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His sinister side

While his most recent roles have displayed his talent for portraying heroic and gentle traits, Eddie Redmayne’s role as Ralph Keyes in 2009′s Glorious 39 gave him the opportunity to play a character whose surface charm masked a conniving and deadly nature within the Hitchcock suspense genre. 

Set in pre-war England, the film depicted his aristocratic and well-connected family’s secret Nazi sympathies and actions, and boasted a stellar cast including Bill Nighy, Julie Christie, David Tennant, Charlie Cox, Jeremy Northam, Romola Garai, Hugh Bonneville, and Juno Temple — and even offered Eddie singing a few bars. The Guardian called it a “ripping, old-school conspiracy thriller.”

The trailers (featuring a gazelle-like Eddie running with his siblings) are here and here, and the scene where he sings is here.