romygraphics: dianna

i was listening to holy ground earlier and something clicked

i don’t know if anyone else has caught this or if it’s even relevant given the time frame, but taylor went to dianna’s circus themed party on april 29 2012 and likely wrote this on dianna’s bathroom door that night while she was dressed up like a kitty with a leash:

“I’m a little kitten and I need to nurse because i’m a runt and I’m likely to fall victim to predators”

and the lyrics in Holy Ground: “I left a note on the door with a joke we’d made”

is Holy Ground about dianna? has this been discussed?


anonymous asked:

Honestly? These people are probably trolls. Taylor's been hiding for too long and they're bored I guess. We've been having this discussion since 2014 and it kinda got old. If you don't believe the girls are gay, what are you even doing in this blog? Go back to fantasy-land and write haylor fanfic or something. If you've already looked at the plenty of evidence there is and you still call it "bogus" then there's nothing to discuss, anon. Carry on with the denial, time will prove us right ;)

Oh god is there haylor fanfic?!

All other points covered above. Taylor please come out of hiding and do something your fans need you back.