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I never liked the idea of Will’s dad being a jerk, (like he is in ALL fics) I always thought he was just a guy that didn’t know how to express his love for his son in more open ways, after all Will never talked in a bad way about him, and even some of the things he loves are things his dad taught him.

I ended up joking over twitter that his dad was Ron bc they share many hobbies and the way they live, and well a joke led up to this…(Hannigram are still on the run tho  but Ron doesn’t watch tv and lives in the middle of nowhere so he doesn’t know/care his son-in-law is a serial killer) 

Hannibal will never let Will live down that his dad accepted him officially, Will regrets it so much

Bonus (how do you know what human meat tastes like wtf?!?!)


“The Veteran’s Experience” is a special feature on the Justified S4 dvd, taken from the blu-ray complete series boxset.  The feature goes into the elements of creating the character of Colton Rhodes and the dynamic between him and Tim Gutterson, as veterans’ on the opposite side.

15 Favorite Podcast Video-izations I made in 2015

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#5 Jason Ritter Loves Kurt Cobain Not Axl Rose SPONTANEANATION with Paul F. Tompkins #3

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#3 “Pussibly Dundee” Jessica Chaffin Chris Tallman SPONTANEANATION with Paul F. Tompkins #8

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Frank Pulaski The Third? CBB Best of 2014 Pt. 4 Scott Aukerman & Paul F. Tompkins


PISTOL SHRIMPS RADIO Halftime Dancers Mark McConville Paul F. Tompkins 11/24/15

Ben Schwartz Star Wars VII The Force Awakens Cantina Band Scott Aukerman Paul F. Tompkins MASHUP

STAR WARS Cantina Band SUPERCUT VOL. 1 Scott Aukerman & Paul F. Tompkins MASHUP

STAR WARS Cantina Band SUPERCUT VOL. 2 Scott Aukerman & Paul F. Tompkins MASHUP

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