Would you believe me if I said I’m running on 3 hours of sleep?!

Good news: Kevin made it in last night! He literally was given the last seat on the last flight of the night. Too close for comfort. Meaning his flight got in after midnight. So we got home pretty late.

There’s no bad news cause he’s here and I don’t care how much sleep I’ve gotten cause KEVINS HERE.

I just have to go into work a few hours then we’re getting Zaxbys for lunch. That boy loves it a lot a lot.

The Whole Life Challenge is officially done! I’ve really loved being a part of it this time around. I think my favorite thing is I’ve bonded with other people from the gym who I never really talked to much before. We kinda were a big support group it’s been awesome. Also bonded with the tumblr side: Danielle, Matt, Romni and her husband. There were super encouraging the ENTIRE time.

Doing the baseline WOD to measure my workout progress tonight at CFB. 14.2 looks fun but not for me.

Happy Friday y’all!!

And thanks again for all the birthday love. Words don’t really do it justice but it was pretty incredible to get all the sweet messages and well wishes. You guys are the best kinds of humans.