romy chandler

Romy and Marcus in Nate’s empty hospital room.

Romy: I went and confronted Angie Molina yesterday in the middle of a book signing.

Marcus: Really?

Romy: Yeah…been so pissed at her about Nate and her book and everything…and all this time, not knowing…what really happened, you know? Nate’s trying to save this woman, and the next thing I know, the building’s all blown to hell and she’s being dropped to safety by Batman

I mean, she doesn’t tell us anything, but she writes a whole book and dedicates it to Nate and the mayor and…I just…

Marcus: I know.

Romy: And the thing is, I was hoping for some kind of, God, you know - closure, and thing is…she doesn’t know. Not really.

She doesn’t remember almost anything that happened before the bomb went off. So we’ll never know what Nate did. Why she got saved and he didn’t.

Marcus: That’s not true. We know.

He was the hero that night, Romy, not Batman. You know that. He was your partner. You know who he was.