romulus vargas

  • Chibitalia: It’s terrible, just terrible! I am so upset.
  • Rome: Feli, Feli, honey, sit down sweetheart, tell us all about it. Lovi, would you get Feli some water?
  • Chibimano: What is he going to do with water? Has water ever made you feel better when you were upset? Have you ever heard anyone say: ‘Thank God, the water’s here’? Call me when dinner is ready.

23 unexplainable emotions every Hetalia country feels part 3 of 3

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Headcanon that italy has one scar that never fades no matter how much time passes, a big angry gash on his back. He didn’t get it as a result from being a nation–that’s why it won’t go even when his country heals–he got it from his grandpa. At the very end of his life, rome started to have episodes where he would lose himself and break and throw things, scream, etc. Veneziano tried to calm him once during an episode. In his frantic state of mind, rome stopped seeing his beloved grandson and started seeing his replacement who would take everything he had worked so hard to build. He lashed out and, unfortunately, he still had his sword. He regretted it immediately. Afterwards rome didn’t lay a hand on veneziano for months, not even to hug him or hold his hand. He also made sure to lock himself up in his office when he felt a mood hit him from then on (but that didn’t stop vene from hearing everything). It wasn’t until veneziano grabbed rome by the hand one day and promised he wasn’t scared that rome began to touch him again. Only france knows the story

Outdated Nonno Makes A Visit
  • Feliciano: ...umm nonno that's-
  • Lovino: That's just the ceiling fan you old hag.
Gerita Hetalia AU

Feliciano Vargas works at a family run pizzeria, with his grandpa and brother, Feliciano is the delivery boy and has to make the delivery’s to all their customers, one day he makes a delivery to a young German mans home. The man at first takes the pizza and pays Feliciano, but when he takes a closer look at his face he realises the pizza delivery boy is actually quiet cute and end up introducing himself as Ludwig to Feliciano. He continuously orders pizza from the pizzeria just to see the Italian that stole his heart.

(( in all honesty I think that this AU is so fricking cute cos I can imagine that Ludwig dialling the pizzeria and grandpa Rome knowing what he wants Hehe XD lol ))

Headcanon that aph italy never talks about his grandpa’s death no matter how much romano asks. Romano sees it as veneziano not trusting him but it’s not that. It’s just that vene knows that romano idolizes their grandpa, no matter what he says. He wants his brother’s memory of their grandfather to stay the big, strong, always smiling warrior. He doesn’t want romano to know about the panic attacks their gandpa had towards the end or the days rome couldn’t move due to the pain of being suddenly ripped in half or the long and slow way he died (healthy and strong and conquering territories one day and sick with the internal strife in his nation the next). Veneziano wants romano to remember their grandpa at his best, he doesn’t want romano to know how he remembers rome

mr and mrs vargas, who are catholic, who live in italy, have three children. lovino, feliciano, and michelangelo in that order from oldest to youngest. mr vargas’s mother dies, so the five to go america to visit his father, romulus vargas. romulus sees that his son and his wife (who are catholic) seem to be agitating their children, calling michelangelo “marceline”, asking feliciao about girls he likes, and calling lovino a boy. after convincing his son and daughter-in-law to go out on a date night, he confronts the three children, discovering that lovino is agender, feliciano is gay, and michelangelo is a trans boy. he tells their parents when they return, and they react angrily. being a lawyer, in memory of his wife (who was a proud supporter of LGBT rights), he gains legal custody of his grandchildren and lets them be who they are.

feliciano meets gay german exchange student ludwig at his first gsa meeting and is completely smitten.