ron paul supporters

In the last week I have been called an ignorant fool, a brainwashed sheep, a patriot (oh, the irony), a twat, and it was suggested that I should've been aborted. Political "debate" is awesome.

I should point out that half of these insults came from a 9/11 truther, with whom I never outright disagreed, but he decided to attempt an argument anyway. The other half from a Ron Paul supporter.

Good times.

Who won the debate?

I had a few people on here ask me this same question so rather than copy and pasting the same answer over and over, I will write it all here. First that depends on who told you who won?

Was it the media?

Was it the Polls?

I ask because they had a different outcome.

Can polls be rigged? yes. Can news be altered? yes. Depending on your political leanings you will decide yourself who won. Dems say Hillary, Republicans say Trump. Polls say Trump, media says Hillary.

Do I put stock in poll numbers. No. Ask a Bernie Sanders supporter if poll numbers matter or a Ron Paul supporter for a right perspective? Both candidates had huge polling numbers, but neither won.  

If you live in California or New York and vote red, which way do you honestly think the electoral college will vote. If you live in Texas and vote blue do you really think, the electoral college is voting the same way you are? Not to just bash the electoral college, or even voting in general. But we have this grand idea that everything, needs to be done on a federal level. That only sweeping change matters. That if California has it or Iowa has it or whatever state you fill in the blank, has it that somehow everyone should too. That local level is meaningless or even individual rights are bullshit.  

You asked who won, that is easy the same american political system we always had won.