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Two hours later, they all agreed that Malfoy wasn’t allowed to play Monopoly again.

“No wonder your family were rich,” Ron said. “You’re scary once you get going.”

Malfoy looked down at the collection of plastic hotels on the floor, the result of Luna upending the board. “I may have got a little carried away.”
—  The Moon Looks Lovely Tonight by omi_ohmy
Best Friend’s Sister I - The Perfect Woman

Pairing: Richard Speight Jr x Rob’s-sister!Reader

Summary: Ohmygod. Okay. The requester had anon-ed themselves, so I don’t know who it is, but their request took up 3 entire asks and if that doesn’t prove to you that this requester person is absolutely lovely then you’re totally wrong. Basically, Reader likes Richard, who is Rob’s best friend, and through the magic of Harry Potter, happy endings actually happen! 

Warnings: Harry Potter spoilers (in case you’re like Rob Benedict who actually hasn’t watched it apparently)

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(actually very accurate, totally 100% what happened)

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The boys as boyfriends

  • Leonce: Jock boyfriend who hugs his partners after he works out, cause he knows it bothers them.
  • Ron: Rich boyfriend who shows up to their lovers house in a new car everytime. Gives out Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Alexander McQueen and Tom Ford as gifts.
  • Jack: The low-key boyfriend. He shows his affection by throwing his arm around girlfriend and in comfortable silence. Let’s her wear his sweaters.

The Ron Weasley Prompt: One muse sticking by the other when no one else will. From this list of prompts. Requested by diva-gonzo

Her upbringing shows in fleeting moments. The way she walks, as if gliding, her hips swaying subtly. Her cravings, though infrequent, for expensive cuts of meat, always paired with fine wines. Her calligraphic handwriting, her proud spine. Despite what she grew to be, her roots are, after all, Black.

Today is her nineteenth birthday. She gives me that graceful smile as I watch her open my gift. I feel bashful as I stare at the simple quill and necklace I gave to her. They seem to stare at me from their place on the table; two solitary gifts on a large wooden table reminding me of how little I can give her.

Once, she told me about the ball her parents held in honor of her seventeeth birthday. She hadn’t meant to brag, but I couldn’t look her in the eye for a day. I had been courting her then, with polite study dates in the library and short chats in the halls on the way to class. My mates teased me incessantly about it. “You oughtta aim a bit lower, Tonks,” they had said. And part of me believed them. But part of me held out hope, with every shy smile she flashed as she walked to the Slytherin dorms, with the way her fingers would brush against mine when passing me an ingredient in Potions. I loved her before I had even realized it, and I knew I’d love her even if she was married off to some pureblood. I felt like a fool. A common muggleborn fool. 

But then, one morning, she grabbed my hand in the Great Hall and walked me in front of her sisters, her face like stone, her eyes determined. And then she kissed me for the first time. We were married less than a year later.

I remind myself that she is my wife now, as I fidget with my hands under the table, bare with its absence of gifts. “I know it’s not much, but I thought you’d look pretty with it–” I start.

She doesn’t let me finish, because she is suddenly kissing my face, her kisses dancing across my eyes, my nose, my forehead, my lips, and I am reminded of ballet dancers and the way they spin across the floor. I make a mental note to remember this moment, the images, the feel of her soft lips memorizing my face, how it feels to have her in my arms.

“You are more than I could ever have hoped for, Ted Tonks,” she whispers, her eyes fierce as they were the day we first kissed.

We are poor, living  on my starting salary in exile from all that she knew. We take care of her heirlooms, because one day, perhaps we’ll need to sell them. We rent a studio flat, and we decorate it with things I find on the sidewalks. We eat canned smoked oysters and drink cheap wine now, but we pretend we are on picnic in some manicured garden, and we are so happy most days that we fall to bed exhausted, the hint of smiles still on our faces.

Ron/Hermione Fanfic Recs [Part 46][Includes Mature][GIF Guide]

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Riches -  Ron has taken a position with a top secret team of Aurors, traveling abroad. Hermione plots ways to see him, while he’s not allowed to reveal his location, meeting at inns around the world to spend the night together

Finding Us -  Immediately post DH, pre epilogue. The story of Hermione and Ron dealing with the aftermath of everything and finding themselves again.

The Trouble with Nifflers -  A week after moving in together, the atmosphere at Ron and Hermione’s new flat is still awkward. Luckily, there’s nothing like a niffler to break the ice

