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Why I support Assad

A Syria with Assad is a Syria where everybody can live in peace, free from persecution. A place where Sunni, Shia, Alawite, Christian, Yazedi, Druze, and others can coexist. Since the protests started, something seemed off about the rebels. My heart just told me to stick with Assad despite the fact that some hated me for this view. I was in Lebanon when the protests started happening in Syria back in 2011. In my visits to the country, I spent most of my time in the majority Sunni town of Tripoli. I remember the catchy protest song, “Yalla irhal ya Bashar” playing. I was also in love with a Sunni man and I loved him for his devotion to his religion even though he did not feel the same for me. Unfortunately, in Tripoli and in many other towns in the region (…and to be fair, even here in the West), sympathizing for Takfiri ideology and Wahhabism as a whole has become far too common these days. 

When the Ghouta chemical attacks happened in 2013, many were quick to blame the Assad regime. I, myself, briefly questioned the attacks. The world watched in horror. However, the truth is the rebels were most likely responsible for these attacks and many other attacks. There is no evidence it was the Syrian Arab Army. Rather, the rebels were trying to frame Assad in order to gain Western support. Meanwhile, Assad has kept in constant contact with Western media and has welcomed UN weapon’s inspectors. 

The bottom line is that it is not a revolution when the majority of the opposition are foreign fighters coming into the country and killing Syrians. More Syrians support Assad than Americans support President Obama, yet our Western media lies. What is happening in Syria is not about a fight for democracy or that Assad was an oppressive leader and the people were suffering. The truth is that Assad, a Western trained doctor who has continuously defended religious freedom in his country and fought for religious minorities, brought the country into the 21st century and out of a recession that they had been in after the Soviet Union collapsed. He also modernized everything in terms of technology, making the internet widely available to all. I strongly feel that any reports against Assad are purely propaganda by those who seek to turn Syria and every country in the Middle East into Saudi Arabia or Pakistan. 

By the way, Saudi Arabia,our ally country, is a place where women cannot drive and Alfa Romeo cars were banned for having a cross on them. There are no churches in the country and Bibles are not allowed into the country. Beheading is also a common style of execution in Saudi Arabia and in the past 6 months alone, over 80 people have been beheaded in the Kingdom. As in 1600′s Salem, witchcraft is even punishable by death in Saudi Arabia. Not to mention, a Christian Lebanese man once received lashes for suspicion of converting a Muslim woman to Christianity. Its clear that Saudi laws are quite in line with Wahhabism, yet our politicians continue to bow down to Saudi royalty and Western media calls the Assad regime oppressive while saying that Syrians were suffering. In an article about Syria written for Ron Paul’s Institute for Peace and Prosperity, Neil Clark stated, “It’s a Middle Eastern country where Christian celebrations are official state holidays and civil servants are allowed to take Sunday morning off to go to church, even though Sunday is a working day. A place where women can smoke and wear make-up and are active in public life. A country implacably opposed to Islamic fundamentalism and Al-Qaeda, and whose security forces helped foil a terrorist attack on the US Embassy. No, not Israel, Syria.”

It is clear that the people who are against Assad are mainly displeased with him for the simple fact that he is an Alawite man running a majority Sunni country. Certain measures Assad had taken angered the Wahhabi/Takfiris. Measures such as banning elementary school teachers from wearing the niqab. In turn, much of the opposition is simply racism directed at Assad. Its also important to add that Assad’s wife is a Sunni, so if he hated them so much as many of the rebels claim and was such a racist man, why did he marry a Sunni Muslim woman? Ultimately, the rebels would like to see him replaced with a leader who rules by sharia law.  Again, they will not stop until every country is like Saudi Arabia or Pakistan and religious minorities are eradicated. I would also like to add that all of these groups have the same goal at heart and there are no moderates. Maybe all of them are not openly and viciously killing like ISIS, however its the same mindset, whether ISIS, Al Nusra, Al Qaeda, or even the Muslim Brotherhood.  

