60′s Batman Show, but a friend of mine said there are more references to it that I missed.

If you haven’t seen either of the animated Batman series, I’d recommend it! (But start with B:TAS, it has a lot of background setting for BB)

(A little bonus is that John DiMaggio, voice of Jake the Dog on Adventure Time and Bender from Futurama is also the voice of the main villain in Kim Possible, Dr. Drakken. He also does a bunch of minor/background character roles for Kim Possible, and so did Tom Kenny and Tara Strong!)

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"Hey, I said stop!” Maybe fun Romione?

I had about a million ideas for this prompt before I landed on this one… turns out I’m also a sucker for HBP missing moments. I hope I delivered on your request for fun Romione! 💕


Hey, I Said Stop!

He’d praised himself on the idea to go swimming almost immediately. It was just the two of them - Ginny was up in her room writing a terribly long letter to Dean Thomas and Harry wasn’t arriving until tomorrow - and Ron quite liked having Hermione all to himself. Sure, his throat had gone a bit dry when he first saw her in her swimsuit, since it was rather more revealing than her Hogwarts robes, but he’d managed to recover from that and now it was just… nice. To be with her, to goof off in the pond behind the Burrow, and for once let themselves be the sixteen-year-olds that they were.

She was gathering her hair away from her neck, face tilted toward the July sun, as he snuck up behind her. For a moment he was distracted by her fingers wringing pond water out of his hair, but then he came to himself again and used one large hand to splash a wall of water onto her shoulders. Instantly she spun around, doing her best to look affronted even as she bit back laughter.

“That’s so rude, Ron,” she scolded him as the corners of her mouth twitched. “My back was turned, that’s not fair.”

“Yeah?” he smirked. “Well, as you’re facing this way now…”

Closing his fists tightly just under the surface of the water, he sent forceful jets of water directly into her face. She released a laughing shriek and backed away, attempting to splash him as she went.

"Stop!” she squealed, squeezing her eyes shut against the onslaught of water. She was still laughing, though, so he kept going, chasing her to the edge of the pond. “Hey, I said stop!”

Just as she spoke, he inadvertently fired another stream of water directly into her open mouth.

Pushing her hair out of her eyes, Hermione spat out her mouthful and glared at him. Ron, with a fist held up to his mouth, stifled a laugh. The problem, as he saw it, was that even when she was angry, he found her adorable.

"Sorry,” he chuckled, sloshing toward her. “I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to-” And then, before he could overthink it or stop himself he was hugging her, wrapping his arms around her shoulders, her hair under his fingers.

Immediately Ron became brutally aware of just how much of their skin was touching and how he could still detect the scent of her hair through the pond water and how, most miraculously, she was hugging him back. She was hugging him back.

"Sorry,” he muttered again. “I wasn’t… aiming, I promise.”

“It’s okay.” Her breath was warm on his neck as she spoke, sending a shiver racing down his spine. The water around them suddenly felt very warm and Ron’s lungs seemed to have ceased function and her fingertips still dug into his back-

“Ron!” His mum’s voice, magically amplified, filled his ears and he jumped away from Hermione. “Lunch is ready, dear.”

“Well, let’s go,” said Hermione, suddenly sensible.

Ron nodded, feeling the playful vibe of the morning slip irretrievably away from him, and turned to climb out of the pond. He had just taken a step when a massive wave poured over his back, shocking him into a sort of paralysis.

Behind him sounded satisfied laughter, and he peered over his shoulder to see Hermione, knee-deep in the pond, hands on her hips, wearing the biggest grin he’d ever seen.


you can find more four word prompts here!

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So really randomly specific fic rec request. Sorry I send you requests all the time but I love your recs. Fics where one/both of the boys are Aurors? Also muggle au where one/both are policemen? Sorry, saw a pic that caused men-in-uniform feels.

And I love requests, siriuslynoble! Especially great ones like this. There are so many awesome fics where they’re aurors I’m breaking this into two parts. Fics where they’re both aurors and auror partners coming soon. These are fics where Harry is an auror and where his Auror-ness is central to the story (b/c there are a lot of fics where Harry is an Auror and it’s pretty incidental to the story.) Here you go!

Harry-as-an-Auror H/D Recs

The Auror, The Toymaker, His Ego and Their Courtship by themostepotente - NC-17, 22.5k - When Draco’s toymaking livelihood is threatened by a murderer hell-bent on destroying his life, along comes Potter to save the day.