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It is just me that thought that Ron Weasley was fucking rich until reading the book? ( I only read them in high school) Maybe it was because at the time I thought that every gringo was rich, but also, from where I come from, when you are poor, you are extremally fucking poor, You don’t even have shame to wear hand me downs because you don’t even have those. Ron had clothes, a house with 2388493 floors, most of his brothers had their own room, his father had a stable, nice job and his mother had apparently, an infinite supply of bacon. I have a better condition, but my mom and dad struggled a lot on their childhoods and teens. My mom had to carry buckets to great distances to get water, she and her family spent periods improvising with food to get by, eating mostly flour or whatever was cheaper. MY dad started working at 14 in his dad’ bar (and his dad got a bar so HE, waking at 4 AM and working until midnight was kind of privileged)
That is why everytime ron complained about him being poor (dont get me wrong he do have the rigth of being upset) it baffled me. LIke, he got to go to a good school, the same as the rich kids like draco malfoy, he could eat all the time, he was always getting xmas presents, his house was clean, he would not get cold, he had a garden, he lived in a big house, he could go to games. It was so different of what my parents said, so different of the people i saw struggling in my family, it seemed so unreal. My mother always said that those who haven’t got nothing, have nothing to complain, like, only going to a school with the structure of hogwarts would be beyond anything my parents ever dreamed of in their childhoods. 

Now you know who I got the impression of being really poor in his childhood? snape. he wore his mother hand me downs and shame did even though by his head. With that and the abuse (wich makes him even more different of ron since ron still had a familiar bond) I can really understand why he  could not understand how Lily got so upset by leaving to hogwarts, even with Petunia mad at her. He was fucking desperate to escape his home, his misery was not just material. That for me was true despair, it was worse than my dad trying to mend his parents together, worst than grandma manipulations, worse than mom keeping quiet, because, even with everything they went trough, when i ask them, nobody wanted to leave, not even for a period.  Maybe is a cultural thing idk. in this time i thought that boarding school was a terrible thing too.

I think the whole notion of “Ron and Hermione would grow up and have problems because of Ron’s insecurities” is a bit misguided when you look at the fact that A.) Ron is only 17 when they start their relationship and B,) A lot would have changed in Ron’s life after the events of Deathly Hallows.

-Ron helped in finding and destroyed one of the horcruxes. That would gain him some much earned respect from the wizarding community and his family.

-The Weasley family would have a different dynamic compared to the one Ron grew up in.Fred is dead. Percy left and came back. Those things would draw them closer than before. Not to mention with Harry marrying into the family and becoming Ron’s brother-in-law, it would give Ron a sibling that know he’s capable of great things. I also doubt Harry would stand for his brothers talking down to Ron.

-Part of Ron’s insecurities in terms of Hermione, is that he feels he’s below people like Krum or Harry. He always feared that Hermione would choose someone who was “better than him” and when he leaves in Deathly Hallows, he even tells Hermione, after she says she’s going to stay, “I get it. You choose him.” and it’s also showcased as a fear of Ron’s when he tries to destroys the locket. This however would be different because at the end of Deathly Hallows, Hermione chooses Ron. She doesn’t choose the chosen one or the all-star Quidditch player. This may make it sound like Ron has won some kind of reward, but that’s not the case. It would give Ron confidence, along with the change in his family dynamic and upgraded status due to his part in destroying Voldermort.

-Look, Harry and Hermione just wouldn’t work. And almost every single conversation I’ve heard about why Ron and Hermione wouldn’t work is surrounded by the idea that she should be with Harry. But I respectfully disagree. There’s a reason Harry goes for Ginny in Book 6 (besides servicing the plot) Ginny turns into this tough, won’t take any bullshit, but also loving girl. Not saying that Hermione’s not tough, but she has different qualities from Ginny. Harry and Hermione are the definition of people who are compatiable but not in a romantic way. Hermione even at times feels more than sisterly, but at times motherly to him. These are not things that you want in a love interest. Hermione never feels jealous over Harry’s involvement with Cho or Ginny, the same book in which Hermione is heartbroken that Ron makes out with another girl. I’m sorry, I’ve just never really gotten any hints of HarryxHermione. If you want to try and pair Hermione off with Krum, that’s an idea (altho I also think her and Krum really lack things in common to sustain a relationship) but I think there’s about a million problems with the whole “Ron and Hermione wouldn’t work because she belongs with Harry”.

-Also, if Ron and Hermione did have relationship issues…that makes them like every other couple in the entire world. Even Rowling wrote that Harry and Ginny had rough times. Not everything is perfect and honestly, I think that just makes them feel more real and interesting. I’ve never understood this idea that a couple had to be utterly perfect. I mean, if you think it was smooth sailing for Arthur and Molly, you’re kidding yourself.

-Basically, I just think people really aren’t giving enough credit to how Ron’s life would change after Deathly Hallows. Part of it is Rowling has been so quiet on that front, but I just don’t see the same problems Ron’s faced, still being an issue. Like, that’s part of the Deathly Hallows story. It’s actually really rich with Ron facing and conquering his issues.


A few years ago, I saw this car in a Target parking lot and I only unearthed the photos from an old folder just now.

Transcriptions of the bumper stickers:

“Stop Recycling”

“No Blood for Daylight: Reject Daylight Savings Time”

“Honk If You Love Coal- DGI Trading- Components for the Mining Industry”

“Tax Cuts for the Rich”

“Ron Paul for President 2008″

There can’t be more than, like, four people in the world with this combination of political views, and nihilsupernum is probably at least three of them.