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A few years ago, I saw this car in a Target parking lot and I only unearthed the photos from an old folder just now.

Transcriptions of the bumper stickers:

“Stop Recycling”

“No Blood for Daylight: Reject Daylight Savings Time”

“Honk If You Love Coal- DGI Trading- Components for the Mining Industry”

“Tax Cuts for the Rich”

“Ron Paul for President 2008″

There can’t be more than, like, four people in the world with this combination of political views, and nihilsupernum is probably at least three of them.

question: fe/fi

I have been writing you quite a lot of questions, huh? But thanks for answering them! I have one more question (and hopefully last.) I am fairly certain I am an Fi user… but when someone I really care for is humiliated, I too feel a burning embarrassment and can be very very sympathetic if they are in some type of trouble. I usually try to fix the problems pragmatically but still, I can sympathize hugely and can be very sad if someone I know is sad etc. Also, I can often give these people SO MUCH and get taken advantage of as a consequence. So my question is, do Fis really NEVER experience these things?

Key words: someone I really care for.

That is Fi. You care, therefore… you care. You don’t care, you don’t care.

Fe does not have to know the person, have ever met the person, intend to ever MEET the person, share anything in common with the person, or think of the person in any way shape or form other than as an object of humiliation to feel embarrassed for them.

Let me tell you about Fe.

I can’t watch political debates. Why? Because I’m humiliated for everyone, the entire time. I can 100% disagree with what someone is saying, and if the other candidates are mean to them, humiliate them, belittle them, interrupt them, or go off on them, I feel a giant flaming ball of anxiety and burning embarrassment on their behalf… even if they don’t appear to be bothered by it. That’s fine. I’m embarrassed on their behalf. THAT is projection. THAT is Fe. Reacting as if it were me, and feeling intense embarrassment for someone I don’t even know and have no emotional investment in, who is probably some TJ type and could care less.

Take Ron Paul, running for president … whenever that was. First Obama run? Second? No idea. Each time he opened his mouth in the conservative debates, I cringed because I knew he was about to say something that would set all the conservatives in the room off because it was so far to the right. I knew that he would say something that would earn him a verbal beating. Right or wrong, it never failed. He was constantly crapped on by the other candidates.

I disagreed with a lot of what he said at the time, but was still furious by the end of the debate with every other candidate for being such an a-hole toward Ron Paul. He might not agree with you, and you might think he’s a lunatic, but as a political candidate and a human being, he deserves to be treated with respect! You should have heard me ranting afterward. I had steam coming out my ears. That was it. I was done. I refused to donate to anyone’s campaign that sat in on that debate, rolled their eyes at him, interrupted him, called him a crazy person, or laughed at him. I had zero respect for any man in that room.

When you start doing that, it’s time to turn in your Fi card. =P

going to kmart the other night was one of the most interesting events in my life in a long time and i don’t mean that as a self-deprecating comment about my own life i mean that the front doors of every kmart are portals to a fucked up alternate dimension where ron paul has been president for 20 years