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this post about how kim possible had everything so together by not bothering with that double-life secret identity business got me thinking about kp so hard…all the stuff i picked up from that series, oh my god. and another thing they had in order was the true resolution wasn’t thwarting the villain but by solving the personal problem someone had been having the whole ep. talking about drama in the middle of missions and battles, that’s what’s up, i s2g

anyway my fave in the world is when ron basically has an unbroken line defining the back of him from his hair to his foot

Sirius loves to cook/destroy the Potters’ Kitchen:

  • Ice-cream and Blueberry for Harry
  • Red Chilly for angry Lily
  • Sweet Corn for Ron
  • Pasta and Panini for Ginny
  • Prawns for Prongs

  • No surprise the actual cooking happens for the two people who still help him execute pranks.

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I have the perfect prompt for you since you love Star Wars, prompt is golden trio watching Star Wars and noticing the similarities of the friendship dynamics

Exhausted, by tlpursuit (aka Catching-smoke.)

A/N: Since San Diego Comic Con was this weekend, and I was full of Star Wars glee, I thought finishing this prompt would be fantastic timing.  Tagging hpshipweeks just in case…and stopblushingemma since she’s working too much.


My thanks to ladyknightley for the end of this. Hehehe. - DG

(Rated T for the occasional Ron word, flashbacks, and gratuitous snogging.)

Ron plopped down onto the couch with a huge bucket of popcorn. Ever since Hermione introduced it to  him at the theatre last year, anytime she asked for movie night, he wanted popcorn.

Harry, on the other hand, wanted sweets. “Rot your teeth, both of you,” She’d joke with them.

She received guffaws as answers before turning on the telly.  It took so much effort on Arthur’s part to get the set to work in Grimmauld Place. But once he had it working, charmed for the house, they would watch on the nights that the four of them were actually home.

“Ron fell asleep the first time I played these movies for him, Harry, but you might have seen it.”

The music started. It was bombastic, over the top, and pretty much epic.
Harry didn’t move a muscle. “I still don’t know which movie this is, Hermione.”
“You will, Harry, in a second.” Ron kept tucking into his bowl of popcorn.

The opening credits started rolling, bright yellow on a starscape background. “Oh, this one? They never let me watch it growing up. I only remember that Dudley had a strop because Uncle Vernon couldn’t get him one of those light swords.”

“Would you two knock it off? I’m trying to watch a movie,” Ron imitated Hermione oh so well. He pulled out the lights with the Deluminator and the three of them settled into the movie.

“Oh blimey, look at him!” Ron muttered first. “Damn, that’s some serious bollocks there. I’d hate to run into him in a dark alley. He’d have me pissing my pants.”

Hermione glanced right and saw Harry settled back into the other chair, looking rather pale. “Harry? Alright there?”

He shook himself and saw Hermione’s face. “Yeah, just a small flashback. Riddle had that same cold stare when I was in the graveyard.”

She cast a spell at the telly to stop it. “If you’re having flashbacks, we’ll stop the movie.”

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