ron bilius weasley


When Rupert Grint refers to Emma Watson as well as Ron Weasley will refer to Hermione Granger

Interviewer: How do you see your characters evolving?
Rupert: Well. Ron and Hermione are definitely friends now. But, it’s gonna change. They are definitely something else. They are soul mates. I think they end up together. But it’s a secret, don’t tell her I said that.

  Remember when Ron Weasley said  “don’t tell her I said that” ?

This is why Ron needed to take Muggle Studies. Really badly.

I mean, seriously. Why did Ron sign up for Divination–a class where you only learn anything of use if you have a natural ability for the subject–instead of a class where you learn information that has so many practical applications that I can’t even?


Weasley Is My King

I admire Ronald Bilius Weasley a hell of a lot. He faced up to so many of his fears, he was brave, kind, sweet, and a beautiful human being in general. 

  • he sacrificed himself in a chess game at eleven years old.
  • he followed the things he was most afraid of into a village (??) of giant versions of them at twelve.
  • at thirteen he got bitten by a dog, but still tried to protect his best friend
  • at fourteen he was a bit of a dick, but that’s okay because fourteen is a difficult year for everyone.
  • at fifteen he followed his best friend into a fight with death eaters (aka scary af crew) and refused to not help his best friend 
  • at sixteen, he fought death eaters even after his brother was attacked
  • at seventeen, he became one of the most wanted people in Wizarding Britain when he could have stayed at home being a blood traitor and marginally less wanted. he also went on the run trying to find things to help in the fall of Voldemort (and yes he left, but that took bravery too, after all it takes ‘a great deal more [courage] to stand up to your friends’). he the carried on fighting even after his brother was killed. he carried on when thought his best friend and pretty much brother had been killed. 

Ronald Bilius Weasley is many things, and yes flawed is one of them. But he is so much more than that, he is kind, brave, accepting, patient, loving, sweet, loyal, and all the things that Harry and Hermione needed. We always say that the Golden Trio would be nothing without Hermione (and obviously Harry) but what about Ron? Without him, Harry and Hermione would have an extraordinary lack of understanding of the simple Wizarding World things, things that they can’t teach in Hogwarts. Ron gave them a chance to learn how Wizarding families functioned, he gave Harry a family, he showed Harry how a loving family functioned. He gave Hermione a home away from home, a family to help her understand the Wizarding World. He taught them the simple things, without ever making them feel small, because he knew what it felt like to feel small and not as good as other people. Yes, Harry and Hermione could’ve learnt to function in the Wizarding World other ways, and yes they maybe could have accomplished everything without Ron, but would they have been as happy? As successful? Ron gave them the power of Wizarding instinct and I truly believe that the magical instinct that Ron had was more of an advantage than Hermione’s sheer brilliance. 

Ron loved them both so deeply that even though they fought, and he battled through his jealousy and insecurity, he remained loyal to them. He loved them so deeply and I think Harry really, really needed a friend like Ronald Weasley. Without Ron, would Harry have ever learnt what is felt like to be loved unconditionally? Would Harry have had a sense of family with anyone? I love Ron because he gave Harry all that, without even thinking about it. He was sweet, kind, caring and loyal when Harry needed all of those things. 

Ron is a wonderful, wonderful character.

Ronald Bilius Weasley stood for bravery, loyalty, kindness, overcoming insecurity and love and so much more. Don’t you dare ever, ever, try to tell me that he was not one of the most beautiful characters in the series.