could y'all let black men be feminine? please? not even if they’re gay, just like.. let black men wear rompers, skirts, sandals, heels, makeup, glitter, let them contour their fucking cheekbones if they want, why do y'all have to get so negative? straight, gay, bi, pan, demi, trans, whatever let black men wear what they want without your unnecessary commentary, thank you.


etsyfindoftheday | baby rompers galore | 5.18.17

mille boho baby romper by hipsterlittles

get ready for a blast of amazingly cute romper and jumper styles for BABIES! toddlers, too :) i have a few fave shops to show off, i hope you love them as much as i do. isn’t the mille jumpsuit here just so bohemian and breezy for a little gal?!


Masculinity is so fragile that:

1) y'all think rompers are indicative of one’s sexuality. Gay, straight, or otherwise, men have been wearing jumpsuits long and short for decades.


2) y'all had to assign a gender to a garment in order to speak about it. It’s not a “romphim” or a “male romper”. It’s just a romper, fam. Y'all gonna start putting on male socks and male shirts too? DenHIM jeans? 😒

How do y'all survive wearing overalls?