The West needs to understand that we are not just fighting one army, one group, or a couple of bad apples, but an extremely widespread ideology. People who believe minorities should have NO rights. When I would try to talk to some of these men, they would tell me things like Alawites and Christians are such a small group, so why do they even matter? There is just no sense of fairness for the rights of others. As previously stated, groups like the Muslim Brotherhood have the same racist ideology. Hence, why Morsi in Egypt was removed from power and is now facing the death penalty. They are not simply an Islamic version of Christian Democratic parties in Europe as politicians like Hillary Clinton seem to think. Hillary Clinton who failed as secretary of state and who supports sending Americans to die while fighting on the side of radicals and against the will of the Syrian people. She is not alone in her war mongering views. Bobby Jindal and John McCain also need reality checks. 

We need to realize that Assad, Russia, and even Iran are doing a lot more to fight terrorism than the USA. The USA often makes the mistake of aligning themselves with radical groups and giving support to countries like Saudi Arabia which encourage Wahhabism. We need to be thanking the Assad regime, the Syrian Arab Army, Russia, and Iran. Furthermore, we should realize that regional countries are better prepared to understand this conflict and deal with it than the West. 

I am sorry if I have offended anybody. This is not about Sunni, Shia, Alawite, or Christian. THIS IS ABOUT HUMAN RIGHTS! I have to speak out and I will SUPPORT ASSAD until the day I die. God protects him because he LOVES all his people regardless of their religion. I pray for his success every night and that he stops these monsters who are killing entire families, selling women as sex slaves, while beheading and burning people alive. GOD BLESS BASHAR, GOD BLESS SYRIA! 

I have multiple “feminist” Twitter friends writing long things about how Hugh Hefner was Good Actually because he supported birth control and marriage equality. I want to drown myself

There’s a point where every subtype of feminism gets stretched so far on whatever its qualifier is that it ceases to actually be all that feminist. And for “sex positive” kind, memorializing the likes of Hugh Hefner is it. Actually, it’s more than it. You haven’t just crossed the line, you destroyed the line.

Bernie Sanders' real problem

The thing about Bernie Sanders is that I genuinely don’t have any major issues with him. He’s not perfect, but a perfect candidate doesn’t exist and has never existed.

Sanders’ die-hard supporters bother me though. As in literally, they go around bothering and harassing Black people on social media, me included. It’s supposed to be a rallying cry in support of Bernie, but it sure doesn’t feel welcoming. They are his problem. They paint this picture that if Black folks don’t support Sanders, then it will be “or else”. As in, if you don’t vote for him Blackies, then the sky is gonna fall and it will be your fault, so fall in line.

In addition, there is this gross attitude that comes with their canvassing. They act like Black people should be grateful that Sanders exists. He’s a champion for Black folks and we are ungrateful for all his benevolence.

Sanders’ hardcore supporters are basically the liberal equivalent of Ron Paul supporters. They are belligerent, obnoxious, rude, condescending, flippant and will pester you incessantly.

Do you know how you garner support for a candidate you like? The first way is to not harass, bully or guilt trip people. Hey, what do I know. Do what ya like, whatever.

In the last week I have been called an ignorant fool, a brainwashed sheep, a patriot (oh, the irony), a twat, and it was suggested that I should've been aborted. Political "debate" is awesome.

I should point out that half of these insults came from a 9/11 truther, with whom I never outright disagreed, but he decided to attempt an argument anyway. The other half from a Ron Paul supporter.

Good times.


do you guys remember when the guy who sang the original pokemon theme turned out to be a huge ron paul supporter so he did like a Pokemon Theme Remix where its just lyrics about ron paul

Who won the debate?

I had a few people on here ask me this same question so rather than copy and pasting the same answer over and over, I will write it all here. First that depends on who told you who won?

Was it the media?

Was it the Polls?

I ask because they had a different outcome.

Can polls be rigged? yes. Can news be altered? yes. Depending on your political leanings you will decide yourself who won. Dems say Hillary, Republicans say Trump. Polls say Trump, media says Hillary.

Do I put stock in poll numbers. No. Ask a Bernie Sanders supporter if poll numbers matter or a Ron Paul supporter for a right perspective? Both candidates had huge polling numbers, but neither won.  

If you live in California or New York and vote red, which way do you honestly think the electoral college will vote. If you live in Texas and vote blue do you really think, the electoral college is voting the same way you are? Not to just bash the electoral college, or even voting in general. But we have this grand idea that everything, needs to be done on a federal level. That only sweeping change matters. That if California has it or Iowa has it or whatever state you fill in the blank, has it that somehow everyone should too. That local level is meaningless or even individual rights are bullshit.  

You asked who won, that is easy the same american political system we always had won.