ron nine

I really can’t believe today is the day. Today is the “19 Years Later”. In a few hours the Potters are going to go to King’s Cross where they will meet with the Weasleys as usual. They will say goodbye to their kids. The scar wouldn’t have pained Harry for 19 years. All would be well.
Some of you may feel that Harry Potter has ended all over again. But there’s no need to be sad. As the Queen once said that the stories we love best never really leave us forever. So whether we come back by page, or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome us home. ❤️

  • Ron: *about Sirius and Remus fighting* Anyway, it's not about the spell. They haven't seen each other because of the Order. They just need to bone.
  • Harry: What!? Gross, Ron, those are our dads!
  • Ron:
  • Harry: I mean... that's not what I meant, Professor Dad is just my teacher.
  • Ron: Wow.
  • Harry: Nevermind! I'm teaching father the spell.

Harry Potter/Brooklyn Nine Nine AU where Kingsley is head of NYPD(or like, Scotland Yard) & Hermione idolises him in an Amy-like fashion feat Pansy/Rosa, Ron/Jake, and Harry/Terry (& maybe Neville/Boyle except instead of food he loves plants)
Hitchcock and Scully are Crabbe and Goyle

Draco is Gina

Ron & Harry did some dumb shit even though Hermione warned them not to
  • Ron: Okay. I know you're mad, but before you say anything, yes, we screwed up. And yes, you warned us. And yes, I don't know where I'm going with this. But I do know this: I have reached the end of my sentence.
imagine the 99th precinct meeting the parks and rec dept. tho

ben trying to break the ice with holt with one of his accounting puns and holt saying ‘that’s hilarious’ completely deadpan

jake and tom driving everyone freakin insane (while gina’s crying out in the background ‘jake no you’re in debt DON’T TREAT YO SELF!’)

leslie and amy pulling out perfect new binders at the exact same time and squealing in excitement

scully and hitchcock finally having a complete office massage chain with the addition of terry/jerry

ray and ron nodding at each other, sentences short and to the point, and immediately becoming immensely fond of each other (ron telling him not to get emotional when ray tells him that with his usual straight face)

terry and chris recommending each other fat-free organic yogurt and exercise routines

april working hard not to smile like a maniac as rosa tells her about her goriest cases

jake and boyle joining in the fun office roleplay with andy and april (and playing like 50 characters each cos they can’t decide who to be)

terry and anne clucking like proud mother hens off at the side (and occasionally leaping in to stop andy/jake/leslie from stupidly killing themselves)

gina immediately bonding with april and persuading her to take selfies with her while they discuss politics (i.e. the presidential election and why it really should be decided with a hunger games)

andy getting really attached to boyle and seeing him as some kind of food god

andy and april placing bets on whether or not jake and amy will get together (and april pretending she really doesn’t care)

sorry for the long post i just have a lot of feelings about this crossover someone write it please??????

I’ll never get over that episode of Brooklyn 99 when Terry’s wife was in labour so they had to find a trustworthy OB/GYN in time because it was clear the no-hospital thing wasn’t gonna fly and the only one they knew was Holt’s ex-boyfriend but he was being petty about their break up so there’s all this build up and they finally go to the guy’s house and it’s RON SWANSON 

and their whole break-up fight was that Dr. Ron Swanson believed Holt had thrown away his antique decoy duck and then it turns out Holt hated it so much he actually threw it off a bridge like

that show is a gift

Hermione's in a foul mood:
  • Hermione: Foul mood? I'm sorry, have I not being bursting into song enough for you lately? Would you like me to click my heels together or skip like a school child?
  • Ron: ...Yes, to all of that.