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tonight on house of cards
  • frank underwood: claire i've decided i'm a communist now
  • frank underwood: no wait i'm a libertarian
  • frank underwood: communist again
  • frank underwood: calvinist
  • frank underwood: dark enlightenment
  • frank underwood: claire have you ever googled ron paul
  • frank underwood: whig party
  • frank underwood: claire
  • frank underwood: claaaaaaaaaaaire
  • some dude: i'm strongly against murder
  • some dude: or am i

Ron Paul “To be an Anarchist is a great idea”

Can you ever imagine Rand Paul saying this?

Can you ever imagine Rand Paul saying I have a lot of friends who are anarchists? 

Can you ever imagine Rand Paul saying anarchy isn’t a problem with me if you are a true libertarian, you have rejected the use of force? 

anonymous asked:

You just hate Bernie Sanders because he's been closer to the presidency than Ron Paul. And Bernie Sanders has way more supporters than Ron Paul ever did or ever will. At least Sanders never published racist rhetoric in newsletters like howPaul did.

Nah, I don’t like Sanders because he’s a warmongering authoritarian whose economic policies are not only coercive, but would lower everybody’s standard of living and care fairly substantially whereas Paul was sincere in his policies and consistently advocated for peace and freedom throughout his career. So nice try, but next time maybe instead of whining about Ron Paul and attacking things he wasn’t even responsible for saying and frankly being kind of a dick to me by assuming “that’s the only reason I don’t like sanders”, maybe you should read up on Bernie’s policies and actually present me with an argument instead of inconsequential bs :)

it’s so demoralizing that ron paul is alive and sharp as ever and he had to stop dead in his tracks on the most successful libertarian political education campaign probably ever at the height of it’s momentum and potential 

so that his spoiled rotten son could shit all over everything he’s worked for for 40 years

shame on Rand Paul. Shame. Shame. Shame.

“Cursed Child” Thoughts

So obviously I was SUPER excited about the photos of Ron, Hermione and Rose and the interviews with the actors. 

I mean:

-They are so cute! I love Rose’s smile. I love Hermione’s sophisticated clothes in midnight blue. I love that Ron has a dad!jumper now he is a dad.

-This is totally subjective and maybe no-one will agree with me, but Paul Thornley is the Ron-est Ron I have ever seen. He has the exact face (albeit a lot older) of the Ron I imagined when i read the first book in 1997. 

- Hermione keeping her name. To me that is perfectly Hermione. I think there’s a feminist aspect to it (I always imagine Hermione being raised as a feminist by her highly-educated mother). But I think it’s also about Hermione not wanting to hide her muggle roots by giving up her parents’ surname.


-Part of me is really anxious about Ron being described as the same as when he was a teenager. Is he going to be immature and there for comic relief? Will JK’s comments about “marriage counselling” come into play? The books establish brilliantly why Ron and Hermione are a great match who are worthy of each other, the films (and subsequent media coverage) tended to deify Hermione and sideline Ron. I really, really hope that the writers of the play drew on the brave, loyal, witty Ron of the books. And I really hope that there won’t be time for any Ron/Hermione drama because the story is is mostly about Harry and Albus. And I really wish that I could be purely happy and excited that my first OTP and one of my favourite fictional worlds is coming back…