The Darklist by Cheryl Dyson - R, 87.5k - When Draco Malfoy, wanted criminal, strolled into the Ministry to give himself up, he seemed destined for Azkaban until he offered to hand over information to avert an upcoming crime. Of course, he refused to divulge that knowledge to anyone but Harry Potter.

Disturbing the Peace by moonflower - NC-17, 22k - Draco wakes up after a hard night out, with a few questions…

The Eloquence of Mortality by fleshdress - NC-17, 5.5k - White masks, prison cells and dubious deals.

A Fair Cop by oceaxe - R, 6.5k - Harry Potter walks into a cafe for some coffee, and instead gets the surprise of his life. Plus some coffee.

For the Public Good by blamebrampton - PG-13, 23.5k - Harry is loaned to the Muggle government to assist relations between the two governments after the London bombings. When his counterpart in the Communications team comes to him with evidence of a plot to expose wizarding Britain, he is all ears. And only in part because the messenger has such a familiar voice.

Gone Down the Angel on a Lonely Night by femmequixotic - NC-17, 18.5k - Eight years after the end of the war, Harry stumbles upon Draco in an unexpected place: Islington.

I Lit a Candle in the Window by penwyn - NC-17, 4.5k - You always light a candle in the window when he goes on raids. (Warning: MCD)

Immovable Unspeakable Meets Irresistible Hit Wizard by Alisanne - R, 11k - Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy are just average, ordinary wizards working in dull positions at the Ministry and leading average, ordinary lives. Or, at least, that’s what they’d like everyone — including each other — to believe.

In Plain Sight by taradiane - R, 17.5k - Pansy comes to Auror Potter’s office with a special favour to ask…

In Which Harry Potter Discovers a River in Egypt by kestralsparhawk - NC-17, 24k - Amissing roommate, a mysteriously familiar male prostitute, murdered Muggles, and an angry boss are all making life difficult for Auror Harry Potter. And that’s before he discovers that the reason he’s avoided having girlfriends for three years is not only because he doesn’t like publicity.

Interoffice Communication by Snegurochka_Lee - NC-17, 10.5k - Draco has convinced the Auror department to test his new messaging charm for secure communications. Harry really would have preferred that he not find out through messages like, ‘Yeah, tonight you’re going to beg me for it,’ that the system wasn’t as secure as they thought.

An Interpretation of Justice (Aurors and Assassins Mix) by noticeably - R, 16k - The little-known truth about floor sixteen and the department that inhabits it is this: the ten witches and wizards that sit in the front, while attending to things like paperwork and other trivial matters, are only a front to appease the few easily confused, lost individuals that happen to wander into the department unannounced, most usually when looking for another floor.

Left My Heart by Emma Grant - NC-17, 85k - Auror Draco Malfoy has disappeared, and Harry Potter has been sent to San Francisco to find him.

Not Ours to Command by furiosity - NC-17, 16.5k - When a poisoning case ends up on Harry’s desk at the Auror HQ, Harry finds himself backed up against the wall. Figuratively speaking. Features typical Slytherins, a minor parade of house-elves, a toddler-chasing Ron and a rude talking mirror.

Of Hoof Picks, Centaurs, and Flight by blamebrampton - PG, 22k - Harry has promised that he will not do anything to upset the new head of Magical Creatures. Even if it is Draco Malfoy. When three centaur foals appear in Cumbria, far from the Forbidden Forest and all too close to Muggles, Harry’s promise is thoroughly tested. To say nothing of his equestrian skills.

Splintered by aquila_star - NC-17, 38k - When you’re Harry Potter, life is never boring…he should be used to it by now. But just when he thinks it can’t get any more complicated, life throws him a few surprises.

Their Kind of Forever by furiosity - NC-17, 38k - The final part of Harry’s Auror training forces him to walk the line between truth and lie, between the wizarding world and the Muggle world, between the life he thought he’d have and the disappointing reality. And through it all, he finds unexpected solace in a most unlikely person’s company.

Tissue of Silver by fearless diva - R, 76k - A love story concerning possessed furniture, black silk pyjamas, courtroom drama, premonitions of doom, assassination attempts, Death Eater yoga, absinthe, bare feet and a sensible werewolf.

Waiting For You by lauren3210 - NC-17, 20k - After finding and catching the renowned art thief Draco Malfoy, Harry realises he needs his help and gets him released from Azkaban into his custody. But has Draco really decided to live a crime-free life? Or is he just biding his time until the right opportunity strikes?

Enjoy! And, as always, remember to leave these fab authors lots of comments/kudos/general appreciation!