ron paul mall cop

Everything comes from vaginas… and from China, in today’s world of free (unregulated) trade. Put ‘em together and you’ve got va-China, a birth canal lubed with chemical toxins and prisoners’ blood, endlessly popping out cars, TVs, toys, and all kinds of other products that overpopulate our storage spaces and attention spans. We Americans are addicted to mass crap, cheeseburgering on into 99 cent stores by the dirty dozen to inhale these bargain items. Recently I spotted some adorable va-Chinese kids’ shoes with a label that said, “These shoes have chemicals in them that may cause cancer.”

In truth, reports have found that about a third of the products for kids from this country “may cause cancer.” Stuffing in a lot of these va-Chinese plush toys contains serious carcinogens, and the latest craze in possibly toxic snuggles comes from a company in Hong Kong called Jay at Play. Let’s have a look the hottest line of combo monster mash-up items, “blankets that are puppets,” aka CuddleUppets!