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Honestly, weirdest comment about Nu-Hellboy is “He looks too much like the Perlman version.”

Well, yeah. It’s a live-action version of Hellboy played by an actor in a suit. Stands to reason that he’d resemble the other live action version of Hellboy played by the actor in a suit. It’s not like Hellboy has had a wide variety of different looks like other comic characters (pretty much always has been and always will be a big red dude with sawed-off horns, mutton chops, tan long coat and a stone right hand) and honestly can’t see them doing a version that had the more Muppet-y facial features of the comics in live-action that wouldn’t be a hassle for the actor.

Like what would a version that doesn’t look like the Perlman version but still would be identifiable as Hellboy even look like?


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As much as this is Cliche, but what can I say to my impractical romantic 12-year old pre-teen heart. Around 2004. When I was allowed to watch Titanic for the first time.

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This was my first OTP of my teen years. Around 2005. No Notebook for me. First teenage rebellion, such a tender age of thirteen.

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Well, I always loved these two.

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This was another teenage OTP. Not so much now. I wasn’t allowed to watch any teenage drama. So you can say I had not many choices. Around 2005-2006.

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This one was around my second rebellion as I didn’t want to study Maths for my 11th grade, so I used to watch Gossip Girl because I know it will piss off my parents. That was 2007-2008. Now, look at me, teaching maths to 12th graders.

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when your parents don’t know you were watching tv on your sick day staying at home. Around 2007-2008.

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Yeah, I know we all had our moment. Around 2009, my year of freedom, When I first started watching HIMYM.

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One of my best.

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Best bromance ever.

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My brother got me into it. Bromance. Around 2010.

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Truth be told, I never much enjoyed TVD in its early days, busy with my second year of college and whatnot. Another 2010.

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Always was into the mystery, suspense and a big fan of Sherlock Holmes. Around early 2011. The year I decided that maths is my thing.

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Early 2012. This was the time I got to know about the world of OTPS and social media hypes about them. The year I joined Twitter and Tumblr. I called it the year of soul-searching. I wasn’t the bubbly awkward nerd anymore.

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Late 2012. Not so much into tv. Busy year. Early acceptance and scholarship for my Master’s Degree. One of the best and busiest year.

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Worst movie but best teenage vampire series, I ever read. 2013.

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Oops! Forgot to mention it earlier. Around 2006.

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Sometime in 2014. The year I made the worst mistake of my life.

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Still 2014. The year of my downfall. 

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Not actor wise but more into character. In 2015. The year of second chances, sometimes you need to fall in order to rise.

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Around 2013. Sometimes you need a little push and a right person.

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Well, how can I forget these two? Emma Stone one of the best actress.

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And Ten things I hate about you. Kat was soo me, minus the confidence.

Snarky sassy Lily got me hooked on a great historical fiction. I think I will always love Lily and Mr Ambrose.

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2017. I know it’ll wear off very soon.

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This one got me hooked in 2015. They are meant to be. Something written in stars. 

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Some honourable mentions, which I left out earlier.

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P.S.- I am literally bad at punctuations, so kindly ignore them.



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Rare ‘69 Dodge Charger Daytona Brought Back To Life

A RARE classic car was found in a barn after its owner bought it before the Vietnam War - then mothballed it for more than two decades. Ron Smith, 71 decided he wanted to have some fun before being deployed to Vietnam in 1969 so bought one of only 503 Dodge Charger Daytonas. He spent $4776.46 on the car - $30,000 in today’s money – and began touring America before heading off to South East Asia. When he returned from the war he drove the classic car for a number of years before he finally gave up on it in 1980. The car was beginning to fail regularly and was old by the standards of the day so Ron parked it in his father’s lock up where it remained for more than two decades. After being recommended a trusted restorer Ron contacted Marshall Woolery who did not believe a Dodge Charger Daytona could be locked away in someone’s barn.