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Im disappointed with Harry Potter and the cursed child, I knew it wouldn’t be the same but… Let’s start.

Everyone is out of character:
- Harry wouldn’t be a bad dad. He just wouldn’t. And to tell Albus he didn’t wanted him to be his son? N E V E R .

- Rose Granger-Weasley: yeah, we didn’t actually get to know her on the epilogue but I’m sure that Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley didn’t raise a daughter who would despite someone over a rumor (I mean, look at hermione past with Rita) or because who his family is (Ron character evolution shows he’s in almost-friendly terms with Draco, and a lot of magic families bullied the Weasley, so he wouldn’t do that. And Hermione even less, been a muggle-born). So Rose been so rude to Scorpius doesn’t makes sense

- Albus Severus: let’s see, he didn’t get along with his father because he considered he couldn’t be as good as him? Harry wouldn’t let him think that (I think this one is more about Harry been ooc) and he would definitely talk to Albus, and they would have that in common, because at the beginning Harry didn’t know anything and he thought it was a mistake and didn’t even believe that he was a wizard. So the whole Albus-Harry broken relationship doesn’t makes sense to me.

- Amos Diggory: I know, he was under a spell. But it was so obvious, he would never attack Harry because he totally forgave him, and he was like “this isn’t your fault” and then 22 years later comes and starts saying the opposite? I didn’t buy it, so it was kinda obvious

-Hermione: are you even serious, she would never put something so important like a time turner in a book and without any other magic trick than a few riddles like wtf this is not Hermione and we all know it.

-Ron: yes he has always been the funniest. But “the most chilled”?! Are you fucking with me? Ron it’s a nervous character and definitely not the “most chilled”. Like no. I felt like they based this Ron in the Ron of the movies(?

McGonagall: she was the only one acting like the original character except when Harry (WHO WOULDNT DO THIS AND ITS SO OUT OF CHARACTER) told her she didn’t know because she never had children and then thread her, she would have been all like “you can try if you want (;“ because she’s Minerva badass McGonagall and then she kinda does that when she ignores Al and Scorpius when she knows where there are lol.


ok I like some of it. It was like a fanfic. With one of the biggest cliches of the Harry Potter fanfics: Voldemort daughter and time traveling.
Like srsly.
Voldy daughter.
You couldn’t think of anything else.
And then time traveling.
And those Ludo’s expressions? Viktor "Krazy” Krum? Like are you for real?

Although I understand that is a play, so the dialogues have to be a bit different, but… Well, what can I say? It’s just not at the level of the books. Not at all.

One of the only good things of this is Albus/Scorpius friendship. So precious and pure. Scorpius it’s too good I love him (Albus sometimes was a pain in the ass). So this friendship is so so good. I spent all the book thinking they were in love.
Because Scorpius was jealous of Delphi, we all know
And then those hugs charged with tension.
So I was like ommmmg so cuuuteeee they’re so gonna kiss in some part and be boyfriends
And then out of nowhere Scorpius asks Rose I was so confused

Harry didn’t needed to suffer more. Did you seriously make him go to presence his parents been murdered? After all he’s been through, you write a play where he has to be there, as an adult, knowing that he could stop it, but he’s not allowed to do so because then everything would change for worse? I cried for an hour for this, he deserved better.
And Draco, I thought he would finally has his redemption. But no, after been the boy who had no choice, after all that, I was happy thinking that he was married. And in a happy marriage instead of an arranged one. But let’s go and kill his wife, no problem. Draco Malfoy deserved better.

So for me at least this is not canon I don’t accept it it all ended in the epilogue.