i just realized how important it was when ron joked, “it’s me, i’m extremely famous,” in the epilogue. all his life, ron’s been completely bitter about his lack of success. i mean, being better than all his brothers was literally his heart’s deepest desire; what he saw in the mirror of erised. the fact that he can laugh about it, as an adult, shows that ron is finally, truly, comfortable with himself.


Me and Emily met on a plane from Amsterdam. We really hit it off right away and vowed to contact each other after we separated on the airport, but I lost her information! I know she is on tumblr. Emily is of Swedish descent, so she sometimes jokingly “curses” people in swedish, she has chickens, sings soprano, is generally interested in Europe, loves Harry Potter and brilliantly imitates Hermione with her fake british accent. So especially everyone in the HP fandom please reblog! 

If you think you know her (or are her) please contact me here on tumblr or on my email: hortensia_neiti@yahoo.fi! THANK YOU!

201. The seven muggles that saw Harry and Ron flying the car in the second book were the seven halfbloods from Heroes of Olympus which is why there wasn’t any sort of uproar, because Percy and the others had seen much crazier things.

have you ever imagined what it would be like if harry and ron were girls and hermione was a guy. like harry would be this badass with a pleated skirt that fucked shit up and then ron would be that girl that eats so much food but never gains a pound. and then hermione would just be the same kickass person tbh